AI MMA Personal Trainer iOS App

Get the best AI MMA Personal Trainer on your iOS device with Kayyo, your pocket-sized coach.
AI MMA Personal Trainer iOS App
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AI MMA personal trainer in your pocket.

What is kayyo.co?

Kayyo.co is a website that provides an AI-powered personal MMA trainer that can be accessed conveniently through a mobile device. This tool enables individuals to learn and practice mixed martial arts (MMA) regardless of their location, as they can receive guidance from some of the world's top MMA experts. The platform offers interactive lessons, challenges, and personalized feedback delivered through an AI-based audio trainer. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, Kayyo.co caters to anyone interested in MMA. To get started, users can download the app directly from the website and begin their training journey. For more information, please refer to the official Kayyo.co website.

How much does it cost to use Kayyo.co?

Kayyo.co operates on a subscription-based model, where users are required to pay a fee to access the app. The exact cost is not mentioned on the website, but users can download the app for free and enjoy a 7-day trial period. After the trial, a monthly or yearly fee is necessary to unlock all the features and content. The pricing may vary depending on factors such as location and currency. For detailed information about the pricing and plans, it is advised to contact the Kayyo team.

What are the features of Kayyo.co?

Kayyo.co offers a variety of features to enhance the MMA training experience. These include interactive lessons, where users can follow video tutorials for techniques and training programs suitable for all skill levels. An AI trainer provides personalized feedback and recommendations to improve form, strength, and stamina. Users can participate in challenges, learn from top MMA fighters, and track their progress with statistics and graphs. Additionally, there is a virtual sparring partner for simulated fights that adapt to the user's level and style. These features collectively create a comprehensive training environment for MMA enthusiasts.

How do I download Kayyo.co?

Kayyo.co can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS devices running iOS 15.0 or later. Alternatively, you can visit the Kayyo.co website and click on the ""Download Now"" button to get the app. Once downloaded, you can sign up using your email or phone number and start your free trial.

What are the limitations of kayyo.co?

Kayyo.co has a few limitations to be aware of. Firstly, there is a subscription fee required to access all features and content after the 7-day trial period. Secondly, the app is currently available only for iOS devices with iOS 15.0 or later, and there is no Android version at present. Additionally, being in its early stages, the app may have some bugs or glitches, such as timers not functioning properly or videos not loading. Lastly, a stable internet connection is necessary for using the app and uploading videos for challenges and competitions.

Get the best AI MMA Personal Trainer on your iOS device with Kayyo, your pocket-sized coach.

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