AI Social Media Automation

Boost engagement and save time on social media with Hypefury's AI social media automation tools.
AI Social Media Automation
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Save time on social media with Hypefury's automation tools. Grow your audience faster while creating more value. Join the Hypefury Family and boost engagement, gain more email subscribers and sales without lifting a finger. Experience the benefits of scheduling and automating your social media marketing today!

What is hypefury.com?

Hypefury.com is a platform geared towards aiding users in growing and monetizing their Twitter audience. Its features encompass scheduled and automated social media marketing, rapid ideation and post creation, email list expansion, engagement enhancement through AutoRT's, streamlined management tools, and the convenience of sharing tweets on Instagram. Hypefury.com is endorsed by prominent content creators and offers a free trial for users interested in exploring its capabilities.

How much does Hypefury.com cost?

Hypefury.com offers a range of pricing plans tailored to users' needs and preferences. These plans, as per web search results, are as follows:

  • Free Plan: Designed for beginners, the free plan allows users to get started with Hypefury.com at no cost. It includes access to one connected X/Twitter account, albeit with limited features. Users on this plan can schedule an unlimited number of tweets and threads for a period of two days. Additionally, they have the benefit of receiving viral tweets from 14 niches.
  • Standard Plan: Priced at $15.83 per month or $190 per year, the Standard plan is ideal for growing creators. It provides access to three connected X/Twitter accounts and a total of 12 connected accounts. Subscribers to this plan can schedule an unlimited number of tweets and threads for an unlimited duration. They also gain access to advanced features such as integration with Instagram, Facebook Pages, Autoplugs, and Auto DMs.
  • Premium Plan: Geared towards users seeking serious growth, the Premium plan is available at $40.83 per month or $490 per year. It offers six connected X/Twitter accounts and a total of 30 connected accounts. In addition to all the features available in the Standard plan, Premium subscribers can benefit from additional functionalities, including integration with LinkedIn, Gumroad sales, and access to a premium growth community.

It's worth noting that users can take advantage of a 14-day free trial period to evaluate any of these plans before making a commitment. Furthermore, subscriptions can be canceled at any time for added flexibility.

What are the benefits of hypefury.com?

Hypefury.com offers several notable benefits to users:

  • Content Creation Enhancement: Hypefury.com leverages AI and draws inspiration from other creators to assist users in crafting viral and engaging content not only for Twitter but also for other social media platforms. This feature is particularly useful for content creators looking to boost their online presence and engagement.
  • Time and Effort Savings: The platform streamlines social media marketing efforts by enabling users to schedule and automate their posts. Users can create a recurring calendar of promotions, automatically retweet their top-performing tweets, and seamlessly post tweets on Instagram without the need for manual screenshots. This automation helps users manage their online presence efficiently.
  • Audience Growth and Monetization: Hypefury.com aids users in expanding and monetizing their Twitter audience. It facilitates the generation of more email subscribers and increased sales through features like autoplugs, which allow for product or service promotion under popular tweets. Additionally, users can run automated sales campaigns on Twitter and gain access to a premium growth community to further enhance their online presence and revenue streams.

How does Hypefury.com generate sales on Twitter?

Hypefury.com offers a range of strategies and features to assist users in generating sales on Twitter. Some key methods through which Hypefury.com facilitates sales on the platform include:

  • Automated Self-Comments: Hypefury.com automatically places comments under tweets that perform well, effectively promoting users' products or services. This approach captures the attention of the audience and directs them to relevant landing or sales pages.
  • Automated Sales Campaigns: Users can set up automated sales campaigns on Twitter, particularly when utilizing Gumroad as their platform. This involves configuring discount codes and time-limited offers, which Hypefury.com then tweets to both existing followers and potential customers.
  • Marketing Calendar: Hypefury.com enables users to establish a recurring promotional calendar for their products or services. This feature allows users to schedule tweets in advance, ensuring they are posted at optimal times to reach their target audience. Users can also incorporate various content types, including testimonials, case studies, and FAQs, to highlight the value of their offerings.
  • Write Once, Publish Twice: Hypefury.com offers a time-saving feature that allows users to compose a tweet and have it posted simultaneously on both Twitter and Instagram, eliminating the need for manual screenshotting. This dual-platform posting strategy leverages the exposure of both platforms to enhance visibility and potential sales.

Hypefury.com is a valuable tool for Twitter users seeking to boost their revenue by streamlining and automating their social media marketing efforts. Interested users can explore the platform with a 14-day free trial before selecting a plan that aligns with their specific needs.

What are the limitations of hypefury.com?

Hypefury.com, while offering various advantages, also comes with certain limitations:

  • Platform Support: Hypefury.com primarily caters to X/Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Pages, and LinkedIn. It lacks compatibility with other popular social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, or Snapchat, which could limit its usefulness for users active on these platforms.
  • Instagram Business Account Requirement: To post directly from the app to Instagram, users are required to have a business account. Users without a business account must resort to manual posting by utilizing a link sent to their email, potentially causing inconvenience for those not using Instagram for business purposes.
  • Free Plan Restrictions: The free plan offered by Hypefury.com has limitations. Users can only connect a single X/Twitter account and are restricted to scheduling tweets and threads for a mere two days. Moreover, certain advanced features like Autoplugs, Auto DMs, LinkedIn integration, and Gumroad sales are not accessible on this plan, potentially limiting the effectiveness of the free version.
  • Limited Control and Customization: Hypefury.com's automation capabilities might not suit users seeking greater control and customization over their social media marketing efforts. It automates various tasks, including idea generation, commenting, retweeting, and posting on Instagram. Users who prefer a more hands-on or unique approach to these tasks may not find Hypefury.com aligning with their preferences.

These limitations should be considered when evaluating whether Hypefury.com is the right tool for specific social media marketing needs.

Boost engagement and save time on social media with Hypefury's AI social media automation tools.

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