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Advanced and democratized AI tools for all your machine learning needs. Explore our AI models and open source solutions.
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Advancing and democratizing AI through open source and open science. Discover our wide range of AI models and tools for all your machine learning problems.

What is functions as a web platform fostering collaboration within the machine learning community, focusing on models, datasets, and applications. This website hosts open source initiatives like Transformers, Datasets, and Spaces, which collectively serve as the building blocks for machine learning tools. Users are empowered to engage in the creation, exploration, and joint development of diverse machine learning projects spanning text, image, video, audio, and 3D domains. Additionally, the platform offers access to an extensive repository of pre-trained models and datasets contributed by other users and organizations. serves as an invaluable hub for learning, knowledge sharing, and the cultivation of one's machine learning portfolio.

How does work? operates as a comprehensive platform, enabling users to engage in the development, exploration, and cooperation on machine learning initiatives spanning diverse domains including text, image, video, audio, and 3D applications. The platform facilitates access to an extensive array of pre-trained models and datasets contributed by both fellow users and external organizations. In addition, hosts a selection of open source projects—Transformers, Datasets, and Spaces—designed to establish a fundamental framework for machine learning tools in collaboration with the community. The platform encompasses a range of services and functionalities, including Inference API, Inference Endpoints, Accelerate, Optimum, among others, all geared towards supporting users in the training, deployment, and optimization of their machine learning models. serves as a valuable hub for learning, sharing insights, and constructing a robust machine learning portfolio.

How do I deploy my model on

To facilitate the deployment of your model on, several avenues are available, contingent on your preferences and requirements. Below are several viable approaches:

  • Web Interface: The web interface option involves establishing a new model repository on through a designated link. This process entails uploading your model files from your local device and augmenting them with pertinent metadata on your model card. Through the web interface, you can also navigate and oversee your model files and historical revisions. For comprehensive instructions, consult the guide provided.
  • Git Integration: Alternatively, the Git approach permits you to transmit your model files to as a Git repository. This method capitalizes on Git's version control, branching, discoverability, and sharing capabilities. To implement this, the prerequisites encompass creating a account and configuring your Git credentials. For step-by-step elucidation, refer to the available guide.
  • huggingface_hub Library: Employing the huggingface_hub library, you can programmatically forge, administer, and upload your model repositories. This library furnishes an array of robust functionalities and methods tailored to interfacing with To embark on this path, installation of the library is imperative, followed by the establishment of authentication via your account. Detailed insights are provided in the corresponding guide.

By following these paths, you can effectively navigate the process of deploying your model on Should inquiries or feedback arise, do not hesitate to engage our support team via Your success is our priority.

How much does cost?

The cost structure of is contingent upon the specific features and services you opt for. Presented below is an overview of pricing alternatives across various options:

  • Hugging Face Hub: Serving as a collaborative platform, the Hub facilitates hosting and sharing of models, datasets, and applications. Utilization of the Hub is free for unlimited public repositories. Alternatively, upgrading to a PRO account entails a monthly fee of $9, delivering a PRO badge, early access to novel functionalities, and enhanced tiers for the Free Inference API and AutoTrain. For an Enterprise Hub plan, priced at $20/user/month, additional features encompass Single Sign-On (SSO) and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) support, audit logs, designated storage location, and managed billing.
  • Spaces Hardware: Spaces function as web applications designed to showcase your models and datasets. The creation of Spaces with free CPUs is an option, or one can choose to upgrade to a GPU or an accelerator to optimize performance. The spectrum of prices for diverse hardware configurations spans from $0.03/hour to $4.13/hour.
  • Spaces Persistent Storage: While ephemeral storage is available for Spaces at no cost, the inclusion of persistent storage is possible to retain data and files across sessions. This supplementary feature encompasses diverse storage choices, ranging from $5/month to $100/month.
  • Inference Endpoints: Inference Endpoints provide the means to deploy models on fully managed, autoscaling infrastructure. Rapid establishment of dedicated Endpoints is feasible, with charges incurred solely based on usage. The cost spectrum for various CPU instances spans from $0.06/hour to $0.24/hour.
  • AutoTrain: AutoTrain offers a service enabling the creation of potent AI models sans coding. The usage of AutoTrain is complimentary for up to 10 models per month. Alternatively, upgrading to a paid plan offers access to an expanded range of models and features. Prices for distinct AutoTrain plans are distributed between $0.10/model and $1/model.

For comprehensive insights into the pricing and features associated with, a detailed breakdown is accessible on the dedicated pricing page.

What are the benefits of offers a range of advantageous features, including:

  • Collaborative Hosting: This platform enables you to share and host models, datasets, and applications, fostering collaboration within the machine learning community.
  • Accelerated Development: Leveraging the open source stack provided by Hugging Face, encompassing tools like Transformers, Datasets, and Spaces, enables swift progress in developing machine learning solutions.
  • Versatility: caters to diverse machine learning modalities, spanning text, image, video, audio, and 3D domains.
  • Portfolio Showcase: The platform empowers you to construct an impactful portfolio, showcasing your endeavors to a global audience and amplifying your machine learning profile.
  • Optimized Deployment: Models can be efficiently deployed through optimized Inference Endpoints, while Spaces applications can be readily migrated to GPUs with a few clicks for enhanced performance.
  • Enterprise-grade Capabilities: The platform extends enterprise-grade security, access controls, and dedicated support, providing a sophisticated environment for AI development by teams.
  • Codeless AI Model Creation: Utilizing AutoTrain, you can develop potent AI models without the need for coding expertise.
  • Community Engagement: encourages user interaction by facilitating feedback and reviews from other platform users, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

By capitalizing on these benefits, emerges as a robust resource for the machine learning community, catering to both individual and team-oriented AI initiatives.

Advanced and democratized AI tools for all your machine learning needs. Explore our AI models and open source solutions.

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