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Generate effective work briefs in seconds with Briefly's AI-powered writing assistant. Unlock the power of AI for better marketing.
AI Brief Generator
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Write better briefs for work in seconds with Briefly's AI powered writing assistant.

What is is an AI-enhanced platform designed to optimize the creation of marketing briefs. It enables marketers to quickly generate drafts through its FastDrafts feature and refine them for strategic coherence and effectiveness using its Feedback tool. Additionally, the platform offers Inspo, a function that provides personalized case studies to inspire creative teams, alongside a Business Intelligence engine that ensures the alignment of briefs with strategic objectives. The platform is widely utilized by marketers across a range of companies, from startups to well-established firms in the Fortune 500.

For individuals seeking to enhance their briefing capabilities, provides a detailed resource known as Briefing 101. This guide includes templates, practical tips for crafting both marketing and creative briefs, and comprehensive advice on various elements of the briefing process.

In essence, leverages artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency and impact of marketing briefs, thereby helping to minimize the costs and setbacks associated with suboptimal briefs.

What are the pricing options for offers a range of pricing options tailored to meet the varying needs of its users:

  • Basic Plan: This free option includes 5 AI-generated summaries and follow-up emails, access to the BrieflyCreate tool, and unlimited transcribed meetings. It serves as an ideal choice for new users who wish to explore the platform's capabilities without making a financial commitment.

  • Pro Plan: Priced at $15 per month, this plan offers unlimited AI summaries, emails, and transcribed meetings, along with full access to BrieflyCreate. It is designed for individual professionals seeking extensive functionality from the platform.

  • Team Plan: Also costing $15 per month per user, this plan includes all the features of the Pro Plan with the added benefits of centrally managed billing and the flexibility to add or remove licenses as needed. This plan is suitable for teams looking to manage their subscriptions collectively.

  • Enterprise Plan: Customized for larger organizations with specific needs, this plan encompasses all the features of the Pro and Team plans. The pricing for the Enterprise plan is variable, depending on the specific requirements of the organization.

For further details or to sign up for a plan, interested parties are encouraged to visit the official pricing page on

What are the key features of is equipped with several AI-powered features designed to enhance the briefing process for marketers:

  • FastDrafts: This feature swiftly generates detailed marketing briefs based on established marketing theory, briefing best practices, and innovative case studies, providing users with a strong starting point in seconds.
  • Feedback: This tool offers customized feedback on briefs, helping users refine their drafts into strategically sharp documents that drive more effective outcomes.
  • Inspo: Aimed at stimulating creativity, Inspo provides personalized case studies of effective marketing to inspire agency partners throughout the briefing process.
  • Business Intelligence Engine: This component ensures that each brief aligns with the strategic goals of an organization, drawing on important documents, plans, and priorities to maintain compliance and effectiveness.

Additionally, features "Briefing 101," a comprehensive guide that includes templates, tips for crafting both marketing and creative briefs, and detailed advice on various aspects of the briefing process.

Overall, these features collectively aim to boost the effectiveness of marketing efforts and decrease the costs associated with poorly crafted briefs through strategic AI assistance.

What are the limitations of

While offers several advantageous features, users should also consider its limitations:

  • Language Accuracy: The AI-driven transcription and summary features may not always process language with complete accuracy. It is possible for the AI to misinterpret spoken words or context, which can lead to errors in the transcripts.
  • Complex Conversations: The platform's AI might find it challenging to accurately capture detailed nuances or specialized terminology in highly technical or complex discussions. It is advisable for users to manually review and edit the AI-generated summaries to ensure accuracy.
  • Customization: Although Trybriefly provides valuable insights through its features, it does not offer extensive customization options. Users are unable to significantly modify the AI’s behavior or adjust settings according to specific preferences.
  • Pricing Transparency: The platform's pricing structure is not clearly detailed in the available promotional materials. Potential users are encouraged to directly explore the platform or contact customer service for comprehensive pricing information.
  • Internet Dependency: As Trybriefly is an online tool, it requires a stable internet connection to function effectively. Users without reliable internet access or those needing to work offline may face limitations.
  • Security and Privacy Concerns: While Trybriefly claims to maintain high standards of data security, users should be vigilant about privacy, especially when sharing sensitive information during transcribed meetings. Reviewing the platform’s privacy policy and terms of use is recommended.

Despite these limitations, remains a valuable asset for enhancing productivity, streamlining workflows, and improving the quality of briefs and summaries, particularly in post-meeting contexts.

How does handle data privacy? prioritizes data privacy and has implemented a range of security measures to ensure the protection of user data:

  • Enterprise-Grade Security: The platform adheres to enterprise-grade security standards, which include robust data handling and storage protocols designed to block unauthorized access.
  • SSO & SAML Integration: Trybriefly offers Single Sign-On (SSO) and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) integration. This not only simplifies the login process but also enhances security, allowing users to access their accounts safely and efficiently.
  • Fine-Grained Admin Controls: The platform provides administrators with detailed control over user permissions and access rights. This granular management helps in tightly regulating who can view and manipulate data within the platform.
  • Personalized Onboarding: During the onboarding process, Trybriefly focuses on educating new users about the platform’s privacy practices. This ensures that users are well informed about how their data will be managed and protected.
  • Compliance with Data Protection Regulations: Trybriefly is committed to ensuring that all briefs and data handling are compliant with applicable data protection regulations and standards, reinforcing the platform's dedication to security.

Users interested in more detailed information regarding Trybriefly’s data privacy practices are encouraged to review the privacy policy available on the website or to contact their customer support team for further clarifications.

Generate effective work briefs in seconds with Briefly's AI-powered writing assistant. Unlock the power of AI for better marketing.

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