AI Sales Assistant

Effortlessly capture meeting notes and update your CRM with WINN.AI. The handy AI sales assistant for busy salespeople.
AI Sales Assistant
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The Handy AI Assistant for Salespeople. Say goodbye to sales busywork and hello to winning more deals. With WINN.AI, you can effortlessly capture meeting notes and customer data in real-time and update your CRM with just one click. Join the wait-list now and be the first to try Real-Time Sales Insights!

What is

Winn.AI is a comprehensive platform tailored to support sales teams through task automation and live support during virtual meetings. It streamlines sales processes by handling note-taking, CRM updates (such as Salesforce or HubSpot integration), and email generation. Additionally, it provides functionalities like playbook tracking and real-time sales insights to enhance sales productivity and effectiveness.

How does Winn.AI work?

Winn.AI serves as a real-time AI assistant for sales teams, offering a range of functions to streamline the sales process:

  1. Automated Data Capture: Winn.AI actively participates in virtual meetings to capture meeting notes and pertinent customer data in real-time, allowing sales professionals to engage fully in conversations without the need for manual note-taking.

  2. Seamless CRM Updates: It seamlessly integrates with CRMs such as Salesforce or HubSpot, facilitating the automatic importation of captured data with a single click, thereby maintaining CRM data accuracy effortlessly.

  3. AI-Generated Emails: The platform is equipped to generate follow-up emails, freeing up valuable time for sales representatives by automating this process.

  4. Real-Time Playbook Tracking: Winn.AI continuously tracks conversations against a sales playbook in real-time, ensuring that all essential talking points are addressed during interactions.

  5. Real-Time Sales Insights: It furnishes sales personnel with pertinent information needed during calls, responding to prospect inquiries promptly to keep conversations flowing smoothly.

In essence, Winn.AI streamlines the sales process by managing administrative tasks and providing real-time assistance, ultimately fostering more effective and efficient sales interactions.

How much does cost?

Winn.AI offers flexible pricing options tailored to different needs and preferences:

  1. Pro Plan: Starting at $59 per user per month, this plan provides unlimited meetings, playbook templates, CRM integration, auto-generated call summaries, and additional features.

  2. Enterprise Plan: Tailored pricing is available for a minimum of 10 seats, encompassing all features included in the Pro Plan, along with advanced offerings such as AI-powered sales insights, enhanced CRM features, and dedicated account management.

For precise and current pricing information, it is recommended to visit Winn.AI's official pricing page or reach out to their sales team directly.

What are the benefits of

The advantages of utilizing Winn.AI for sales teams encompass:

  1. Customer Focus: Enables sales personnel to concentrate on customer engagement during virtual meetings, free from the distraction of note-taking.

  2. Automated Data Capture: Captures meeting notes and customer data in real-time, facilitating effortless integration into CRMs like Salesforce or HubSpot with a single click.

  3. Streamlined Sales Tools: Optimizes favorite sales tools for enhanced speed, intelligence, and efficacy throughout the sales funnel.

  4. Real-Time Playbook Tracking: Facilitates comprehensive coverage of essential talking points through real-time tracking against a sales playbook.

  5. Efficient CRM Updates: Eliminates the time-consuming task of CRM updates, ensuring seamless maintenance of CRM data integrity.

  6. AI-Generated Emails: Generates personalized follow-up emails with ease, saving valuable time for sales representatives.

  7. Real-Time Sales Insights: Detects and interprets customer inquiries in real-time, equipping sales personnel with pertinent information to sustain fluid conversation.

These features collectively aim to enhance the efficiency of the sales process, empowering sales teams to expedite deal closures while maintaining accurate and up-to-date customer records.

What are the limitations of

While Winn.AI offers numerous benefits, it's important to acknowledge potential limitations:

  1. Dependence on Virtual Meetings: Winn.AI's effectiveness is primarily optimized for virtual meetings, potentially limiting its utility for in-person interactions or calls outside supported platforms.

  2. Beta Phase: As of the latest available information, Winn.AI was in beta, implying ongoing refinement of features and bug fixes, which might impact its stability and performance.

  3. Integration Limitations: The efficacy of Winn.AI's CRM integration may vary based on the specific CRM system used and its compatibility with the platform.

  4. Learning Curve: Users may encounter a learning curve when adopting AI-powered tools like Winn.AI, particularly for teams unaccustomed to such technology, potentially impacting initial productivity.

  5. Data Privacy: Given the nature of AI capturing and processing sales call data, concerns regarding data privacy and security may arise among users.

For a comprehensive understanding of Winn.AI's limitations, it's advisable to consult user reviews, seek feedback from current users, or directly contact Winn.AI for detailed information.

Effortlessly capture meeting notes and update your CRM with WINN.AI. The handy AI sales assistant for busy salespeople.

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