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Supercharge your research journey with ResearcherLife, the AI research publication tool trusted by 1.5M+ researchers.
AI Research Publication Tool
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Researcher.Life is an AI research publication tool that caters specifically to the needs of researchers. With a comprehensive range of products and solutions, it supports researchers at every step of their publication journey. From literature searches to manuscript review and editing, and even career advancement, Researcher.Life offers a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of academic publishing. With a commitment to maximizing researchers' potential, Researcher.Life provides a multitude of benefits and tools aimed at helping researchers achieve their publishing goals and accelerate their research success. Trusted by over 1.5 million researchers, Researcher.Life draws on its 20 years of experience in the field to provide a one-stop solution for all research needs.

What is

Researcher.Life is a comprehensive platform designed to cater to researchers across all phases of their research endeavors. The platform presents an array of solutions, including AI-powered tools and specialized services, tailored to support researchers in various aspects of their academic pursuits. These offerings encompass a spectrum of functionalities, spanning from facilitating academic writing and aiding in the exploration of scholarly literature to assisting in the selection of appropriate journals for publication. Moreover, Researcher.Life extends its support to encompass publication-related aid, research promotion strategies, and the measurement of research impact. Through these multifaceted features, the platform strives to empower researchers by providing them with valuable resources and assistance throughout their research journeys.

How does work?

The functionality of Researcher.Life centers on an intuitive interface that facilitates researchers' engagement with an assortment of AI tools and specialized services tailored to their research requisites. By creating a free account, researchers gain the ability to select and utilize their preferred tools and services from the platform's offerings. This allows for a personalized approach, wherein users can configure their settings to align with their specific research domain, language preferences, and objectives. This adaptable framework empowers researchers to efficiently access resources that cater to their unique needs and enhance their research pursuits.

What are the benefits of

Researcher.Life presents a range of advantageous features:

  • AI Tools and Expert Services: The platform offers advanced AI tools and expert services that cater to various aspects of researchers' needs, encompassing academic writing, literature exploration, journal selection, publication assistance, and research promotion.
  • Wide Subject Coverage: Encompassing over 1800 subject areas, Researcher.Life boasts a comprehensive scope. Its network of more than 3500 editors, each with expertise across diverse research fields, adds to its broad coverage.
  • Established Partnerships: With a history of over two decades in collaboration with researchers, Researcher.Life has been a reliable partner. This tenure has culminated in serving a substantial user base, numbering over 5 million content researchers globally.
  • Extensive Journal Database: Researchers benefit from access to a substantial repository, boasting more than 43,000 journals and a repository of 80 million papers. This resource empowers researchers to identify the most suitable journals for their manuscripts.
  • Detailed Journal Reports: The platform enhances the selection process by furnishing researchers with comprehensive journal reports. These reports furnish insight into the alignment between the researchers' work and potential journals, highlighting factors such as degree of compatibility, shared topics, and comparable published papers.
  • Exclusive Service Discounts: In addition to its core offerings, Researcher.Life extends exclusive discounts on an array of expert publication services. These services encompass critical aspects like editing, translation, formatting, peer review, and more.

Collectively, these benefits position Researcher.Life as a valuable resource, equipping researchers with an arsenal of tools and services that enhance their research endeavors across multiple dimensions.

How much does cost?

The pricing structure of Researcher.Life is contingent upon the selected plan and its associated features. Web search results reveal the existence of three primary subscription options:

  • Researcher.Life All Access: This plan offers unrestricted utilization of premium AI tools designed for research purposes. Included tools encompass the Academic Writing Assistant, Journal Finder, Literature Recommender, Scientific Illustration Tool, among others. Subscribers to this plan are also eligible for exclusive discounts on expert publication services, including manuscript editing, journal selection, translation, and research promotion. The cost for this plan stands at $25 per month or $199 per year.
  • Researcher.Life Essentials: This subscription provides access to a curated collection of 120+ expert courses, which encompass a spectrum of vital researcher skills such as research design, data analysis, academic writing, and presentation skills. Beneficiaries of this plan receive completion certificates, participation in live masterclasses, one-to-one coaching, and micro-module lesson formats. The pricing structure for this plan is $49 per month or $199 per year.
  • Researcher.Life Custom: Under this plan, users have the flexibility to tailor their experience by selecting specific AI tools, purchasing bulk licenses for their research laboratories, or seeking other personalized adjustments. For a precise quote on this plan, users are encouraged to reach out to the Researcher.Life team directly.

Through these diverse plans, Researcher.Life accommodates a range of research needs, empowering individuals with choices that suit their requirements and preferences.

What is the privacy policy of Researcher.Life?

The privacy policy of Researcher.Life serves as a comprehensive document elucidating the collection, utilization, and safeguarding of users' personal data within the platform's ecosystem. This policy also outlines the available rights and choices for users concerning their data, and provides a means to contact Researcher.Life for inquiries or concerns.

Key aspects of the privacy policy include:

  • Data Collection: Researcher.Life gathers personal data during user registration, tool and service usage, and interactions. This data encompasses elements such as names, email addresses, passwords, geographical location, research fields, payment details, manuscripts, and feedback.
  • Data Usage: The collected personal data is utilized to enhance and furnish tools and services, facilitate communication with users, personalize user experiences, conduct research and analysis, adhere to legal obligations, and safeguard Researcher.Life's rights and interests.
  • Third-Party Sharing: Personal data is not traded or shared with external entities for their independent marketing endeavors. Instead, it may be shared with Researcher.Life's affiliates, partners, service providers, or other entities that play a role in the platform's operation and provision of services.
  • Data Security: While Researcher.Life employs reasonable security measures like encryption, firewalls, and access controls, absolute security against unauthorized access, disclosure, or loss is not guaranteed.
  • User Rights and Choices: Respect for user rights and preferences is a cornerstone of Researcher.Life's approach. Users are granted the ability to access, modify, delete, or download their personal data through account access or by contacting the platform. Users can also opt out of marketing emails and revoke data processing consent.
  • Policy Updates: The privacy policy is subject to updates in response to changes in practices or applicable regulations. Users will be informed of significant changes through email or website notices.

In essence, Researcher.Life's privacy policy operates as a roadmap to the handling of users' personal data, ensuring transparency, security, and user agency within the platform's operations.

Supercharge your research journey with ResearcherLife, the AI research publication tool trusted by 1.5M+ researchers.

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