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Revolutionize t-shirt design with Artificial Printer - the AI tool for personalized apparel. Say goodbye to mundane designs and hello to bespoke tees.
AI T Shirt Design Tool
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Introducing Artificial Printer, the revolutionary AI t-shirt design tool that empowers you to effortlessly craft one-of-a-kind, personalized apparel. Say farewell to mundane designs and unleash your true individuality with original artwork adorning your tees. Unleash your creativity and let your imagination soar, as Artificial Printer transforms your innovative concepts into stunning designs with just a couple of clicks. Plus, with free worldwide shipping, creating your own distinct t-shirts has never been easier. Whether your goal is to make a statement or showcase your artistic flair, Artificial Printer is the ultimate solution for designing and producing bespoke, AI-enhanced t-shirts.

What is is an e-commerce platform specializing in AI-generated t-shirt designs. Their unique service allows customers to create custom t-shirt prints through an AI tool powered by DALL-E 3. The offerings include:

  1. AI T-Shirt Generator: Customers can input their ideas, and the AI generates a t-shirt design.
  2. Customizable Products: They offer a variety of products including unisex t-shirts, women’s t-shirts, kids’ t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and smartphone cases.
  3. Special Promotions: Regular promotions are available, such as 'Buy 2 AI t-shirts get 30% off,' with the use of a promo code.
  4. Quality and Sustainability: prioritizes high-quality materials and sustainable manufacturing practices in their products.
  5. Environmental Contribution: In collaboration with, they commit to planting a tree for every order placed.
    Founded by Kirill & Philip, Artificial Printer aims to revolutionize the fashion industry by minimizing waste from fast fashion and supporting smaller printing businesses in the USA and Europe.

How does work? operates by harnessing both customer creativity and AI technology to generate unique t-shirt designs. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of their process:

  1. Idea Generation: Customers initiate the process by inputting their ideas or themes into the AI T-Shirt Generator.
  2. AI Design: Powered by DALL-E 3, the AI processes the input and generates a variety of t-shirt designs.
  3. Customization: Customers have the option to further customize the generated designs or choose from a gallery of pre-made designs.
  4. Quality Check: Each image undergoes AI-based upscaling to 4x resolution to ensure sharpness and high quality.
  5. Printing: Once a design is selected, it's printed onto the chosen product, such as t-shirts, hoodies, or smartphone cases.
  6. Sustainability: Products are manufactured sustainably, adhering to no-sweatshop practices and fair labor standards.
  7. Shipping: Following production, the product is shipped to the customer. Shipping policies are detailed on the website.
  8. Planting Trees: Through collaboration with, a tree is planted for every order placed.

This process not only fosters creative expression but also underscores commitments to quality, sustainability, and environmental stewardship.

What is the pricing like on

The pricing on follows a uniform structure across various product categories:

  • Unisex T-shirt: $34.85
  • Women’s T-shirt: $34.85
  • Kids’ T-shirt: $34.85
  • Sweatshirt: $34.85
  • Hoodie: $54.99
  • Smartphone Case: $34.85

Moreover, a special promotion is available where customers can buy 2 AI t-shirts and receive a 30% discount by applying a promo code. This promotion enhances cost-effectiveness for those purchasing multiple items. The website highlights that all garments are crafted from premium heavyweight cotton and designed for an oversized fit. Additionally, they offer a money-back guarantee for customers unsatisfied with their purchase.

What are the benefits of presents a host of benefits for individuals interested in personalized apparel and accessories:

  1. AI-Driven Customization: Leveraging advanced AI tools like DALL-E 3, the platform facilitates the creation of unique designs for t-shirts and various items.
  2. Unlimited Designs: Users enjoy the freedom to create an unlimited number of designs, fostering endless possibilities for personalization.
  3. Quality Materials: Emphasizing durability and comfort, all products are crafted from high-quality materials.
  4. Eco-Friendly Practices: The company contributes to environmental sustainability by planting a tree with every order.
  5. Fair Labor Compliance: Manufacturing processes adhere to humane standards, with the company holding certifications from the Fair Labor Association and Platinum WRAP.
  6. Satisfaction Guarantee: A money-back guarantee ensures customer satisfaction, providing recourse if expectations are not met.
  7. Wide Product Range: In addition to t-shirts, the platform offers hoodies, sweatshirts, smartphone cases, and more.
  8. Global Accessibility: With international shipping services, the platform caters to a diverse global audience.

These features position as an attractive option for individuals seeking to express their creativity through fashion while supporting ethical and sustainable practices. Whether for personal use or gifting purposes, the platform offers a versatile solution tailored to various preferences and needs.

How do I get started on

To kickstart your journey on, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Visit the Website: Navigate to to initiate the process.
  2. Choose a Product: Browse and select from a diverse range of products including t-shirts, hoodies, smartphone cases, and more.
  3. Create Your Design: Utilize the AI-powered tools available on the site to craft a one-of-a-kind design. Let your creativity flow and incorporate text if desired.
  4. Preview Your Product: Once your design is ready, preview it on the selected product to ensure satisfaction.
  5. Place Your Order: If content with the design, proceed to place your order securely.
  6. Use a Promo Code: If in possession of a promo code, like the current offer for buying two AI t-shirts, apply it during checkout for a discount.
  7. Check Out: Input your shipping and payment details to finalize the purchase.
  8. Track Your Order: Keep tabs on your order's progress from placement to delivery using the tracking feature.

For additional guidance or specific inquiries, the website recommends consulting their starter guide for comprehensive assistance. Armed with these instructions, you're all set to unleash your creativity and design your own unique apparel with Happy designing!

Revolutionize t-shirt design with Artificial Printer - the AI tool for personalized apparel. Say goodbye to mundane designs and hello to bespoke tees.

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