Video & Image Content Generation Tool

A powerful AI suite for video & image content generation. Elevate your creations with advanced video editing.
Video & Image Content Generation Tool
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All-in-one AI content generation suite for images and video.

What is is a website that provides a range of creative tools that leverage the power of artificial intelligence. With this platform, users can generate videos, images, and various types of content simply by using text inputs or making a few clicks. Additionally, offers the capability to train personalized AI models or utilize any of the 30+ pre-existing AI magic tools. It caters to a wide range of users, including global brands, enterprises, and creative individuals who rely on the platform to effectively convey their narratives.

How much does it cost to use

According to information provided on, the platform offers various pricing plans tailored to different needs and usage requirements. The Basic plan is available free of charge and grants users 125 monthly credits, enabling them to generate videos or images with certain limitations. Alternatively, the Standard plan is priced at $12 per user per month when billed annually and provides 625 monthly credits. This plan offers extended capabilities such as generating longer videos, upscaling resolution, removing watermarks, and training custom AI generators. For users seeking more advanced features, the Pro plan is available at $28 per user per month (billed annually) and includes 2250 monthly credits. In addition to the features offered in the Standard plan, the Pro plan also provides access to more export options and formats. Large teams and organizations requiring custom solutions and support can opt for the Enterprise plan, with further details available through direct contact with

How does work? utilizes machine learning technology to streamline and automate the video editing process, providing users with a convenient and efficient solution. The platform offers a diverse range of over 30 'magic tools' that enable users to generate, edit, compose, mask, correct, convert to green screen, and apply visual effects (VFX) to their videos or images. To utilize the platform, users can access online by creating an account and either uploading their own media files or utilizing the pre-existing media provided by the website. Additionally, allows users to train their own customized AI generators, facilitating the creation of specific people, objects, or artistic styles. With its innovative and robust features, presents a compelling option for individuals seeking to produce professional-looking videos with the assistance of AI technology.

What are the benefits of offers several notable benefits to its users:

  1. Streamlined Video Editing: By leveraging automation, simplifies the entire video editing process. It handles labor-intensive tasks like green screen work, masking, and inpainting, making the editing workflow more efficient.
  2. Extensive 'Magic Tools': With over 30 'magic tools' at your disposal, provides a range of functionalities to enhance your workflow. These tools allow for the generation, editing, composition, and application of visual effects (VFX) to videos or images, all achievable with just a few clicks.
  3. User-Friendly AI Creation: empowers users to create professional-looking videos utilizing artificial intelligence, without the need for coding skills or expensive equipment. This accessibility allows a broader range of individuals to harness the potential of AI in their creative projects.
  4. Custom AI Generators: The platform also offers the ability to train custom AI generators. This functionality enables users to generate specific people, objects, or artistic styles, tailoring the AI's output to their unique requirements.
  5. Community Engagement: fosters a sense of community by connecting users with artists and researchers exploring the creative possibilities of AI. This collaborative environment encourages the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and inspiration among like-minded individuals.

Overall, provides a user-friendly and efficient solution for video editing, leveraging AI technology to simplify workflows, expand creative options, and foster a community of innovation.

What are the limitations of, while offering numerous benefits, does have some limitations to consider:

  • Internet Connection and Account Requirement: To utilize the online platform and access the magic tools, users must have an active internet connection and create a account.
  • License Restrictions: Certain models available on have limitations on their outputs, permitting non-commercial use only. It is essential to review the license agreement associated with each model before utilizing it to ensure compliance with usage restrictions.
  • Concurrent Session Limit: By default, imposes a limit of five concurrent sessions on the platform. However, users can contact to request an increase in this limit, if needed.
  • Data Quality and Quantity for Custom AI Generators: When training custom AI generators, the quality and quantity of the provided data play a crucial role. If the data is insufficient or inconsistent, the results may not align with the desired outcomes. It is important to ensure that the training data is appropriate and representative for achieving the desired AI generation goals.

Considering these limitations allows users to make informed decisions about utilizing effectively and managing expectations regarding its features and functionality.

A powerful AI suite for video & image content generation. Elevate your creations with advanced video editing.

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