AI Image Search Engine & Creation Tool

Create stunning visuals with Artspark, the AI image search engine & creation tool featuring 25+ presets & artistic styles.
AI Image Search Engine & Creation Tool
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AI image search engine & image creator.

What is is a user-friendly and free website designed to facilitate the creation of AI-generated art through natural language prompts. With just a few clicks, users can generate unique and imaginative pieces of art in under 30 seconds. The platform incorporates Multi-ControlNet, a powerful generative model capable of generating a wide range of high-quality images based on textual input. For inspiration and examples of AI art, users can explore Artspark's Twitter account, @artsparkai, or visit their Facebook page,

How does work?

Artspark utilizes a sophisticated large language model to generate images based on textual prompts provided by the user. The language model undergoes extensive training on a vast collection of images and text, enabling it to generate images that align with the user's desired style and content. To facilitate the creation of visually striking artwork, Artspark offers a selection of more than 25 presets that allow users to effortlessly produce stunning visuals. Moreover, the platform provides customization options, enabling users to add their personal touch and achieve unique effects., the company behind Artspark, is dedicated to transforming the creative process through the development of advanced AI tools.

How long does it take to create an AI art on

As stated on the Artspark website, the process of creating an AI-generated artwork on typically takes 30 seconds or less, offering a quick and efficient experience for users. However, the actual time required may vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the prompt provided by the user, the speed of their internet connection, and the availability of the AI model being used. It's worth noting that different AI art generators may have varying speeds in producing high-quality images. For instance, Midjourney, an AI art generator that operates through Discord, can generate four new images within a span of 60 seconds. If you aim to enhance the quality of your AI art, consider opting for the highest resolution output, experimenting with different presets and styles available, and incorporating your personal touch to the generated images.

How much does cost? is a free-to-use website that does not impose any fees for creating AI art. However, for users who wish to contribute to the project, Artspark offers the option to utilize ArtSpark coupons, which can provide discounts on various merchandise such as stickers, posters, and mugs. Additionally, users can purchase coins to access Spatial, a platform designed for creating and sharing immersive 3D experiences with AI-generated artwork. Spatial offers different pricing plans tailored to accommodate diverse user requirements.

What are the benefits of offers several notable benefits:

  • Accessibility and Simplicity: The platform is free to use and does not require any artistic skills or specialized software. Users can effortlessly create AI-generated art by simply inputting a natural language prompt. The AI system then generates an image based on the provided input, making it accessible to a wide range of users without technical barriers.
  • Fun and Creativity: provides an enjoyable and creative experience. Users can explore diverse styles, themes, and genres of art through the AI's capabilities. The platform encourages users to come up with original and captivating prompts, fostering creativity and imaginative thinking. Users can also share their AI-generated artwork with others, facilitating engagement and feedback.
  • Educational and Inspirational: Engaging with offers educational value and serves as a source of inspiration. By observing how the AI creates images, users can gain insights into various aspects of art such as composition, color, texture, and perspective. This exposure to the AI's output can serve as a starting point for users' own artistic projects, motivating and sparking their creativity.

Overall, combines accessibility, entertainment, educational elements, and inspiration to provide a platform for users to engage in the creation of AI-generated art.

Create stunning visuals with Artspark, the AI image search engine & creation tool featuring 25+ presets & artistic styles.

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