AI Knowledge Management Tool

Collato: Streamline your product team's knowledge management with this advanced AI tool.
AI Knowledge Management Tool
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Collato is an AI-powered platform tailored for professionals, especially product teams, to efficiently manage data and documentation. By harnessing AI, Collato can search, summarize, and generate content, helping teams tap into their collective knowledge and make informed decisions.

Users can integrate Collato with work tools like Google Drive, Confluence, Jira, and Notion. Once connected, a simple prompt can lead Collato to draft documents, answer queries, or distill insights from the available data. Every response highlights its source, ensuring users can trust and verify the information.

For those using Slack for communication, Collato integrates effortlessly. With the "/collato" command, users can ask questions or generate content directly from Slack. Prioritizing data security, Collato is committed to not using user data for AI training and maintains both SOC 2 and GDPR compliance. In essence, Collato is the companion that lets teams focus on impactful tasks by handling the data complexities.

What is is a website that provides an AI assistant tailored for product teams. Its primary functions encompass assisting product managers and marketers in tasks such as content discovery, summarization, and content generation. Collato distinguishes itself by leveraging the user's existing product knowledge. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with a range of tools and sources, enhancing the accessibility and searchability of information. In essence, Collato's overarching goal is to contribute to a more human-centric and efficient future of work within the product management and marketing domains.

How does use AI?

Collato employs artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline the processes of content discovery, summarization, and content generation, enabling users to swiftly access accurate information and create documents using existing data. Leveraging natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) techniques, Collato possesses the capability to comprehend and extract insights from your product knowledge, regardless of its location. This encompasses the ability to retrieve pertinent information, be it a status update or an action item, in an instant.

Additionally, Collato harnesses AI to transform your existing product knowledge into tailor-made documents, such as Product Requirement Documents (PRDs), release notes, user guides, and more, all derived from trusted information sources. Furthermore, it excels at generating concise summaries from a variety of content types, including meeting minutes, customer research, or lengthy documents, all presented in your preferred format. In essence, Collato empowers users with meaningful insights, bolstering their confidence in making informed product-related decisions.

Collato offers a user-friendly chat interface, characterized by its ease of use and intuitive design. This interface enables users to pose follow-up questions and reference their chat history as needed. Moreover, Collato seamlessly integrates with Slack through the ""/collato"" command, allowing users to pose queries, request information summaries, or generate new content directly from their work tools.

In essence, Collato serves as an AI-driven search engine tool, specifically designed to connect and organize disparate information sources utilized by product teams. It empowers users with the ability to swiftly and efficiently access information through the power of AI.

How does ensure privacy and security?

Collato prioritizes privacy and security through a range of measures:

  • Data Privacy:
      Collato does not utilize your data to train AI models. Your information remains exclusively yours and is not used to enhance their model. This ensures the confidentiality of your documents, as no external Collato users can access or utilize your data.
  • Encryption Technologies:
      Collato employs robust encryption technologies to safeguard customer data, both in storage and during transmission. They utilize Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.2 or higher for secure data transmission and employ the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-GCM, considered one of the most secure encryption methods, to protect data at rest.
  • Secure Authorization:
      Collato implements OAuth 2.0, an industry-standard protocol for secure authorization. This protocol ensures secure data exchange and employs encrypted transactions to protect user information during the authentication process.
  • Regulatory Compliance:
      Collato complies with GDPR regulations and holds SOC 2 certification. They adhere to the necessary security measures to meet GDPR compliance standards, regularly reviewing their security control framework. Collato also undergoes independent third-party SOC 2 audits, covering SOC 2 Common Criteria and the Confidentiality and Privacy trust services criteria.
  • Self-Hosting Option:
      For added security and control, Collato offers the Enterprise plan, allowing users to self-host Collato on their own cloud infrastructure. This grants users ultimate control over their data.

For further information on Collato's privacy and security measures, you can visit their data security page or their trust report page.

How can I sign up for

To register for Collato, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Visit the Collato website by clicking [here], and locate the ""Try for free"" button in the top right corner.
  2. Provide your email address and set a password for your account. Alternatively, you can opt to sign up using your Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn credentials.
  3. Select a plan that aligns with your requirements. Collato offers a free 14-day trial, or you can choose a paid plan that offers additional features and integrations.
  4. Connect your preferred tools and sources to Collato. You have the flexibility to integrate services like Google Drive, Notion, Confluence, Jira, Slack, and more. Additionally, you can upload individual items such as PDFs, meeting minutes, or Jira tickets.
  5. Begin utilizing Collato to discover, summarize, and generate content based on your product knowledge. You can engage with Collato through the website's chat interface, the browser extension, or the Slack command, enabling you to ask Collato questions regarding your product.

Should you require assistance or have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to the Collato team via their [contact page], or explore their [help center] for resources. For an in-depth understanding of how to leverage Collato, consider watching their informative [product tour video]. We trust you will find Collato a valuable AI product assistant for your needs.

What is the pricing for

Collato offers various pricing plans to cater to different needs and preferences. Here's a concise overview of Collato's pricing options:

  • Free Plan:
      - You can begin with Collato for free, granting you access to unlimited integrations and all core functionalities.
      - Additionally, this plan provides each user with 30 free monthly AI responses.
  • Pro Plan ($6 per user per month):
      - By upgrading to the Pro plan, priced at $6 per user per month, you receive all the features available in the Free plan.
      - This plan includes the added benefit of single sign-on.
      - Users on the Pro plan enjoy 300 monthly AI responses per user.
  • Enterprise Plan (Custom Pricing):
      - For businesses with more extensive requirements, the Enterprise plan is available. You can contact Collato directly to request a personalized offer.
      - The Enterprise plan encompasses all features found in the Pro plan.
      - Notably, it offers the option to host your own AI assistant for enhanced security.
      - This plan provides unlimited AI responses and the flexibility to self-host Collato on your own cloud infrastructure.

To make an informed decision about the most suitable plan for your needs, you can compare the features and costs of each plan on Collato's website [here]. Additionally, Collato offers a 14-day free trial for you to experience their platform, or you can request a demo to explore how Collato can benefit your product team. This information should assist you in selecting the plan that aligns best with your requirements."

Collato: Streamline your product team's knowledge management with this advanced AI tool.

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