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Trusted AI Skill Assessments | Identify Qualified Candidates with Adaface's conversational assessments
AI Skill Assessments
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Trusted AI Skill Assessments | Identify Qualified CandidatesFind qualified candidates for 500+ roles with Adaface's trusted coding, aptitude, and psychometric tests. Our conversational assessments and advanced proctoring suite make it easy to hire remotely. Switch to Adaface and see why recruiters choose us!

What is is a website that offers online assessment software designed for companies to evaluate candidates across a range of skills and roles. They assert that their tests are designed to be accurate, user-friendly, and not easily searchable through internet search engines, aiming to measure the practical skills necessary for specific job positions. also offers a variety of assessment types, including aptitude tests, coding tests, psychometric tests, and personality tests. Furthermore, boasts a comprehensive test library comprising over 500 skills and roles and offers integration capabilities with various Applicant Tracking System (ATS) platforms. For more detailed information, you can explore's official website or delve into their blog.

How much does cost?

Based on web search results, offers a range of six pricing tiers, spanning from $180 to $20,000 per year. Additionally, provides a free trial option. The specific pricing tier you select is contingent on the quantity of credits required for generating and dispatching assessments to candidates. For a more comprehensive breakdown of pricing and a detailed list of features, you can refer to's official website or explore additional sources for further information.

What are the benefits of offers several notable benefits:

  1. Customized Assessments: tailors assessments to align with job descriptions and the specific skills demanded by each role, enhancing the relevance of evaluations.
  2. Enhanced Test Security: The platform employs non-googleable questions and advanced proctoring features to safeguard the integrity and credibility of assessments.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: boasts a user-friendly chatbot interface that guides candidates through the assessment process, contributing to a positive candidate experience.
  4. Comprehensive Test Library: With a repository of over 500 on-the-job skills, covers a wide spectrum of assessment types, including coding, aptitude, psychometric, personality, and more.
  5. Automated Scorecards: generates automated scorecards that provide a detailed breakdown of each candidate's performance, along with industry benchmarks for reference.
  6. Integration with ATS Platforms: The platform seamlessly integrates with various Applicant Tracking System (ATS) platforms, simplifying tasks such as bulk invites, email invitations, and public links.

These features collectively enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of as an assessment tool for evaluating candidates.

How does ensure test security? prioritizes test security through a multifaceted approach, employing the following methods:

  • Non-Googleable Questions: utilizes scenario-based Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) that specifically evaluate on-the-job skills relevant to the targeted role. These questions are meticulously crafted by subject matter experts to be non-googleable. Additionally, employs crawlers to monitor and prevent question leakage on the internet.
  • Anti-Cheating Features: The platform incorporates a suite of anti-cheating measures, ensuring the integrity of online assessments. These features include proctoring, plagiarism detection, time limits, question randomization, and candidate verification.
  • Data Encryption: implements robust data encryption practices to safeguard all transmitted and stored data on its platform. Encryption is achieved through SSL certificates, with data backups handled by CodeGuard, and hosting on AWS for secure cloud infrastructure.

These security measures collectively contribute to the trustworthiness and reliability of as an assessment tool for evaluating candidates.

How does integrate with ATS platforms? offers seamless integration with various Applicant Tracking System (ATS) platforms, delivering a streamlined hiring experience for both recruiters and candidates. The advantages of integrating with your ATS include:

  • Job Matching and Assessment Pairing: You have the ability to match job openings with Adaface assessments directly from your ATS dashboard. All Adaface assessments are synchronized with your ATS in real-time, allowing you to effortlessly associate assessments with open roles or select assessments as needed.
  • Candidate Invitations: enables you to invite candidates directly from your ATS. Candidate data is automatically stored within Adaface, whether you initiate invitations through your ATS, Adaface's own dashboard, or by utilizing the Adaface chatbot on your career websites and job postings.
  • Real-Time Score and Result Tracking: You can receive candidate scores and comprehensive results in real-time within your ATS. generates unique, publicly shareable scorecard links and transfers the data to your ATS, granting your team access to candidate scores without requiring access to the Adaface dashboard.
  • Prompt Notifications: Adaface keeps you informed with real-time notifications. You'll receive alerts when candidates are sent invitations and when they complete their assessments, ensuring you can swiftly engage with qualified candidates.
  • ATS Compatibility: supports integration with popular ATS platforms, including Greenhouse, Workable, Lever, Ashby, SmartRecruiters, and more. Additionally, if you have an in-house ATS system, you can leverage Adaface's API to create a custom integration.

These integration features enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process, making a valuable tool for recruiters and organizations.

Trusted AI Skill Assessments | Identify Qualified Candidates with Adaface's conversational assessments

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