AI WhatsApp Chat Assistant

Effortlessly manage customer inquiries with AskRobi, the AI WhatsApp chat assistant.
AI WhatsApp Chat Assistant
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AI WhatsApp chat assistant.

What is

Ask Robi is an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot accessible through the website It offers a range of features and services to assist users in different tasks. With Ask Robi, you can avail yourself of various functionalities including essay writing, image generation, text translation tailored for a 5-year-old audience, as well as assistance with math, coding, and spreadsheets.

To interact with Robi, simply add his number to your WhatsApp contact list. There is no need to download any additional applications, making it a convenient option for users. Ask Robi leverages artificial intelligence tools to provide its services and incorporates its own creative capabilities, enhancing the user experience.

If you wish to give Ask Robi a try, you can visit the website This platform serves as the gateway to accessing the chatbot's services.

Can I use for free?

Ask Robi offers a cost-effective solution as you only pay for the specific services you utilize, according to the information available. Although the website does not explicitly outline a pricing plan, you can reach out to them directly for more detailed information on their pricing structure. This approach allows users to have transparency and control over the costs associated with the services they require. For further clarification on pricing, it is recommended to contact Ask Robi directly through their website or platform.

How does work? utilizes AI technology within the WhatsApp platform. It introduces Robi, a chatbot that functions as a contact in your WhatsApp list and can be interacted with just like a human being. Through Ask Robi, you can access a range of helpful tasks, including:

1. Writing various types of textual content, such as essays, blog posts, and emails.
2. Generating customized images based on your provided description.
3. Translating text into a simplified form that can be easily understood by a 5-year-old child.
4. Assisting with mathematical calculations, coding queries, and spreadsheet operations.

To utilize, there is no need to download any specific application. Simply add Robi's number (+447782647325) to your WhatsApp contact list. Once added, you can initiate conversations with Robi and seek assistance as needed. Robi employs artificial intelligence tools alongside his own creative capabilities to provide support. It's important to note that your data remains secure and is not collected or shared with third parties.

What are the benefits of offers several benefits to its users:

  • Instant Assistance: Users can receive immediate help with various tasks such as writing, translating, math, coding, and spreadsheets by simply sending a WhatsApp message.
  • Convenient Access: The platform provides access to the power of AI and creativity without the need to download any additional applications or register for an account.
  • Original Image Generation: Users have the capability to create original images that can be used for personal or professional projects.
  • Simplified Text Translation: The tool allows for the translation of any text to a level that can be easily understood by a 5-year-old child. This feature aids in learning new concepts or simplifying complex topics.
  • Data Privacy: Users can trust that their data is secure and will not be collected or redistributed by

These benefits make a valuable tool for users seeking instant assistance, AI-powered solutions, and creative support without the hassle of app downloads or account registration.

What are the limitations of has a few limitations to consider:

  • WhatsApp Dependency: Access to Robi is limited to WhatsApp, requiring a stable internet connection and a WhatsApp account.
  • Varied Results and Quality: Tasks like generating images or writing essays may not consistently deliver desired results or meet expected quality standards due to ongoing improvements in Robi's AI capabilities.
  • Potential Errors and Bugs: As a new and experimental platform, users may encounter occasional errors or bugs during their interactions with Robi.
  • Privacy and Security Concerns: Using Robi involves granting access to WhatsApp messages and data, which may raise privacy and security concerns regarding data protection and encryption.

Considering these limitations, users should be aware of the WhatsApp dependency, potential variations in results and quality, possible errors or bugs, and privacy and security considerations when utilizing

Effortlessly manage customer inquiries with AskRobi, the AI WhatsApp chat assistant.

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