AI Interior Design Tool

Discover interior design ideas and virtually stage interiors with InteriorAI, the AI interior design tool. Bring different styles to life.
AI Interior Design Tool
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Discover interior design ideas and virtually stage interiors using Artificial Intelligence with Interior AI. Find inspiration and bring different interior styles to life. Try it for free!

What is is an online platform leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to produce interior design concepts and perform virtual staging for real estate listings. Users have the option to upload a photo of their existing room and can select from various styles, modes, and resolutions to envision a refreshed appearance and layout. Moreover, users can recycle the generated images as inputs to generate additional design options. The website has been developed by @levelsio, known for their involvement in other AI projects like Avatar AI and This House Does Not Exist.

How much does cost?

As per information provided on the InteriorAI website, the pricing for their services is contingent upon the plan selected. They offer a complimentary trial allowing for five uses. Subsequently, users have the option to upgrade to either InteriorAI Pro at a rate of $29 per month or InteriorAI Pro for Teams priced at $299 per month. These subscription plans grant users access to an expanded array of features, including high-quality renders, a private workspace, and limitless design options.

InteriorAI is a virtual interior design tool driven by artificial intelligence (AI). Its primary objective is to streamline and enrich the design process by offering AI-generated design recommendations and an extensive design library.

What are the benefits of offers several notable advantages:

  • Versatile Style Options: Users have the flexibility to upload their own or another person's home image and transform it into a fresh look and layout using one of the 17 preset styles.
  • Multiple Modes: Different outcomes can be achieved by selecting from three distinct modes: Virtual Staging, Interior Design, or 360° Panorama.
  • Google Lens Integration: The platform incorporates a Google Lens button, facilitating the search for furniture within uploaded photos.
  • Image Reuse: Generated images can be employed as inputs for generating additional results, enabling users to explore various design possibilities.
  • Affiliate Program: Interior AI offers an Affiliate Program wherein participants can earn a 20% commission on payments made by customers they refer.

What are the limitations of comes with certain limitations that users should be aware of:

  • Design Quality: The AI-generated designs may not always meet the standards of polished, ready-to-implement designs. Users may encounter issues such as incorrect proportions, skewed dimensions, and imperfections in the generated designs.
  • Limited Angle Compatibility: The AI's effectiveness is somewhat restricted when dealing with angled or wide-angle photos. Its training primarily revolves around standard photos that depict an entire room at a 90° straight angle, facing a wall or window horizontally.
  • Lack of Personalization: The AI doesn't consider user-specific preferences, budget constraints, or the availability of furniture and accessories when generating designs. This means that the designs may not align with individual user needs and constraints.
  • Absence of Implementation Guidance:'s AI doesn't provide guidance on the practical implementation of the designs, sourcing the necessary products, or arranging the layout in real-life settings. Users may need to rely on their own expertise or consult additional resources for these aspects of interior design.

How to get started with

To commence your journey with, here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Sign Up or Log In: Begin by visiting the website and either sign up for an account or use your Twitter or Google credentials to log in.
  2. Upload Your Room Photo: Once logged in, upload a photo of your current room by clicking the ""Drop an image, tap to select or take a photo"" button. Alternatively, you can make use of sample photos provided on the website.
  3. Customize Design Preferences: After uploading your photo, you have the option to select from various styles, modes, and resolutions to generate a new interior design concept. Additionally, you can fine-tune aspects like brightness, contrast, and saturation to tailor the design to your liking.
  4. Generate the Design: Click on the ""Render new idea"" button and patiently await the outcome. The website employs artificial intelligence to craft a fresh look and layout for your room, and you can view the generated image beneath your original photo.
  5. Save or Download: If you're satisfied with the generated design, you can save it to your account or download it to your device. Furthermore, you have the option to reuse it as an input for generating more design variations by clicking on the ""Mix"" button.
  6. Furniture Search: To search for furniture within your photos, simply click on the ""Google Lens"" button. This action opens a new tab where you can explore details and pricing information for items present in your photo.
  7. Explore User Renders: For inspiration, scroll down the website to explore the latest renders from other users. This provides an opportunity to observe diverse styles and modes of interior design and virtual staging.
Discover interior design ideas and virtually stage interiors with InteriorAI, the AI interior design tool. Bring different styles to life.

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