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Revolutionary AI Data Extraction Tool: Instantly extract structured data from documents using Sensible's powerful AI technology.
AI Data Extraction Tool
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Sensible's AI data extraction tool, Sensible Instruct, revolutionizes the way users extract structured data from a wide range of documents, such as resumes, invoices, contracts, academic research, bank statements, and utility bills. By providing a simple description of the desired data, users can instantly obtain accurate results without the need for custom training or manual data entry. Leveraging the power of GPT-4, Sensible Instruct offers reliable data extraction using natural language. This versatile tool can extract information from both structured and unstructured documents and offers advanced features like built-in validations and flagging outliers. By seamlessly integrating with SenseML, users have complete control over data extraction. With its fast processing capabilities, Sensible Instruct is suitable for real-time workflows. It provides comprehensive documentation, an intuitive user interface, and easy integration options with a scalable config editor. The tool's potential applications are vast, including parsing invoices for date extraction, determining acceptance terms in contracts, identifying primary medications in medical research, and reporting injuries in insurance claims. In essence, Sensible Instruct simplifies and automates the extraction and transformation of data from various documents, making it an invaluable tool for streamlining business processes and unlocking new opportunities.

What is

Sensible is an API-centric document processing platform designed to simplify data extraction tasks for developers and product teams. It employs advanced parsing techniques and offers comprehensive APIs, emphasizing smooth integration to enable developers to focus on product development. 

Key features of Sensible include:

  1. Effortless Automation: Utilizing cutting-edge methods such as LLM parsing and visual layout-based rules, Sensible enables seamless data extraction from diverse documents, freeing developers to concentrate on product innovation.

  2. Seamless Integration: Sensible offers SDKs, APIs, and webhooks for easy integration of document processing capabilities into existing applications, ensuring compatibility with various tech stacks.

  3. Elastic Scalability: With the ability to scale according to document processing requirements, Sensible delivers consistent performance suitable for businesses of any size.

  4. Unwavering Security: Sensible prioritizes data security through measures like SOC-2 and HIPAA compliance, customizable data regions, and precise access control.

For those interested in exploring Sensible, the platform offers a straightforward document ingestion process with minimal code requirements. A free trial and demo booking are available on their website. Additionally, Sensible boasts high configurability, particularly catering to developers seeking to extract structured data from PDF business forms.

The company's inception stems from the founder, Josh, who encountered the challenges of PDF data extraction firsthand while working at Newfront Insurance. Sensible aims to optimize document processing workflows and enhance efficiency for its users.

What types of documents can handle?

Sensible exhibits remarkable versatility in handling a wide array of document types. Here are examples of documents it adeptly processes:

  1. Invoices: Extracts pertinent details such as vendor information, line items, and total amounts.
  2. Receipts: Parses data from both digital and scanned paper receipts, including purchase date, merchant details, and transaction amounts.
  3. Contracts and Agreements: Capably manages contract documents, extracting essential terms, involved parties, and relevant clauses.
  4. Resumes: Extracts comprehensive details including contact information, work history, educational background, and skills.
  5. Financial Statements: Parses financial statements to extract data such as income, expenses, and balance sheet information.
  6. Legal Documents: Processes various legal documents, ranging from agreements to court filings.
  7. Healthcare Forms: Being HIPAA-compliant, it efficiently extracts data from medical forms, prescriptions, and patient records.
  8. Application Forms: Handles structured data extraction from diverse application forms including job applications, loan documents, and membership applications.

It's worth noting that Sensible's flexibility extends beyond these examples. Should you have specific document types in mind, Sensible's capabilities can be further explored to meet your requirements.

How accurate is data extraction of

Sensible places a strong emphasis on accurate data extraction, leveraging advanced parsing techniques and robust algorithms. Here's how it ensures precision:

  1. Machine Learning Models: Utilizing machine learning models like LLM (Language Model for Layout) parsing, Sensible comprehends the visual layout of documents, thereby adapting to diverse document structures and enhancing accuracy.

  2. Visual Layout-Based Rules: By amalgamating machine learning with visual layout-based rules, Sensible identifies patterns within documents, such as the placement of specific data fields, thereby facilitating accurate information extraction.

  3. Customizable Rules: Users have the flexibility to create custom rules tailored to their specific document types, enabling fine-tuning of extraction processes for optimal accuracy.

  4. Validation and Confidence Scores: Sensible furnishes confidence scores for extracted data, empowering users to establish thresholds for data validation based on confidence levels.

  5. Feedback Loop: Sensible incorporates user feedback into its learning process. Any corrections made to inaccuracies contribute to the refinement of its models over time, thereby enhancing accuracy.

While acknowledging that perfection is elusive, Sensible continuously enhances its accuracy through user feedback and updates. For users dealing with specific document types, it is advisable to test Sensible with sample documents to evaluate its accuracy within their unique use cases.

What are the pricing options for

Sensible provides transparent pricing structured around the number of documents processed, eschewing the conventional per-page charging method. Here's an overview:

Free Plan:

  • No credit card information required.
  • Allows processing of up to 100 documents per month.
  • Grants access to an unlimited number of document types and fields.

For users requiring more extensive processing capabilities beyond the free plan, there are paid options available. It's important to note that rates, plans, and durations may vary, depending on the brokerage. For precise and up-to-date pricing information, it's advisable to refer directly to the Sensible pricing page.

How do I get started with

To embark on your journey with Sensible, follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up:
      - Visit the Sensible website and register for an account.
      - Begin with the free plan, enabling processing of up to 100 documents monthly.

  2. Explore Documentation:
      - Delve into the extensive documentation to grasp Sensible's APIs, SDKs, and integration avenues.
      - Familiarize yourself with available endpoints and request methodologies.

  3. Ingest Sample Documents:
      - Utilize Sensible's SDKs or APIs to ingest sample documents, including PDFs, images, or other supported formats.
      - Observe how Sensible efficiently extracts structured data from these documents.

  4. Customize Rules (Optional):
      - If necessary, craft custom rules tailored to your document types to enhance extraction precision.
      - Fine-tune extraction by defining fields and their positions, leveraging Sensible's adaptable framework.

  5. Integrate into Your Application:
      - Seamlessly integrate Sensible into your existing applications or workflows utilizing webhooks or direct API calls.
      - Conduct thorough testing of the integration to ensure flawless data extraction.

  6. Monitor and Optimize:
      - Monitor the accuracy of extracted data, utilizing Sensible's confidence scores provided for each field.
      - Optimize rules and thresholds according to specific requirements to enhance performance.

It's essential to note that Sensible prioritizes security and compliance, rendering it suitable for diverse industries, including healthcare, finance, and legal sectors. Feel empowered to explore its features and leverage the efficiency of automated document processing for your needs!

Revolutionary AI Data Extraction Tool: Instantly extract structured data from documents using Sensible's powerful AI technology.

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