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Discover Casetext's AI Legal Assistant, revolutionizing the legal industry with faster, accurate research.
AI Legal Assistant
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Transforming the Legal World with AI. Discover how this award-winning legal AI company, with 10+ years of experience, is revolutionizing the industry with CoCounsel, the first AI legal assistant. Partnering with Casetext will enhance your legal practice and streamline your workflow. Reach out today! Email: [business email]

What is is a platform catering to legal practitioners and professionals, offering a suite of AI-driven legal services. Among its offerings is CoCounsel, an innovative AI legal assistant driven by GPT-4 technology. CoCounsel excels in expediting tasks like document review, composing legal research memos, preparing for depositions, and analyzing contracts within a matter of minutes. In addition to these capabilities, provides users with the facility to explore and search through an extensive collection of legal cases spanning various jurisdictions and sources. Further insights into's offerings can be obtained by visiting their official website or referring to their blog resources.

Is it free to use

No, does not offer free usage. The platform provides a range of pricing options tailored to users' specific requirements. As indicated on their official website, several pricing plans are available, each offering distinct features and services. These options include:

  • CoCounsel On Demand: This plan doesn't involve a monthly fee and is designed for sporadic use. Users are billed $50 per skill request, encompassing tasks such as document review, legal research memos, and contract analysis.
  • Basic Research: This plan is available on a monthly basis at $220/month. Alternatively, users can opt for a 1-year plan at $110/month or a 2-year plan at $100/month. This plan grants access to advanced research tools like CARA A.I., Parallel Search, and AllSearch, enabling users to explore legal resources and their own documents. CoCounsel skills are paid for separately under this plan.
  • CoCounsel All Access: Priced at $500/month on a monthly basis or $400/month for a 1-year plan, this comprehensive package provides full access to all CoCounsel skills and the AI legal assistant. Notably, this plan eliminates the need to confirm skill requests one by one, streamlining workflow.

To assist users in selecting the most suitable plan, offers an online calculator for plan evaluation. Individuals seeking to gauge the platform's offerings can initiate a free trial of any chosen plan by visiting their official website or getting in touch with their sales team.

How accurate are the results of the AI services of

As per information obtained from online searches, extensively integrates artificial intelligence (AI) across multiple aspects of their operations, notably within features like CoCounsel, Similar Issues, and Citator. The platform asserts that its AI offerings are distinguished by their dependability, precision, and rapid processing capabilities. These AI services are designed to efficiently undertake tasks that include document review, the formulation of legal research memos, preparation for depositions, and analysis of contracts, all accomplished within minutes.'s AI implementation extends to the strategic curation of newly introduced case materials. This involves AI mechanisms sifting through case contents to identify segments of lesser relevance, allowing human legal reviewers to concentrate on the most pertinent portions. This dual AI-human approach is purported to enhance accuracy while containing costs.

It's important to recognize, however, that the accuracy and consistency of outputs generated by AI entail multiple variables. The efficacy of AI-generated work hinges on factors such as the caliber and quantity of data used for training the AI models, the intricacy and specificity of tasks and inquiries, and the vigilance exercised in human oversight and result authentication. Consequently, legal professionals engaging with's AI tools are advised to meticulously assess the outcomes and ensure alignment with their ethical responsibilities.

Furthermore, practitioners are encouraged to reference their jurisdiction's respective professional regulations and directives concerning the adoption of generative AI in the legal domain. The multifaceted nature of AI-generated legal content underscores the importance of circumspection and adherence to pertinent guidelines.

How does ensure data privacy and security?

Based on findings from online searches, places a significant emphasis on upholding data privacy and security, employing a range of measures to safeguard the personal information of its clientele and users. Noteworthy safeguards include:

  • Privacy Policy: maintains a comprehensive Privacy Policy that delineates its practices concerning the collection, utilization, disclosure, and processing of personal data within the framework of its services and websites. This policy also elucidates the options and entitlements that individuals possess with regard to their personal information, such as the ability to access, revise, erase, or opt out of specific practices.
  • Security Technologies: To fortify the confidentiality of amassed and stored personal data, employs encryption, firewalls, access controls, and other advanced security technologies. Routine security audits and testing are also conducted to validate adherence to industry benchmarks and optimal practices.
  • Controlled Information Sharing: upholds a policy of abstaining from selling or distributing personal data to external parties for their independent purposes, barring instances mandated by legal stipulations or consent from the individual. The company's utilization of personal data is restricted to the enhancement and provision of services, communication with customers and users, and fulfillment of legal responsibilities.
  • User Data Management: extends customers and users the autonomy to dictate how their data is harnessed, accessed, and stored. This is exemplified by the availability of assorted pricing plans offering varied levels of data storage and AI services. Additionally, users are empowered to submit a Personal Data Removal Request form to expunge personal data from conversations involving ChatGPT or GPT-4.
  • Adherence to Privacy Norms: Aligning with best practices in the field of biotechnology companies, abides by several tenets including obtaining informed consent from patients and research participants, employing anonymization or pseudonymization protocols for sensitive data, constraining data accumulation and retention to pertinent necessities, and maintaining compliance with pertinent statutes and regulations.

These concerted endeavors underscore's commitment to ensuring robust data privacy and security for its users.

What are the benefits of presents a range of advantages, including:

  • Legal AI Services: The platform caters to legal practitioners and professionals by delivering legal AI services through its pioneering CoCounsel AI legal assistant, fueled by GPT-4 technology. These services encompass critical tasks like document review, formulation of legal research memos, deposition preparation, and contract analysis.
  • Advanced Research Tools: integrates advanced research tools, including CARA A.I., Parallel Search, and AllSearch. These tools employ natural language processing and neural networks to identify legal cases and authorities that conventional search engines might overlook, thereby enhancing research accuracy.
  • Comprehensive Case Exploration: The platform facilitates the exploration and scrutiny of legal cases across multiple jurisdictions and sources. It boasts comprehensive coverage of federal and all 50-state cases, statutes, regulations, and rules.
  • Transparent Pricing: stands out for its transparent and straightforward pricing plans, accommodating diverse requirements and financial considerations. These plans are characterized by clarity, devoid of concealed charges or surprises. Users are also empowered to employ an online calculator to pinpoint the optimal plan for their specific needs.
  • Data Privacy and Security: The platform is committed to safeguarding customer and user personal information by instituting robust measures. Encryption, firewalls, access controls, and security audits are employed to bolster data security. Stringent adherence to legal mandates and regulations further underscores their dedication to privacy.
  • Enhanced Legal Representation: emerges as a tool that aids legal professionals in offering high-caliber, efficient, and cost-effective representation to their clients. By streamlining essential litigation tasks, it optimizes time and financial resources.
  • Access to Virtual Legal Assistance: The platform extends its services to individuals without legal representation, such as incarcerated individuals across U.S. prisons appealing their cases. This virtual legal assistance broadens access to justice for underserved populations.

Collectively, these attributes position as a versatile and impactful tool within the legal domain, bolstering both professional legal practice and access to legal resources for a diverse audience.

Discover Casetext's AI Legal Assistant, revolutionizing the legal industry with faster, accurate research.

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