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Effortlessly transform 2D images into stunning 3D models. Boost efficiency with our AI 3D modeling tool.
AI 3D Modeling Tool
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3D models in minutes - Your own personal 3D artist. Transform 2D images into textured, production-ready 3D models with a click. Say goodbye to time-consuming modeling tools and ship faster with Kaedim. Boost efficiency and create stunning 3D art effortlessly.

What is kaedim3d.com?

Kaedim3d.com is a website offering a unique service that leverages machine learning and an in-house art team to create game-ready 3D assets on-demand. Users have the option to provide an image or description of the desired 3D model, which is then processed by Kaedim's AI system. The resulting 3D model undergoes a thorough review and refinement process by a Kaedim artist to ensure quality.

In addition to its core service, Kaedim provides an API that users can integrate into their own applications. This API enables various functionalities, including the facilitation of user-generated content, the integration of 3D assets onto blockchain platforms, and the programmable evolution of game assets. This versatility allows users to tailor Kaedim's technology to their specific needs and creative projects.

Notably, Kaedim has garnered support from prominent figures in both the gaming and AI industries, with backing from angel investors associated with companies such as Google and Sandbox. Kaedim asserts that its services can significantly streamline the development process for game studios, leading to time and cost savings. Furthermore, it aims to facilitate the transition from 2D to 3D digital content creation, marking a noteworthy advancement in the world of game development.

How much does it cost to use kaedim3d.com?

Kaedim provides a range of pricing plans tailored to different user needs and budgets. These plans are structured based on the number of generations, iterations, and accounts required for the service.

  • Light Plan: This is the most affordable option, priced at $599 per month. With the Light plan, users can generate up to 30 models, each with a maximum of 10 iterations.
  • Starter Plan: Designed for solo developers or small teams, the Starter plan is priced at $150 per month. It offers a cost-effective solution for those with more modest requirements.
  • Indie Plan: Priced at $300 per month, the Indie plan caters to the needs of independent developers and small teams, offering a balance between affordability and capacity.
  • Pro Plan: For users with more extensive demands, the Pro plan is available at $1799 per month. This plan allows for the generation of up to 100 models, each with a maximum of 30 iterations.

Additionally, Kaedim offers a trial option where users can test the service by generating three models for a fee of $6 before committing to a subscription plan.

These pricing plans offer flexibility, making Kaedim accessible to a wide range of users, from individual developers to larger studios, with options suited to their specific requirements and budget constraints.

What are the limitations of kaedim3d.com?

Kaedim3d.com is an AI-powered platform designed for the conversion of 2D images into 3D models. However, it's essential to be aware of certain limitations associated with the service, as indicated by web search results:

  • Shape and Style Accuracy: Kaedim may not always capture the precise shape or style of the original image, potentially resulting in variations from the source material.
  • Complex Scenes: Handling complex or dynamic scenes may pose a challenge for Kaedim, and its performance in such scenarios might be limited.
  • Subscription or Trial Requirement: Users interested in utilizing Kaedim's features may need to subscribe to a pricing plan or opt for a trial, which could involve associated costs.
  • Customization and Editing: The platform might offer limited customization or editing options for the generated models, potentially limiting creative control.
  • Competition: Kaedim may face competition from other AI-based modeling tools or services in the market, and users may want to consider alternatives depending on their specific needs.

For more in-depth information about Kaedim and its capabilities, users can visit the official website or read user reviews for firsthand insights into the platform's performance and user experiences. These resources can help individuals make informed decisions regarding the suitability of Kaedim for their particular projects and requirements.

What are the benefits of kaedim3d.com?

Using Kaedim offers several notable benefits:

  • Time and Cost Savings: Kaedim allows users to swiftly generate 3D models from 2D images or descriptions, significantly reducing the time and financial resources typically required for 3D asset creation.
  • API Integration: Users have the flexibility to integrate Kaedim's API into their own applications, enabling diverse functionalities such as user-generated content, integration of 3D assets onto blockchain platforms, and the programmable enhancement of game assets.
  • Plugin Compatibility: Kaedim offers compatibility with various plugins designed for popular tools, facilitating seamless integration into existing workflows, and enhancing efficiency.
  • Production-Quality Assets: Users benefit from access to high-quality 3D assets that undergo thorough review and refinement by Kaedim's skilled artists, ensuring that the resulting models meet industry standards.
  • Industry Support: Kaedim is trusted by numerous game studios and enjoys backing from key players in the gaming and AI sectors, fostering confidence in its capabilities and reliability.

These advantages make Kaedim a valuable resource for individuals and studios engaged in 3D content creation, offering efficiency, quality, and versatility in their creative endeavors.

How to get started with kaedim3d.com?

To initiate your usage of Kaedim3d.com, you can follow these straightforward steps:

  • Account Creation: Begin by registering an account on Kaedim's official website. During this process, you will have the opportunity to select your preferred subscription plan.
  • Model Input: Navigate to the Create page within the platform. Here, you can either upload an image or provide a description outlining the specific model you require.
  • Quality and Polycount Settings: Customize the generation of your 3D model by specifying the desired generation quality and setting the polycount according to your project's requirements.
  • Generation Process: Initiate the model generation by clicking the ""Generate"" button. The processing typically takes an average of approximately 15 minutes.
  • Model Retrieval: Once the generation process is complete, you can download your 3D model. It will be ready for integration into your game or application, facilitating your creative endeavors.

By adhering to these steps, users can efficiently leverage Kaedim3d.com to convert their 2D images or descriptions into 3D models, streamlining the content creation process for various applications.

Effortlessly transform 2D images into stunning 3D models. Boost efficiency with our AI 3D modeling tool.

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