AI Image Generation

Create stunning 2D visuals effortlessly with PlaskAI's AI-powered image generation tool. Tailored poses and angles for captivating results.
AI Image Generation
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AI-powered image generation tool for captivating 2D visuals with tailored poses and angles. Streamline character illustration and marketing image creation. Try now!

What is is a web-based platform offering AI-powered image generation tools for various purposes, including Plask Motion for 3D animations, Plask Cut for creating cartoon cuts, and Plask Pose for editing 2D image poses. Utilizing AI algorithms, simplifies image and animation creation by capturing human movement. Its accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection makes it convenient, and comprehensive support is available through documentation, video tutorials, FAQs, and API documentation for users seeking to delve deeper into its capabilities.

What is the pricing of offers two distinct subscription plans: the Freemium Plan, which is free of charge, and the Mocap Pro Plan, available as a paid subscription with both monthly and annual payment options. The Freemium Plan includes 1 GB of storage and offers unlimited motion capture extraction capabilities. However, it operates at a standard extraction speed and does not provide priority access. In contrast, the Mocap Pro Plan offers 5 GB of storage, unlimited motion capture extraction, faster extraction speed, and higher priority. Additionally, users interested in the Mocap Pro Plan can benefit from a 7-day free trial and potential discounts of up to 50% for educational institutions. The pricing for the Mocap Pro Plan is $50 per month when billed annually or $140 per month when billed on a monthly basis.

How does work? operates through a straightforward process:

  1. Start by importing a video file containing the desired human movement into or record a video directly using your camera within the platform. This video will serve as the source for capturing motion to be applied to your 3D model.

  2. Utilize's AI algorithms to extract motion data from the video. You have the flexibility to choose between single-person or multi-person motion extraction and can make adjustments to the initial pose and foot lock settings as needed.

  3. Import your 3D model into, or select from the available pre-existing models. Customization options extend to altering the appearance and rigging of your chosen model.

  4. Proceed to retarget the extracted motion data to your 3D model. provides the option for automatic retargeting, or you can take control by manually adjusting parameters such as hip space and bone mapping.

  5. With your motion applied, explore's animation tools to edit and animate your 3D model. Features include setting up IK controllers, viewing and modifying keyframes, layering animations, and adjusting camera angles.

  6. Once satisfied with your animation, offers the convenience of exporting it as either a video file or an FBX file, making it ready for further use or sharing.

Can I use my own 3D models with offers users the flexibility to incorporate their own 3D models, provided they meet specific requirements. These prerequisites include:

  1. File Format: The 3D models must be in either FBX or GLB format.

  2. Naming Convention: File names should be in English letters to ensure compatibility.

  3. Skeletal Structure: Models must include a skeletal mesh that incorporates both mesh and bone elements.

  4. Root Bone Naming: The root bone within the model should be named "Armature."

  5. Initial Pose: The model should be designed in a T-pose.

Beyond these basic requirements, allows for further customization of the model's appearance and rigging. Users also have the option to adjust the bone mapping to fine-tune the process of retargeting motion data to their 3D model, enhancing the flexibility and versatility of the platform.

What are the benefits of offers several noteworthy benefits:

  1. Improved Productivity: The platform streamlines the animation process, enabling users to create impressive animations quickly and with ease. This boost in efficiency enhances overall productivity.

  2. Cost Savings: eliminates the need for extensive teams or costly software, making animation more budget-friendly and accessible to a wider audience. This cost-effective approach is a significant advantage.

  3. Enhanced Creativity: By simplifying animation tasks and providing a variety of tools and styles, frees up users' time for creative exploration and experimentation. This supports a broader range of creative possibilities for diverse animation projects.

  4. Seamless Collaboration: promotes collaboration by allowing users to easily share projects and feedback with team members. Additionally, the platform's cloud-based nature ensures accessibility from anywhere, facilitating collaborative efforts regardless of geographical locations.

Create stunning 2D visuals effortlessly with PlaskAI's AI-powered image generation tool. Tailored poses and angles for captivating results.

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