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Escape: The AI Graphql Security Tool for Rapid and Comprehensive Protection.
AI Graphql Security Tool
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Introducing Escape, the revolutionary AI-powered GraphQL security tool by Escape, a leading Application Security Platform. Our cutting-edge technology focuses exclusively on securing GraphQL endpoints, helping businesses identify and resolve security vulnerabilities before deploying their APIs. Escape offers a unique and powerful combination of Attack Surface Management (ASM) and Business Logic Security Testing (DAST) to detect and prioritize risks effectively. By seamlessly integrating security into the DevOps process, Escape empowers developers to autonomously address any findings, ensuring a secure and streamlined development experience. What sets Escape apart is its ease of use, eliminating the need for agents or traffic, while delivering rapid results with a minimal false positive rate. With seamless integration capabilities into existing CI/CD pipelines, monitoring tools, and workflows, Escape is the trusted choice of industry leaders and fully supports popular GraphQL engines. Experience the simplicity and comprehensive security solutions offered by Escape, bridging the gap between development and deployment.

What is is an API security platform specializing in automated API discovery and security solutions. Utilizing generative AI technology, it facilitates the identification and protection of all exposed APIs, including Shadow APIs and Zombie APIs. The platform encompasses features such as API discovery & inventory, business logic security testing, CI/CD integration, and developer-friendly remediations. It aims to identify OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and intricate logic flaws at scale, eliminating the necessity for an agent or proxy.

Founded with the objective of integrating AI-driven innovation into cybersecurity, addresses the vulnerabilities associated with exposed APIs. It enjoys the trust of security teams globally and caters to diverse sectors, including finance, web3, technology, and e-commerce.

How does work? operates using a proprietary feedback-driven API exploration algorithm, which ensures thorough coverage across all API types, including those embedded within the business logic layer. It seamlessly integrates with existing tools, facilitating data security and the incorporation of security measures into organizational workflows.

Here's how it functions:

  1. API Discovery: automates the discovery process for all APIs utilized within an organization, including undocumented ones like Zombie and Shadow APIs.

  2. Security Audits: It assists in identifying all APIs for comprehensive security assessments.

  3. Risk Assessment: The platform evaluates the security status of each API, pinpointing vulnerabilities and prioritizing them based on associated risks.

  4. Data Privacy and Compliance: ensures API compliance with regulations such as GDPR or CCPA, preventing inadvertent data exposure.

  5. Vendor Management: It evaluates third-party APIs to ascertain whether they meet security standards.

  6. Incident Response: In the event of a security breach, offers a clear overview of all APIs to understand potential entry points and affected services.

  7. Policy Enforcement: The platform ensures that all APIs adhere to the organization's security policies and best practices.

By optimizing these processes, assists developers in discovering and comprehending available APIs, thereby fostering innovation while maintaining consistent security standards.

What are the limitations of

While provides a robust platform for API security, users may encounter several limitations:

  1. DAST Tool Effectiveness: Some experts raise concerns about the effectiveness of Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tools in detecting runtime issues, which are crucial for comprehensive security coverage.

  2. Integration Complexity: Integrating security tools into existing systems can be complex and may demand significant effort from both development and security teams to ensure seamless operation.

  3. Adaptability: Security tools must be adaptable to various environments and technologies. There might be limitations in how well can adapt to unique or legacy systems.

  4. False Positives/Negatives: Like any automated security solution, there's a possibility of encountering false positives or negatives, potentially leading to unnecessary work or overlooked vulnerabilities.

  5. Cost: Customized security solutions can be expensive, which may pose a limitation for small to medium-sized enterprises considering

  6. Learning Curve: Users may encounter a learning curve when using as they familiarize themselves with its features and capabilities.

It's crucial for potential users to carefully consider these limitations and evaluate how aligns with their overall security strategy.

What are the benefits of offers several benefits for organizations seeking to bolster their API security posture:

  1. Automated API Discovery & Inventory: Swiftly inventory all APIs, including Shadow and Zombie APIs, without requiring access to API traffic.

  2. Business Logic Security Testing: Detect OWASP Top 10 and complex logic flaws across all APIs at scale, mitigating the risk of sensitive data leaks.

  3. CI/CD Integration & Developer-Friendly Remediations: Seamlessly integrate security into the software development lifecycle through native CI/CD integration, and equip developers with actionable remediation code snippets.

  4. Custom Security Rules: Augment penetration tests and bug bounty programs with automated rules to ensure issues are not recurrent.

  5. Compliance Management: Ensure APIs adhere to regulations like GDPR or CCPA, safeguarding against inadvertent data exposure.

  6. Contextual Risk Assessment: Evaluate the security status of each API, identifying vulnerabilities and prioritizing them based on associated risks.

  7. Automated Workflows: Establish workflows to automate API security for developers and security teams, connecting with existing tools to promptly notify the appropriate personnel when new issues arise.

These benefits collectively contribute to fostering a more secure, efficient, and compliant API ecosystem within an organization.

How does ensure data privacy? prioritizes data privacy through an array of features crafted to detect and manage sensitive data within an organization's API ecosystem. Here's how they uphold data privacy:

  1. Sensitive Data Detection: facilitates the identification of over 220 types of sensitive information, encompassing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), financial details, and tokens/secrets.

  2. Alerts and Reviews: Whenever new sensitive data is identified, the platform triggers alerts, furnishing rich contextual information to evaluate the associated risk of each data type.

  3. Compliance: aids in adhering to major standards and regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS, crucial for managing sensitive data effectively.

  4. Access Control: Implementing robust access control systems ensures that private data can only be accessed by authorized users.

By actively managing and monitoring sensitive data, empowers security teams and developers to adopt a proactive stance on information security.

Escape: The AI Graphql Security Tool for Rapid and Comprehensive Protection.

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