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Anania | AI Analytics Assistant - Search, analyze, and visualize data effortlessly with our ChatGPT-style tool
AI Analytics Assistant
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Anania | ChatGPT for analytics and documents - Connect your files, documents, and databases to search and analyze with a ChatGPT-style assistant. Use Anania to translate English questions to SQL queries, create interactive charts, and analyze structured and unstructured data. Customize Anania to your needs with API access and UI white labeling solutions. Enhance your product with embedding analytics seamlessly.

What is is an AI-driven tool tailored for in-depth data analysis, featuring customizable APIs and resources for efficient utilization. Key highlights include:

  1. ChatGPT-style Assistant for Data & Documents: Anania facilitates seamless connection of files, documents, and databases for searching and analysis through a ChatGPT-style interface. Integration of various file formats like PDF, CSV, Excel, and external Google searches is supported without the need for setup, ensuring quick analysis.

  2. Generative AI Superpowers: Anania offers several powerful capabilities:
      - Text to SQL translation for converting English questions into SQL queries, simplifying database analysis.
      - Data visualization tools for creating interactive charts to enhance data understanding.
      - Enhanced security measures ensure data analysis while maintaining security on user servers.
      - Integration with OpenAI for customized ChatGPT prompts, enabling a multi-modal analysis approach for both structured and unstructured data.

  3. Anania API for Integration: Users can integrate Anania into their products via its API, empowering them with Generative AI capabilities. The API includes endpoints for functionalities like document extraction, database analysis, website scraping, real-time answers, and tailored analysis for Excel and Google Sheets.

  4. Customizable and Secure: Anania offers an on-premises version for secure data handling, ensuring user data remains on their servers. Moreover, top ML engineers are available for customization to meet specific requirements.

In essence, Anania serves as a specialized and invaluable tool for data-driven decision-making, providing robust AI capabilities for analyzing data and documents. Those interested can schedule a personalized demo to explore its features further.

How does work? serves as a ChatGPT-style assistant tailored for data and document analysis, providing users with a unified interface for seamless connectivity and interaction. Here's an overview of its functioning:

  1. Connections & Integrations: Users can link diverse data sources such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, RedShift, PDF documents, CSV files, Excel sheets, and perform web searches within Anania's interface. This integration extends to accessing external Google search results and web crawling/scraping.

  2. Generative AI Features: Leveraging Generative AI, Anania offers multiple functionalities:
      - Text to SQL: Translates English inquiries into SQL queries for efficient database analysis.
      - Data Visualization: Enables users to craft interactive charts for better data comprehension.
      - Security: Ensures data analysis while maintaining data security on the user's servers.
      - OpenAI Integration: Custom ChatGPT prompts enhance user interaction.
      - Multi-modal Analysis: Supports analysis of both structured and unstructured data within a single platform.
      - On-premises Version: Users can deploy Anania on their premises, reinforcing data security behind their firewall.

  3. Anania API: The platform provides an API for seamless integration into other products, offering functionalities such as:
      - ChatPDF: Extracts information from documents.
      - ChatSQL: Analyzes databases without accessing actual data.
      - ChatURL Scraper: Gathers up-to-date information from websites.
      - AnaniaChat: Utilizes Google search for real-time answers.
      - SpreadsheetChat: Tailored for Excel and Google Sheets analysis.
      - Extra PersonaChat: Offers complex analytics in specific markets.
      - ChartBot: Creates interactive graphs and visuals from data.

  4. Customization & Security: Anania can be tailored by proficient machine learning engineers to meet specific requirements. Additionally, it offers an on-premises version ensuring data privacy and security.

In essence, serves as a virtual data analyst, enabling users to pose inquiries in plain English and receive insights akin to human interaction. This feature-rich platform empowers data-driven decision-making.

How much does cost? provides diverse pricing plans tailored to meet varying user requirements. Here's an overview of the available options:

  1. Basic Plan:
      - Suited for professionals and small teams.
      - Free of charge.
      - Includes:
       - 3 active projects
       - 25 daily questions
       - Maximum file size of 5MB for CSV/Excel uploads
       - Connections to PostgreSQL and MySQL databases
       - SQL query execution with chart generation
       - Support via Slack/Email
       - 1 hour of data science consulting

  2. Enterprise Plan:
      - Catered to large data teams and advanced usage.
      - Custom pricing (contact Anania for details).
      - Features:
       - Custom number of projects
       - Custom number of daily questions
       - Custom file size for CSV/Excel uploads
       - PDF file upload capability
       - Website URL analysis
       - API access
       - Dedicated account manager
       - Extended data science consulting

  3. Generative AI Superpowers:
      - Anania utilizes Generative AI to offer unique functionalities:
       - Text to SQL: Translates English questions into SQL queries for streamlined database analysis.
       - Data Visualization: Facilitates the creation of interactive charts for enhanced data comprehension.
       - Security: Ensures data analysis while maintaining data security on user servers.
       - OpenAI Integration: Enhances user experience with custom ChatGPT prompts.
       - Multi-modal Analysis: Supports handling both structured and unstructured data.
       - On-premises Version: Allows users to deploy Anania on their premises behind their firewall.

  4. API Integration:
      - Anania provides an API for seamless integration into other products.
      - Fast integration process (under 2 weeks).
      - Offers secure metadata API and on-premises versions.
      - Customizable by top machine learning engineers.

Users can schedule a personalized demo to further explore Anania's capabilities and identify the most suitable plan for their specific needs.

What kind of data sources can I connect to facilitates the integration of various data sources, enabling users to analyze and derive insights from their data comprehensively. Here are the types of data sources supported for integration:

  1. Databases:
      - PostgreSQL
      - MySQL
      - RedShift

  2. Files & Documents:
      - PDF documents
      - CSV files
      - Excel sheets

  3. Web Integration:
      - Access to external Google search
      - Web crawling and scraping capabilities

This broad range of data sources enables users to amalgamate structured and unstructured data, along with real-time information from the web, within a unified platform for thorough analysis. Whether dealing with databases, spreadsheets, or incorporating the latest web data, offers seamless tools to facilitate the process.

What are the limitations of presents several features and benefits alongside important considerations and limitations:

  1. Beta Status:
      - Anania is currently in beta, undergoing refinement and improvement.
      - While it encourages creativity and user feedback, occasional limitations or unexpected behavior may occur.

  2. Free AI Model:
      - Anania offers a free AI model, but users should acknowledge potential restrictions associated with free tiers.
      - Understanding limitations related to the free tier is essential.

  3. Data Privacy:
      - Anania prioritizes data privacy and security, particularly when handling sensitive information.
      - Users must exercise caution and ensure appropriate handling of confidential data.

  4. Complex Queries:
      - While Anania can translate English questions into SQL queries, complex or specialized queries might necessitate additional customization.
      - Users should be prepared to refine their queries if faced with complexity limitations.

  5. Integration Challenges:
      - Integrating Anania into existing products or workflows may require setup and configuration.
      - Users should allocate integration time and consider their specific use case.

  6. File Size Limits:
      - Anania imposes maximum file size limits (e.g., 5MB for CSV/Excel files).
      - Users should be mindful of these limits when dealing with larger datasets.

  7. Web Crawling Accuracy:
      - Anania's web crawling and scraping capabilities depend on external websites.
      - The accuracy and reliability of information obtained from the web may vary.

In summary, while offers robust features, users should be aware of its beta status, data privacy implications, and any constraints related to free usage. Exploring Anania's capabilities through a personalized demo can aid users in assessing its suitability for their specific requirements.

Anania | AI Analytics Assistant - Search, analyze, and visualize data effortlessly with our ChatGPT-style tool

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