One click AI Generated Images & Art

With Artssy, easily generate unique AI images and art in just one click.
One click AI Generated Images & Art
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Create unique AI generated images.

What is is an online platform providing a user-friendly software tool that enables the creation of distinct AI-generated images with just a single click. This tool caters to artists, designers, and creators who are interested in leveraging AI technology to produce art. With a wide range of applications, including digital art, social media content, advertising, photography, graphic design, and print on demand, aims to simplify the artistic process and tap into the potential of imagination. Notably, customer feedback on Trustpilot has predominantly expressed satisfaction with the platform's offerings.

How can I use

To utilize, you must first register an account and submit a request to access the software tool. Upon receiving access, you can proceed to generate images by providing a textual description of your desired image in the designated input box. For instance, entering ""cat eating a pizza"" and clicking the generate button will prompt the software to generate a unique image based on your description. Furthermore, the tool offers customization options allowing you to modify the image's style, resolution, and various other parameters. Once satisfied with the result, you have the option to download or share the image according to your preference. Additionally, you can explore a collection of images crafted by other users or generated by the software itself.

What are the benefits of using offers several benefits to its users:

  1. Simplified Image Creation: With, you can effortlessly generate unique AI-generated images with just a single click, even if you lack artistic skills or specialized software. This makes it accessible to a wide range of users.
  2. Customization Options: The platform provides a variety of visual styles to choose from, allowing you to tailor the image parameters according to your preferences. This flexibility enables you to create images that align with your desired aesthetic.
  3. Cost and Time Efficiency: By utilizing, you can save both time and money. Rather than purchasing royalty-free photos or hiring a designer, you can independently create your own images, eliminating the need for external resources.
  4. Versatile Usage: The generated images can be utilized across various applications, including digital art, social media content, advertising, photography, graphic design, and print-on-demand. This versatility enables you to leverage the images for different purposes and platforms.
  5. Unleashing Creativity: empowers users to express their ideas and unleash their creativity by offering limitless possibilities in image generation. This allows for the exploration of new inspirations and artistic concepts.
  6. Community Engagement: By using, you become part of a global movement centered around AI image generation. You have the opportunity to share your creations with other users, fostering collaboration and engagement within the community.

How much does cost? offers three pricing plans to cater to different user preferences and needs:

  • Free Plan: This plan allows users to create up to 10 images per month. The images have a resolution of 512x512 pixels and can be generated using any of the 10 available styles. However, images created under the free plan will include a watermark.
  • Pro Plan: The Pro plan offers increased benefits and features. Users subscribed to this plan can generate up to 100 images per month. These images have a higher resolution of 1024x1024 pixels and can be created using any of the 50 available styles. Importantly, the Pro plan removes the watermark from the generated images. Subscribers also gain access to priority support and enjoy early access to new features. The Pro plan is priced at $19 per month or $190 per year.
  • Unlimited Plan: The Unlimited plan provides users with extensive benefits and greater flexibility. Subscribers to this plan can generate an unlimited number of images each month. These images have the highest resolution available, set at 2048x2048 pixels, ensuring superior visual quality. Additionally, users gain access to all 100 available styles and can request custom styles. Similar to the Pro plan, subscribers of the Unlimited plan enjoy watermark-free images, priority support, and early access to new features. The Unlimited plan is priced at $49 per month or $490 per year.

Furthermore, offers the option to request a custom plan tailored to specific needs or requirements, allowing users to explore additional options beyond the preset plans.

Can I create my own style with

Users subscribed to the Unlimited plan on have the opportunity to create their own unique styles. With this plan, users can request custom styles from the Artssy team. By providing specific specifications and requirements, the Artssy team will generate new styles tailored to the user's preferences. This allows for a personalized and customized approach to image creation.
Additionally, enables users to experiment with style combinations. Users can mix and match different existing styles to create new and distinctive combinations. This feature grants users greater control and flexibility in achieving the desired look and feel for their images.
By offering the ability to create custom styles and blend existing ones, empowers users to explore their artistic vision and create truly unique and personalized images.

With Artssy, easily generate unique AI images and art in just one click.

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