Hotjar AI Behavior Analytics

Understand user behavior with Hotjar's AI-powered Analytics.
Hotjar AI Behavior Analytics
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Website Heatmaps & Behavior Analytics Tools. See where users click, ask for feedback, and understand why they leave. Optimize experiences, prioritize changes, and get buy-in for new ideas. Trusted by over 1M websites worldwide. Start free today!

What is provides a comprehensive set of tools designed to aid in the comprehension of user behavior, preferences, and sentiments on your website. This platform facilitates the observation, interaction, and engagement with your site's visitors, enabling you to gain valuable insights through features such as heatmaps, user recordings, surveys, and more. With a user base encompassing over 1.2 million websites across more than 180 countries, Hotjar has established itself as a trusted resource for website analysis and optimization. For further information about Hotjar's mission, values, and functionalities, their official website or about page can be explored. Additionally, you have the option to review their pricing plans to determine their compatibility with your requirements. Hotjar stands as a prominent and potent solution for enhancing website performance and garnering user feedback.

What are the benefits of

Utilizing offers several advantages, including:

  • Effortless Integration: Hotjar seamlessly integrates with various tools, facilitating a quick setup process that can be completed within minutes.
  • Accuracy Enhancement: The platform's heatmaps enable precise measurement of website accuracy, preemptively identifying potential errors before they materialize.
  • User Interaction Insights: Through visitor recordings and funnel analysis, Hotjar provides insights into user behavior, pinpointing areas where user engagement drops off.
  • Feedback Collection: Hotjar facilitates the gathering of user feedback through surveys, polls, and feedback widgets, aiding in the refinement of user experiences.
  • User-Centric Insights: The tool empowers you to conduct user interviews, thereby gaining valuable insights into user needs, motivations, and pain points.
  • Diverse Support: Hotjar offers robust customer support and accommodates multiple languages, ensuring assistance is readily available and accessible.

Incorporating into your website operations can enhance accuracy, user engagement, and feedback collection while providing comprehensive integration and support options.

How does protect user privacy?

As indicated by online search findings, maintains a comprehensive privacy policy outlining the scope of personal data they gather from visitors, clients, and testers on their platform. This policy delineates the purposes for which this data is utilized and disclosed. Notably, the company assures that they do not engage in the sale of personal information to external entities, aligning with a 'privacy by design' philosophy. Furthermore, furnishes users with avenues to request and access their collected data, as well as the ability to opt out of tracking mechanisms. The company's commitment to privacy regulations is evident through their adherence to standards like GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD. For an in-depth understanding of their privacy policy, it is advised to visit's official website.

How much does cost?

Hotjar offers a trio of primary products: Hotjar Observe, Hotjar Ask, and Hotjar Engage.

Hotjar Observe encompasses heatmaps and recordings, its pricing structure tailored to the number of sessions to be captured. The available plans are:

  • Basic: Available free of charge indefinitely, accommodating up to 35 daily sessions.
  • Plus: Priced at $39 $32 USD/month, allowing for up to 100 daily sessions.
  • Business: Priced at $99 $80 USD/month, accommodating up to 500 daily sessions.
  • Scale: Priced at $213 $171 USD/month, catering to up to 2,000 daily sessions.

Hotjar Ask features surveys and feedback options, with pricing linked to the volume of responses sought. The plans are structured as follows:

  • Basic: Accessible at no cost perpetually, permitting up to 2,000 responses per month.
  • Plus: Priced at $39 $32 USD/month, enabling up to 10,000 responses per month.
  • Business: Priced at $99 $80 USD/month, facilitating up to 50,000 responses per month.
  • Scale: Custom pricing model in place, offering unrestricted responses per month.

Hotjar Engage introduces a novel user interview tool, its pricing contingent on the desired number of interviews. The plans include:

  • Pay as you go: Priced at $1 USD per interview conducted.
  • Basic: Available at no cost indefinitely, allowing for up to 3 interviews per month.
  • Plus: Priced at $39 $32 USD/month, permitting up to 20 interviews per month.
  • Business: Priced at $99 $80 USD/month, facilitating up to 100 interviews per month.

For comprehensive insights into Hotjar's pricing structure, their official website is a valuable resource. Additionally, further information can be sourced from relevant web search results.

What are the limitations of has several limitations, including:

  • Platform Compatibility: It is not compatible with platforms and frameworks that lack support for custom third-party JavaScript, such as Google Sites, Tumblr, and Sharepoint.
  • HTML Capture Limit: The tool imposes a 10MB limit on capturing the HTML of a page. Consequently, larger pages containing images and source code within the HTML body exceeding this limit will not be captured.
  • Mobile App and Desktop App Exclusion: is not functional on mobile apps, desktop applications, or accelerated mobile pages (AMP).
  • Magento Version Incompatibility: does not support older versions of Magento (2.3.0 or older) due to incompatibility with its JavaScript library.

These limitations should be taken into account when considering the suitability of for your website analysis and optimization needs.

Understand user behavior with Hotjar's AI-powered Analytics.

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