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Generate AI textures & 3D materials effortlessly with Withpoly's online editor & search engine.
AI Textures & 3D Materials Generator
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Generate 3D materials with AI via a free online editor & search engine.

What is withpoly.com?

Withpoly.com is a software development company based in San Francisco, California that provides a generative design library through its website. The platform utilizes artificial intelligence to enable users to effortlessly generate an extensive range of 3D materials. By inputting either a text prompt or an image, the AI technology swiftly generates a personalized tileable image. These images can reach up to 8K resolution and include 32-bit PBR maps, ensuring high-quality results. Withpoly.com offers a convenient solution for creating unlimited 3D materials in a matter of seconds.

How can I use withpoly.com for my projects?

To utilize WithPoly for your projects, you can follow these steps:

  • Begin by visiting the website https://withpoly.com/ and create a free account.
  • Once signed up, you have the option to select either a text prompt or an image as an input for the AI. Alternatively, you can explore the available library of materials and choose one that suits your needs.
  • After making your selection, allow the AI some time to generate a seamless tileable texture along with physically-based rendering (PBR) maps. You have the flexibility to adjust various settings such as resolution, color, roughness, metallic, normal, and displacement according to your preferences.
  • Once the AI has completed generating the texture and maps, you can proceed to download them. They are available in PNG format, either individually or as a ZIP file. Additionally, you have the convenience of exporting them directly to popular software applications such as Blender, Substance Painter, Unity, or Unreal Engine.
  • Finally, incorporate the downloaded texture and maps into your 3D modeling, rendering, game development, or any other creative projects you may have. Enjoy the benefits of using WithPoly.

How does withpoly.com work?

WithPoly is a third-party tool that employs artificial intelligence to generate seamless tileable textures. This innovative tool utilizes a deep neural network that has undergone extensive training on a vast dataset comprising 3D materials and physically-based rendering (PBR) maps. Through this training, the AI has acquired the ability to comprehend the distinctive features, patterns, and properties of diverse materials, enabling it to synthesize new textures that align with the provided input.
Users can supply text prompts or images as inputs to WithPoly, which then leverages its neural network to generate textures. The generated textures can be further customized to meet specific requirements, allowing users to adjust settings like resolution, color, roughness, metallic, normal, and displacement according to their preferences.
One notable advantage of WithPoly is its web-based nature, eliminating the need for installation or downloads. Users can conveniently access the tool directly through their web browsers. Furthermore, WithPoly offers seamless integration with various 3D software applications and game engines, facilitating the export of generated textures and maps to these platforms.

How much does withpoly.com cost?

WithPoly provides a range of pricing plans to accommodate different needs and requirements. The free plan allows users to generate up to 10 textures per month, with a maximum resolution of 2K and 8-bit PBR maps. Additionally, users have access to the existing library of materials for free.
For users who require higher quantities of textures or desire higher resolution and quality, WithPoly offers several paid plans to choose from. These plans include:

  • Basic Plan: Priced at $9.99 per month, this plan enables users to generate up to 100 textures per month. The textures can have a maximum resolution of 4K, and 16-bit PBR maps are supported.
  • Pro Plan: Available at a cost of $19.99 per month, the Pro Plan offers users the ability to generate up to 500 textures per month. The maximum resolution for these textures is 8K, and 32-bit PBR maps are included.
  • Enterprise Plan: With custom pricing, the Enterprise Plan provides unlimited textures and additional features tailored to the specific needs of the user.

To assist users in evaluating the paid plans, WithPoly offers a 7-day free trial period. This allows users to explore the features and benefits of the paid plans before committing to a subscription.

What are the benefits of withpoly.com?

WithPoly offers several benefits that enhance the texture creation process:

  • Efficient Creation: WithPoly utilizes artificial intelligence to generate unlimited 3D materials rapidly. This eliminates the need for design skills or specialized software, allowing users to create realistic and high-quality textures effortlessly.
  • Customization Options: Users have the flexibility to tailor the textures to suit various styles and use cases. By adjusting settings such as resolution, color, roughness, metallic, normal, and displacement, users can achieve the desired look and feel. Furthermore, WithPoly supports both text prompts and images as inputs, enabling the creation of unique and original textures.
  • Seamless Integration: Exporting the generated textures and maps is seamless with WithPoly. Users can directly export them to popular software applications like Blender, Substance Painter, Unity, or Unreal Engine. Alternatively, they can choose to download the textures as PNG files or a ZIP file. Additionally, WithPoly grants users a comprehensive, royalty-free license, permitting the use of the textures in personal and commercial projects.
  • Time and Cost Savings: By drastically reducing the design cycle from days to hours, WithPoly saves users valuable time and resources. This allows them to focus on other critical aspects of their projects and avoids repetitive and time-consuming tasks.
  • Accessibility and Library: WithPoly is accessible from any device and browser, eliminating the need for installations or downloads. Moreover, users can explore an extensive collection of ready-to-use AI-generated textures, which are freely available for use.
Generate AI textures & 3D materials effortlessly with Withpoly's online editor & search engine.

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