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Hidden Door: AI-powered social roleplaying experience. Play in your favorite worlds with friends. Join the waitlist now.
AI Roleplaying Experience
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Hidden Door: A new kind of social roleplaying experience, powered by narrative AI. Play in your favorite worlds, create unique characters, and embark on infinite adventures with friends. Build your collection and share your creativity. Join the waitlist for an early preview!

What is hiddendoor.co?

Hiddendoor.co is the official website of Hidden Door, a company founded in 2020. They specialize in creating a unique type of story game experience utilizing their proprietary generative AI platform. This platform enables them to adapt existing works of fiction into engaging online social roleplaying games. 

Hidden Door boasts a team composed of both seasoned game professionals and AI experts. They actively share insights and updates related to storytelling, narrative games, and the use of language AI on their blog. In addition, they document their experiences, both successful and otherwise, in the realms of human-machine interactions.

If you wish to explore their work further, you have the option to join their Discord community or explore potential career opportunities they may have available.

How does hiddendoor.co work?

Hiddendoor.co operates by harnessing a proprietary generative AI platform that possesses the ability to convert any piece of fiction into an online social roleplaying game. This advanced platform leverages natural language processing and computer vision to thoroughly analyze the original narrative. It extracts vital elements such as characters, settings, plotlines, themes, and writing style, utilizing this data to craft a game world that remains true to the source material. Furthermore, the platform empowers players to craft their own characters, engage with both other players and characters from the original story, and actively influence the course of the game. Notably, its design is exceptionally versatile, capable of accommodating any genre, format, or length of fiction.

Beyond being a mere game developer, Hiddendoor.co functions as a game technology studio. Their pioneering work includes the development of the first-ever narrative AI platform, which can generate limitless social roleplaying experiences derived from existing fiction. They are also actively working on an array of tools and techniques aimed at facilitating collaboration between authors and other content creators and their AI. The ultimate goal is to establish an innovative form of interactive fandom where enthusiasts not only consume content but actively participate in the creation and sharing of their own stories.

How much does hiddendoor.co cost?

Hiddendoor.co is a complimentary service that imposes no charges for utilizing its platform or engaging in its games. Nevertheless, it is important to note that certain games hosted on the platform might necessitate the acquisition or access to the original piece of fiction upon which they are based. This could involve obtaining a book, watching a movie, or accessing a TV show associated with the particular game. For instance, if you wish to participate in the Wizard of Oz game, you may be required to procure or borrow the book authored by L. Frank Baum or view its movie adaptation. It's important to highlight that Hiddendoor.co does not sell or furnish these works of fiction, but it may offer links to sources where you can locate them, either online or offline.

What are the benefits of hiddendoor.co?

Hiddendoor.co offers a multitude of advantages to both players and creators engaged in the world of story games. These benefits encompass:

For Players:

  • Access to a unique form of social roleplaying experience, underpinned by narrative AI, capable of adapting any pre-existing work of fiction into an engaging online game.
  • The ability to craft and customize their own in-game characters, interact with fellow players, and engage with characters integral to the storyline, with the power to influence the course of the game.
  • Exploration of a diverse array of genres, formats, and narrative lengths, leading to the discovery of new and captivating stories and fandoms.

For Creators:

  • Opportunities for collaboration with AI, employing a toolkit of tools and techniques thoughtfully developed by Hidden Door, allowing for story enhancement.
  • The potential to tap into fresh audiences and dedicated fans, with the option to monetize their creative work through the platform.
  • Inclusion within a vibrant community of storytellers and game developers, fostering knowledge sharing and collaborative learning among peers.

What are the limitations of hiddendoor.co?

Hiddendoor.co stands as an ambitious and innovative project, striving to introduce a novel form of social roleplaying experience, facilitated by narrative AI. However, it is essential to acknowledge the existing limitations associated with this platform:

  • Development Phase: Hiddendoor.co is currently in the development phase and may not be entirely functional or stable. Users may encounter bugs, errors, or glitches while navigating the platform or engaging in its games. The company is actively dedicated to enhancing the platform's quality and performance, while also valuing user feedback and patience during this process.
  • Technological Imperfections: The platform heavily relies on natural language processing and computer vision technologies to analyze and generate stories. These technologies, while advanced, are not flawless and may occasionally produce content that is inaccurate or lacks coherence. Capturing the intricate nuances, subtleties, or complexities of the original fiction, as well as understanding player intentions, preferences, or emotions, can be challenging. Additionally, there is a possibility of the platform generating content that is inappropriate, offensive, or harmful. Users are encouraged to exercise caution and discretion while utilizing the platform.
  • Access to Original Works: Hiddendoor.co exclusively transforms existing works of fiction into online games and does not provide or own these original works. Users may need to independently acquire or access the source material, such as books, movies, or TV shows, to fully enjoy certain games. Furthermore, the platform's capability to support various types of fiction is contingent upon factors like genre, format, or length. The company is actively working to broaden the platform's compatibility with a wider array of works, while also respecting the rights and preferences of the original authors and creators.
  • Associated Costs and Risks: While Hiddendoor.co offers its services free of charge, users should be aware of potential associated costs and risks. These may encompass expenses related to internet connection or data usage. Furthermore, there is a potential for users to expose personal information or data to the platform or fellow players. The company places a strong emphasis on safeguarding user privacy and security. Nevertheless, users are strongly encouraged to thoroughly review the platform's terms of service and privacy policy before engaging with it or its games.

Hidden Door: AI-powered social roleplaying experience. Play in your favorite worlds with friends. Join the waitlist now.

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