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Generate, test and optimize content with Phrasee's AI-powered platform. Improve results at scale for enterprise marketers with AI content optimization.
AI Content Optimization
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Generate, test and optimize content with Phrasee's enterprise-grade platform powered by AI and machine learning. Efficiently improve results at scale for enterprise marketers.

What is is a website that provides a platform tailored for enterprise marketers seeking to create and enhance content through generative AI technology. The platform's core promise is to deliver AI-generated content that aligns with a brand's identity while offering robust controls and scalability suitable for enterprise-level operations. accommodates a variety of communication channels, including email, push notifications, SMS, web, app, social media, and Google Ads. Additionally, it furnishes users with language insights and performance reporting tools, aiding marketers in comprehending which messaging and emotional tones resonate most effectively with their target audience. For further information about, you can visit their website or view their demonstration.

How does use AI? employs artificial intelligence (AI) to create and enhance marketing content across a range of communication channels, including email, push notifications, SMS, web, app, social media, and Google Ads. The AI utilized by is generative AI, a type of AI capable of generating entirely new content by leveraging data and predefined rules. This generative AI from has been trained on an extensive dataset of hundreds of thousands of experiments, enabling it to discern which messages and emotional tones resonate most effectively with diverse audiences and campaign objectives.

Moreover,'s AI harnesses performance prediction, automated experimentation, and dynamic optimization techniques to continuously evaluate and adapt content in real-time, thereby maximizing the outcomes of each marketing campaign. The platform seamlessly integrates with existing marketing tools and offers valuable language insights and performance reporting features, empowering marketers to gain insights into their content strategies and make improvements accordingly. For a more comprehensive understanding of how leverages AI, you can refer to their website.

How does measure the performance of content? employs multiple methods and metrics to assess the performance of content, including:

  • Performance prediction: Phrasee utilizes a deep learning model trained on a substantial dataset of content experiments. This model accurately predicts which content is most likely to resonate with your target audience. Before launching a campaign, Phrasee's AI can generate and rank multiple content variations based on their predicted performance.
  • Automated experimentation: Phrasee simplifies the process of testing, optimizing, and personalizing marketing messages through its user-friendly interface and pre-built integrations. It can conduct A/B/N tests and multivariate tests in real-time, comparing the performance of different content variations and automatically selecting the most effective ones for each channel and audience segment.
  • Dynamic optimization: Phrasee adjusts content in real-time based on customer feedback and behavior. It also leverages reinforcement learning to glean insights from previous campaigns, continually enhancing content generation and optimization over time.
  • Language insights and performance reporting: Phrasee provides comprehensive reports and dashboards that offer insights into content performance across various metrics, such as open rates, click-through rates, conversions, revenue, and ROI. Additionally, Phrasee's platform reveals linguistic elements, including words, emojis, syntax, and sentiments, that either resonate or do not resonate with your target audience in real-time. These language insights assist in understanding the effectiveness of your content and guide improvements in your content strategy.

How does ensure data privacy and security? prioritizes data privacy and security through a series of established practices and adherence to relevant laws and regulations. Key measures taken to safeguard data privacy and security include:

  • Privacy Policy: maintains a comprehensive Privacy Policy outlining the collection, usage, and sharing of personal data concerning customers, prospects, website visitors, and employees. This policy also clarifies individuals' rights and options concerning their personal data and provides guidance on how to contact for privacy-related queries or requests.
  • Technical Safeguards: To ensure the protection of personal data, employs encryption, firewalls, access controls, and other technical and organizational measures. These safeguards are applied both during data transmission and after data reception. Additionally, regular security audits and vulnerability assessments are conducted to uphold the integrity of systems and data.
  • Purposeful Data Processing: strictly processes personal data solely for the purposes for which it was collected, following the instructions and consent of its customers. The platform does not engage in the sale, rental, or sharing of personal data with third parties for their independent marketing objectives. Furthermore, respects the data protection rights of individuals, as prescribed by applicable laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).
  • User Control: empowers its customers with tools and features to manage and control their data and content on the platform. Users have the ability to delete, export, or anonymize their data and content at their discretion. They can also configure privacy and security settings, including options like enabling two-factor authentication, establishing user roles and permissions, and selecting preferred data storage locations.

How much does cost? offers an AI-powered content platform designed to cater to the needs of marketers. Their pricing structure is adaptable, with varying plans contingent upon the features and services required. Some of the prominent features provided by include:

  • Content Generation: The platform enables the swift and scalable generation of content.
  • Content Optimization: Utilizing AI, it facilitates content that evolves and adjusts to suit your specific audience.
  • Content Personalization: empowers marketers to tailor content on an individualized basis to cater to each customer.
  • Content Reporting: The platform offers tools for monitoring and assessing the performance of your content.

While the website does not specify the precise pricing details for each plan, it mentions flexible enterprise pricing. Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch with their sales team for a personalized quote. Additionally, according to external sources, the starting price for is approximately $79 per month or $4,800 per year. It's important to note that pricing may vary based on factors such as the number of users, channels, and campaigns involved."

Generate, test and optimize content with Phrasee's AI-powered platform. Improve results at scale for enterprise marketers with AI content optimization.

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