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AI Calendar Planning Assistant

The ultimate AI Calendar Planning Assistant to turbocharge your productivity.
AI Calendar Planning Assistant
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Supercharge your calendar and todos with the power of AI.

What is loopinhq.com?

AI Meeting Assistant that records, transcribes & summarises your important meetings so you never have to take a manual note again! Missed a meeting or can’t recall important details? Just “ask” Loopin. Automate the mundane and make meetings actionable with Loopin

Loopin Features:

LoopinAI is the first AI Meeting assistant that records & truly summarises your meetings into key decisions, next steps or important highlights

  • Focus on the conversation while LoopinAI records, transcribes, and summarises the meeting in your writing tone. 🪄📝
  • Customise your summaries using meeting specific templates 🗒️
  • Exclusive bragging rights by sharing precise meeting summaries in one click 😉
  • Learn insights from your meetings like ""Consolidate feedback from all my customer meetings"" & LoopinAI Assistant will provide you with the right context. 💬
  • Send Summaries to meeting participants over Email, Slack or Notion 📨
  • Invite your team to collaborate on the meeting summaries - Real Time! 👥
  • Create and Assign Action items from the meeting summaries. ✅
  • Automatic follow up on action items over Slack! 🔁
  • Create Agenda Talking points for the meeting and notify the participants. 📑

Loopin is recommended as the best meeting companion tool used by all:

  • Customer facing teams: To consolidate important feedback from all customer calls 💬
  • HR Leaders: For their Interview and Performance review meetings ⭐️
  • UX/UI Researchers: To conduct User Testing and pen down major highlights 🤖
  • Product Managers: To capture user feedback and work on it 🤝
  • Tech Teams: For running their sprint, planning and roadmap meetings.⚡️
  • Investors: To get insights from all startup pitches in last few weeks 📊
  • & many more teams use LoopinAI! 🚀

How does LoopinHQ.com work?

LoopinHQ.com employs advanced AI technology to perform several functions during meetings. It utilizes state-of-the-art algorithms to record, transcribe, and summarize meetings, ensuring that the resulting summaries are written in your own tone. Additionally, the platform enables users to engage in natural language conversations with their meetings, allowing them to ask Loopin AI questions about the meeting details.

In terms of organization and collaboration, LoopinHQ.com establishes connections between related meetings and surfaces important notes and tasks. Users can conveniently share their notes and tasks with their teams via email, Slack, or Notion. Moreover, the platform offers automation capabilities to streamline follow-up processes.

Seamless integration is a key aspect of LoopinHQ.com, as it integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar and other popular work applications. This integration allows users to import previous conversations from different sources, generate meeting agendas and templates, schedule meetings without the need for extensive back-and-forth communication, and receive reminders about individuals they haven't met in a while.

To begin utilizing Loopin, users are required to sign up using their Google Workspace account Or Microsoft Workspace account, grant calendar access, join the meeting and initiate the recording process, and finally, share the resulting AI Summaries with their teams or customers.

What are some pricing plans for LoopinHQ.com?

Loopin offers three distinct pricing plans, as stated on their website.

The Free plan caters to individuals seeking lightweight meeting management. It provides users with 3 AI meeting summaries per month, a 1-month meeting history, a shared workspace, real-time collaboration features, and access on Desktop Web, Google Meet, and Zoom or even Native Mac App.

For individuals and small teams with more demanding meeting workflows, the $12 per month plan offers expanded capabilities. This plan includes 15 AI meeting summaries, unlimited meeting history, meeting context through LoopinAI technology, task management, calendar analytics, and access to Slack and other app integrations.

The $16 per month plan is designed for teams seeking an enhanced meeting experience. It offers 100 AI meeting summaries, an AI chatbot for meeting knowledge, AI-assisted calendar management, unlimited meeting history, calendar analytics, and access to Slack and other app integrations.

In addition to these predefined plans, LoopinHQ.com also provides custom pricing options for large teams and companies. These custom plans cater to specific requirements, offering tailored workflows, advanced reporting, dedicated support, and customized contracts to meet the needs of the organization.

How do I get started with LoopinHQ.com?

To begin using LoopinHQ.com, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Sign up for an account using your Google or Microsoft Workspace account and grant calendar access. This step allows Loopin to synchronize with your calendar and utilize its functionalities.
  2. Once signed up, join your meeting and initiate the recording feature. Loopin utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to transcribe and summarize your meetings automatically, providing a convenient way to capture key information.
  3. After the meeting, you can easily share the meeting notes with your team through various channels such as email, Slack, or Notion. Additionally, Loopin allows you to create automations to streamline task follow-ups, enhancing productivity and collaboration.
  4. Take advantage of the natural language capabilities of Loopin Engage in conversation with your meeting by asking questions to Loopin AI, the AI assistant integrated into the platform. This feature provides further insights and assistance regarding your meetings.
  5. Explore the range of integrations with other work applications offered by Loopin. These integrations enable seamless interaction and data exchange with popular work apps, expanding the capabilities and flexibility of the tool. Additionally, utilize the available resources to efficiently manage your day and optimize your workflow.

What are some benefits of using LoopinHQ.com?

Loopin offers several benefits to users:

  • Time-saving: By automating the meeting summary process, Loopin allows users to save time during meetings. With the platform handling the task of summarizing discussions, users can actively participate in meetings without the need to constantly take notes, enhancing overall engagement and focus.
  • Increased productivity: Loopin boosts productivity by providing an aggregated view of tasks from various sources such as meetings, emails, Slack, and other work apps. This consolidated overview enables users to efficiently manage their tasks and plan productive workdays. Additionally, the platform allows for time-blocking, enabling users to allocate dedicated time slots for important tasks.
  • Improved communication: The platform facilitates improved communication within teams. Loopin serves as a regular forum for team members to share updates, discuss challenges, and address any issues that arise. Meeting notes can be easily shared with the team through email, Slack, or Notion, fostering collaboration and ensuring everyone is on the same page. Automations can also be set up to streamline task follow-up processes, enhancing communication efficiency.
  • More effective meetings: Loopin enhances the effectiveness of meetings in multiple ways. Real-time summaries provided by the platform allow participants to stay informed and engaged during the meeting. Meeting context and conversational chat capabilities further aid in understanding and contextualizing discussions. The platform also enables the connection of related meetings, making it easier to access important notes and tasks. Additionally, Loopin assists in meeting preparation, ensuring users are well-prepared for upcoming meetings.

Overall, Loopin streamlines meeting processes, promotes productivity, and facilitates effective communication, contributing to improved collaboration and overall efficiency within teams.

The ultimate AI Calendar Planning Assistant to turbocharge your productivity.

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