AI Protein Design

Design better proteins in record time with Cradle's AI-powered prediction algorithms and design suggestions. Improve stability, thermostability, codon optimization, and more.
AI Protein Design
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Design better proteins in record time using powerful prediction algorithms and AI design suggestions. Improve stability, thermostability, codon optimization, activity, specificity, and more. Private, secure, and owned IP. Join now!

What is is a biotechnology firm employing machine learning and prediction algorithms to aid biologists in enhancing protein design. Their suite of tools predicts protein sequence stability, activity, and generates variants with projected performance scores. This technology targets reducing the time, costs, and expertise necessary for new biotech product development. Designed to optimize various protein properties concurrently, the platform holds promise for applications spanning enzymes, vaccines, peptides, and antibodies.

How does the technology of work?'s technology adopts a generative approach to protein design, harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to comprehend and manipulate the intricate sequences of amino acids constituting proteins. Their AI models are trained to forecast protein sequence stability, activity, and generate variants with anticipated performance scores. This approach notably streamlines the time and experimentation typically associated with protein engineering.

For instance, utilized their software to generate alternative versions of T7 RNA polymerase, a crucial enzyme in RNA production, resulting in a significant proportion of variants exhibiting heightened stability at elevated temperatures. Their platform is engineered to concurrently optimize multiple protein properties, diverging from conventional methods that address one property individually.

The company's AI-driven platform is tailored to integrate seamlessly into existing workflows, enabling biologists to establish assays and objectives, generate enhanced sequences, and evaluate new variants in laboratory settings. With each iteration, Cradle's technology learns and refines, yielding superior variants and increased hit rates, thereby expediting the research and development phase for bio-based products.

What are the limitations of

Despite its innovative tools, faces certain inherent limitations:

  1. Complexity of Biology: Protein engineering is inherently complex, and despite advanced AI, predicting protein behavior remains challenging due to the intricate nature of biological systems.

  2. Data Dependency: The accuracy of's predictions relies heavily on the quality and quantity of experimental data. Insufficient or poor-quality data may constrain the effectiveness of their AI models.

  3. Integration with Existing Workflows: While user-friendly, integrating's platform into existing workflows may necessitate adjustments and pose a learning curve for some users.

  4. Cost: The pricing structure of's services may serve as a barrier for smaller research teams or startups, as costs are tailored to project scale and complexity.

  5. Technology Adoption: Resistance to adopting new technology may arise from individuals accustomed to traditional methods of protein design, potentially impeding widespread adoption of's platform.

It's essential to consider these limitations alongside the potential benefits offers when evaluating its suitability for protein design projects.

How can I get started with using the platform of

To embark on your journey with, follow these simple steps:

  1. Set Up Assays and Objectives: Begin by importing assay data from an ongoing project or initiate from scratch with a single starting sequence.

  2. Generate Sequences: Utilize Cradle's platform to produce enhanced sequences aligned with your objectives, each accompanied by a predicted performance score.

  3. Test in the Lab: Once sequences are generated, proceed to evaluate your new variants in the laboratory. With each experimental iteration, Cradle learns and refines, yielding improved variants and increased hit rates.

For a comprehensive guide, including instructions on gathering data for AI-driven protein design, refer to's official blog. Their platform seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, facilitating effortless incorporation into your biotech endeavors.

What are some of the benefits of using offers numerous benefits for protein design and biotech research:

  1. Time Efficiency: By leveraging AI models that refine with each experimental round, significantly reduces time-to-market, providing superior variants with every iteration.

  2. Multi-Property Optimization: Engineered to optimize multiple properties concurrently, diverges from traditional methods, enhancing efficiency and accelerating learning.

  3. Ease of Use: Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the platform seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, facilitating effortless initiation of protein design projects.

  4. Tailored Solutions:'s AI adapts and improves based on wet lab results, tailoring models to specific needs and enhancing performance with each testing round.

  5. Security and Privacy: prioritizes the confidentiality and security of user data, ensuring that sequences and information remain private, and users retain full ownership of intellectual property.

These advantages position as an invaluable tool for biologists and researchers seeking to expedite projects and achieve optimal results in protein engineering.

Design better proteins in record time with Cradle's AI-powered prediction algorithms and design suggestions. Improve stability, thermostability, codon optimization, and more.

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