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What is is the official website of Maya AI, an advanced generative AI platform. Maya AI offers real-time actionable insights by analyzing both internal and external data sources. This platform enables users to interact with the AI system through voice or text, allowing them to ask questions, receive answers, and discover valuable insights from their data. Maya AI goes beyond simple analysis and can generate insights and recommendations in various perspectives, formats, images, and personalized solutions to enhance success. With its capabilities, Maya AI aims to assist various industries including retail, finance, healthcare, pharmacy, technology, and others, empowering them to make more informed decisions based on the uncovered valuable insights from their data.

How does work? is a platform that leverages generative AI to deliver actionable insights in real-time from both internal and external data sources. Users can engage with Maya AI through voice or text to interact with their data and receive answers, insights, and recommendations. Maya AI goes beyond providing basic insights and can generate strategies and perspectives in various formats, including images and personalized solutions, to drive success.
To utilize effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Give Maya a focus: Train Maya by communicating the specific insights you desire, such as increasing sales, reducing costs, or enhancing customer experience. Maya AI will then utilize its capabilities to generate relevant insights tailored to your needs.
  2. Integrate and set goals: Integrate your existing tools and establish business goals that provide Maya AI with context. This enables Maya to familiarize itself with your company and stay updated on relevant information.
  3. Ask, command, and upload: Engage in a conversation with Maya AI by posing questions about your company's data or the external environment. You can also command Maya to perform specific actions or provide insights based on the available data. Maya will assist you in making well-informed decisions to drive business growth.
  4. Evaluate insights + strategies: Assess the insights and strategies offered by Maya AI to facilitate faster decision-making based on accurate results. You have the flexibility to accept or reject Maya's suggestions and provide feedback to enhance her performance.
  5. Train, scale, and evolve: Maya AI improves over time as you continue to utilize the platform. Maya remembers previous interactions and learns from them, allowing for more accurate and refined responses. This iterative process ensures that Maya evolves and adapts to your specific needs.

To explore further information or schedule a demo on how to use, visit their website at:

How secure is prioritizes data privacy and security to ensure a secure user experience. As stated on their website, they maintain strict confidentiality for all interactions and have implemented robust measures to safeguard user data. The platform adheres to industry-standard protocols and best practices to guarantee the privacy and security of user information. For more detailed information, you can review their privacy policy at:

How much does cost?

The pricing details for are not explicitly mentioned on their website. However, they provide a free demo option for interested users to explore the platform. According to information on their website, they assert that while it may cost over $3M to maintain a small data science team, using Maya AI can accomplish the same tasks for less than $250K, and more. Their stated mission is to inspire individuals to enhance their daily efficiency by creating accurate personalized knowledge.
To learn more about the pricing or to book a demo, you can visit their website at:

What are the benefits of offers several benefits that can enhance your data-driven decision-making and productivity:

  • Discovery: With Maya AI, you gain the ability to make confident data-driven decisions. Maya's advanced models provide insights, recommendations, and strategies in various perspectives, formats, images, and personalized solutions to drive success.
  • Speed: Unlocking valuable insights becomes effortless with Maya. By leveraging Maya's capabilities, you can generate accurate predictions, plans, and recommendations from both new and historical data, enabling faster decision-making.
  • Access: Maya offers voice-activated data retrieval, allowing you to interact with your data through speech or text. This convenient feature enables seamless communication with Maya, facilitating easy access to the insights you seek.
  • Productivity: Maya AI streamlines your workflow by automating repetitive tasks and providing intelligent suggestions. By leveraging Maya's capabilities, you can save time and effort that would otherwise be spent on manual data organization, filtering, and manipulation.
  • Recollection: Maya's memory and learning capabilities provide an added advantage. When you engage with Maya, she remembers her previous answers and rethinks them, ensuring that subsequent responses are more accurate and refined.
  • ROI: Utilizing Maya can help reduce the costs associated with maintaining a small data science team. According to their claims, it may cost over $3M to have such a team, whereas using Maya can accomplish the same tasks and more at a significantly lower cost, reportedly less than $250K.

To explore the benefits of in more detail or schedule a demo, visit their website at:

The AI Data Robot Assistant for faster answers.

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