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Create a brand new logo. It's easy with our online logo maker. With just a couple of clicks, you can design a logo that generates impact for your business. Our design algorithms ensure your logo adheres to good logo design principles. Get started now!

What is is an online platform designed to facilitate the creation of personalized logos using an intuitive logo maker tool. The process involves three straightforward steps: inputting your company name and slogan, evaluating and customizing the logo options generated, and ultimately obtaining the logo in high-resolution formats. Additionally, the platform offers a social media package that provides logo resizing for various platforms. asserts its utilization of AI algorithms rooted in professional design principles, ensuring the production of distinct logos with each iteration.

How much does cost? presents a transparent pricing structure for its logo design service, outlined as follows:

  • Registration and logo creation are free of charge. Payment is only required upon satisfaction with the final logo design.
  • The professional logo package is priced at €50 and provides immediate access to all essential files for download. This package encompasses a total of 50 files.
  • Upon purchase, a 2-day window is provided for comprehensive logo adjustments.
  • The professional logo package encompasses a range of file types, including logo variants in SVG and PNG formats, a social media package, favicons, email signature, and wallpapers.
  • For comprehensive pricing and feature details, additional information can be obtained on the official website of

How long does it take to create a logo on

As stated on the website, their automatic logo maker enables users to swiftly craft a logo within a span of 60 seconds. This procedure entails a structured sequence of three steps:

  • Inputting your company name, slogan, and pertinent keywords that encapsulate your business's essence.
  • Evaluating the logos automatically generated by the system and selecting your preferred design from the options presented.
  • Tailoring and fine-tuning your chosen logo until it aligns precisely with your vision.

The platform offers the opportunity to experiment with their logo maker without any initial cost, with payment becoming applicable only upon achieving logo satisfaction. Further details and the opportunity to explore this logo maker can be found on the official website of

What is the quality of logos created by

As per the website, their logo maker is positioned as a generator of high-quality and professional logos. They assert that their AI algorithms emulate the methodologies employed by professional designers, leading to the generation of distinct logos on each occasion, ensuring that no two logos are identical. Additionally, they emphasize that their logos are meticulously balanced and visually appealing. The platform offers high-resolution logo files, including the versatile SVG format that maintains scalability across varying dimensions. Furthermore, provides a social media package encompassing resized logos tailored to different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

However, the perceived quality of logos fashioned by can be subject to individual preferences and expectations. While some logo designs may resonate positively with users, others may not align with their taste. The ability to customize logos through editing tools, such as altering fonts, colors, shapes, and gradients, offers a degree of control over the design. Nonetheless, user satisfaction with the final outcome may still vary. Additionally, preferences for greater control over the design process or input from human designers might influence how logos are evaluated.

Consequently, the appraisal of the logos generated by is inherently subjective and contingent upon individual viewpoints, rather than being based on an objective measure of quality.

What are the benefits of offers several advantages that contribute to its appeal:

  • AI-Powered Logo Design: The platform harnesses AI technology to swiftly generate distinct and professional logos tailored to your business needs within minutes.
  • Customization Tools: Users have the ability to personalize their logos through an array of editing features. These include the option to modify fonts, colors, shapes, and gradients, ensuring a logo that resonates with the desired brand identity.
  • Social Media Package: The platform extends its utility by providing a social media package. This package facilitates logo integration across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, with resizing optimized for each platform's specifications.
  • Copyright and High-Resolution Files: Users are granted full ownership of their logo designs, backed by comprehensive copyright privileges. High-resolution files, including the scalable SVG format, are furnished, ensuring the adaptability of the logo across diverse applications and sizes.
  • Lifetime Deal: The platform presents a lifetime deal, offering unlimited logo downloads and revisions for a one-time payment. This approach provides users with ongoing flexibility and creative freedom.

These features collectively contribute to the value proposition of, empowering users to craft and optimize their business logos with efficiency and versatility.

Create a brand new logo with our online AI logo maker.

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