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Automate code documentation with a powerful AI VSC code generator tool.
AI VSC Code Generator Tool
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Document entire codebases via a powerful AI API.

What is is a cutting-edge market intelligence and search platform powered by artificial intelligence. It is designed to extract valuable insights from podcasts and content, aiding professionals in their information gathering, brand tracking, competitor research, and public opinion understanding endeavors. By leveraging generative AI technology, transcribes and analyzes audio and video files, providing accurate and swift transcriptions. The platform's advanced capabilities include the ability to differentiate between speakers, identify accents, and recognize multiple languages. Although is currently in its beta stage, interested users can sign up for the waitlist to gain early access to its features and benefits. is a website that offers an automated documentation generation service for code, utilizing artificial intelligence. This tool provides explanations, suggestions, and relevant resource links for code snippets. It includes a robust API, as well as Visual Studio Code and Chrome extensions that seamlessly integrate with various platforms where code is present. The creator of is Bram Adams, who is known as an OpenAI Developer Ambassador and a GPT-3 O’Reilly Media instructor.

How does work? is a powerful tool that utilizes generative AI technology to convert audio and video files into text, enabling the creation of summaries based on contextual information. It offers two distinct functionalities: a user-friendly website and a real-time transcription API that integrates with virtual meeting software products. Through the Steno website or API, users have the option to upload a .wav audio file and receive a transcription and summary of their content. Additionally, the platform provides the ability to explore and search for podcasts and topics of interest.

How accurate is

While does not explicitly mention its accuracy on its website, we can draw a potential estimation by comparing it to other AI-assisted transcription services. One such service is AI-assisted court reporting, which combines AI technology with human assistance to generate deposition transcripts. According to a source, AI-assisted court reporting boasts an accuracy rate of 98.5%, surpassing the 95% accuracy rate achieved by stenographers. This suggests that may have a comparable or even higher accuracy rate, depending on the quality of its generative AI and the level of human verification involved. However, it is important to note that this approximation is not definitive and should be regarded as a rough estimation.

How much does cost?

does not publicly disclose its pricing on its website. To access the pricing information, users are required to sign up or log in to their account. Alternatively, individuals can join the waitlist for early access and the opportunity to potentially win a free lifetime subscription. For specific details regarding pricing and plans, users can directly contact for further assistance.

What are the benefits of offers several valuable benefits to its users:

  • Gathering Valuable Information: enables users to extract valuable insights from podcasts and content, including market trends, customer feedback, and industry insights, among others.
  • Brand Tracking: The platform helps users track various brands, such as competitors, influencers, partners, and customers, by analyzing mentions and sentiments within audio and video files.
  • Competitor Research: aids in competitor research by providing insights into their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats based on analysis of their audio and video content.
  • Understanding Public Opinion: Users can leverage to gain a better understanding of public opinion by measuring the popularity, relevance, and impact of topics, products, and services within podcasts and content.
  • Generative AI Technology: utilizes generative AI to efficiently transcribe and summarize audio and video files, ensuring fast and accurate access to information.
  • Access to Proprietary Dataset: Users of have access to a continuously expanding proprietary dataset consisting of tens of millions of hours of content, which they can explore and search within the platform.

How does generate documentation? employs a sophisticated blend of artificial intelligence models, including GPT-3 and Codex, to generate comprehensive code documentation. Additionally, it leverages software engineering and developer advocacy techniques to enhance the quality and practicality of the generated documentation.

This tool is capable of analyzing any code snippet and producing easy-to-understand explanations in plain English. Furthermore, it offers valuable suggestions, relevant resource links, and examples sourced from platforms like Stack Overflow and other websites. Users have the flexibility to customize the documentation according to their preferences, including factors like level of detail, tone, and format.

One of the strengths of lies in its powerful API, which can be accessed through a browser or seamlessly integrated with diverse code platforms. For users working with Visual Studio Code, the tool provides a convenient extension that automatically documents entire codebases upon saving. Additionally, it offers a Chrome extension that adds documentation to code encountered on the web.

Overall, presents an impressive and innovative solution, empowering developers to gain deeper insights into their code, make improvements, and easily share their work with others.

How accurate is the documentation generated by utilizes artificial intelligence models, particularly GPT-3 and Codex, to generate documentation for code. These models are trained on extensive data from diverse sources, including code repositories, documentation websites, and Stack Overflow. However, it is important to acknowledge that these models are not infallible and may occasionally produce imperfect or incomplete documentation.

The accuracy of the documentation produced by depends on various factors, such as the complexity and clarity of the code snippet, the user's preferences and expectations, and the availability and reliability of the data sources. To enhance the quality and usefulness of the documentation, employs techniques from software engineering and developer advocacy, such as code parsing, reading, and customization.

According to the claims on the website, the service can provide ""coherent explanations"" for supported programming languages. On their Notion page, they offer a live running list of examples and extensions that showcase documentation generated for different code snippets.

Users have the opportunity to test the service themselves by trying out their API in a web browser or installing their Visual Studio Code extension.

However, it is essential to exercise caution when relying on automated services like It is advisable to verify the accuracy and validity of the generated documentation before using it for any purpose. Additionally, users should be mindful of the privacy and security implications of utilizing a third-party tool that can access their code. While claims to use a passthrough API and not store code, it is recommended to thoroughly review their terms of service and privacy policy before using the service.

How much does cost? is a website that offers an automated documentation generation service for code, utilizing artificial intelligence. It provides various pricing plans to cater to users' different needs and preferences.

The pricing plans offered by are as follows:

  • Tier I: Priced at $10 per month, this plan includes 1,000 invocations per month, along with features such as Chrome Extension, Populated Documentation, Explanations, Stack Overflow Search, Suggestions, and API Access.
  • Tier II: Priced at $20 per month, this plan offers 2,500 invocations per month. In addition to the features available in Tier I, users get early access to new features and extensions.
  • Team: For teams requiring more extensive usage, this plan offers 100,000 invocations with overage options. It includes custom Populated Documentation Upload, Team Support, early access to new features and extensions, Chrome Extension, Stack Overflow Search, Suggestions, and API Access. For details on pricing, users are advised to contact directly.

Moreover, offers a free option that allows users up to 250 invocations per month on Visual Studio Code (VSC) or on their own extension.

To avail the service, users can select a plan and make payments through Stripe on's website. If users have any questions or require additional information, they can schedule a call with the team.

In conclusion, presents a valuable and innovative tool for developers seeking to streamline the process of creating documentation for their code, potentially saving time and effort in the documentation process.

What are the benefits of offers several benefits that can greatly assist developers with their documentation needs:

  • Time and Effort Savings: The tool automates the process of generating and updating code documentation, thereby saving developers valuable time and effort.
  • Cross-Language Understanding: aids developers in comprehending, improving, and sharing code written in different languages or formats.
  • Enhanced Documentation Quality: The tool provides coherent explanations, suggestions, relevant resource links, and examples from various sources, contributing to higher-quality and more useful documentation.
  • Customization Options: Users can tailor the documentation according to their preferences, including adjusting the level of detail, tone, and format.
  • Web Code Documentation: With the Chrome extension, can access and document any code found on the web, expanding its coverage to online code resources.
  • Visual Studio Code Integration: The Visual Studio Code extension enables automatic documentation of entire codebases every time the user saves, streamlining the documentation process.
  • Simple and Versatile API: offers a user-friendly and powerful API that can be utilized in any browser or integrated into various platforms where code is present.
  • Privacy and Security: The tool ensures user privacy and security by using a passthrough API and refraining from storing code.

In summary, is an impressive and innovative service that addresses developers' documentation requirements by providing time-saving automation, cross-language understanding, and customizable, high-quality documentation capabilities.

Automate code documentation with a powerful AI VSC code generator tool.

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