Automated AI Interview Note Generator

MetaviewAI: Automated AI Interview Note Generator - Revolutionize your recruiting process with concise and accurate interview summaries.
Automated AI Interview Note Generator
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Introducing Metaview, the cutting-edge automated AI interview note generator. Designed to revolutionize the recruiting and interviewing process, this remarkable tool is a time-saver and reduces manual work by automatically providing concise and accurate summaries after every interview. Utilizing AI technology, Metaview effortlessly generates bullet points detailing candidates' responses to each question. Not only are these notes easily editable, allowing users to include their own comments and context, but Metaview seamlessly integrates with existing tools and workflows such as calendar apps, ATSs, and video conferencing platforms. With compliance to privacy regulations, it can deliver one-paragraph candidate summaries and autofill interview scorecards. What sets Metaview apart is its ability to learn and improve its performance over time through user feedback. Eager to enhance both efficiency and effectiveness, Metaview is the ultimate solution for recruiters and interviewers alike.

What is

Metaview offers an AI-powered tool tailored for recruiters and interviewers to streamline note-taking processes during interviews. The tool produces precise and succinct summaries of candidate conversations and responses, enabling recruiters to allocate more attention to essential facets of the interaction. Additionally, Metaview facilitates personalized note creation, candidate snapshots, and customizable templates adaptable to various interview formats. The company asserts its tool supports numerous recruiters across a spectrum of organizations, spanning from emerging startups to established enterprises.

How does work?

Metaview functions as an AI-powered tool integrated into your interviews, capturing conversations, transcribing them, and producing summaries of both questions and answers. Furthermore, it enables querying about candidates in your pipeline, delivering immediate insights derived from interview data. Tailored for recruiting purposes, Metaview aims to streamline processes, optimize time utilization, enhance focus during interactions, and facilitate effective hiring decisions.

How does ensure data privacy?

Metaview places paramount importance on data privacy and adheres to pertinent regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. The platform offers several features and options aimed at safeguarding the privacy of both candidates and recruiters:

  1. Candidate consent: Facilitates easy collection of candidate consent for interview recordings or opt-out preferences.
  2. Audio-only capture: Allows users to disable video capture if preferred by either party.
  3. On-demand deletion: Enables swift deletion of recordings as needed.
  4. Granular access controls: Provides role-based permissions to control access to interview data within the organization.
  5. Customizable data retention: Offers flexibility in setting data retention policies and deleting personal data at any time.
  6. Enterprise-grade security: Maintains the highest security standards with SOC 2 Type II certification.
  7. Transient mode: Offers an option to use Transient Mode, which instantly eliminates audio and video packets after processing, ensuring no recording retention.
  8. Redaction: Easily removes sensitive information from notes before sharing them with the team.

Metaview is designed to support effective hiring practices while upholding the privacy rights of both candidates and recruiters.

How much does cost? provides various pricing plans tailored to different user needs and frequencies of use:

  1. Free Plan: Ideal for individuals exploring the platform, offering $0 per month for up to 5 recruiting calls and AI-generated notes.

  2. Core Plan: Geared towards recruiters and interviewers conducting interviews regularly, priced at $20 per user per month. It includes 12 recruiting calls and encompasses all features available in the free plan.

  3. Pro Plan: Designed for recruiters aiming to enhance productivity and prioritize high-quality interactions with candidates and hiring teams. Priced at $50 per user per month, it offers unlimited recruiting calls and incorporates all features from the core plan.

  4. Enterprise Plan: Tailored for companies seeking comprehensive solutions for their hiring processes. This plan offers custom pricing and features, including unlimited seats and calls.

Users have the opportunity to try out 5 calls for free with any plan, without the need for providing credit card information. For further details on and its offerings, users can visit the company's website or reach out to their customer support.

What are the benefits of

Some benefits of utilizing include:

  1. Time-saving and increased productivity: By automating note-taking and facilitating feedback sharing with hiring teams, the tool reduces the need for manual tasks.

  2. Enhanced candidate experience: Recruiters can focus more on engaging with candidates and delve into deeper questioning, thus enriching the overall interaction.

  3. Improved hiring decisions: The platform furnishes accurate and concise summaries of candidate responses, aiding recruiters in making informed and quality-driven hiring choices.

  4. Data-driven recruiting: Recruiters can leverage the platform to inquire about candidates in their pipeline, obtaining instant insights derived from interview data, thereby fostering data-driven decision-making.

  5. Data privacy and security: prioritizes data privacy and security by adhering to relevant regulations and offering features such as consent collection, audio-only capture, and granular access controls, ensuring the privacy of both candidates and recruiters.

MetaviewAI: Automated AI Interview Note Generator - Revolutionize your recruiting process with concise and accurate interview summaries.

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