AI Image Background Removal API

Remove backgrounds from images for free using AI. The AI Image Background Removal API by RemovalAI.
AI Image Background Removal API
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Remove backgrounds from images for free using AI.

What is

Removal.AI is an artificial intelligence-based tool designed to eliminate the background from images. By utilizing advanced algorithms, this tool swiftly removes the background from images, providing users with a transparent background image. Users have the option to upload either an image or a URL, and within seconds, they can obtain the desired result.
In addition to background removal, Removal.AI offers a photo editor tool that allows users to further customize their images. With this feature, users can add texts, apply effects, and optimize images according to their specific requirements and intended purposes.
To provide offline functionality, Removal.AI offers a desktop app. Users can conveniently drag and drop images or folders containing images onto the app, enabling background removal without an internet connection. It is worth noting that the desktop app requires an active internet connection and a secret key for authentication purposes.
Overall, Removal.AI is a versatile tool that leverages artificial intelligence to effortlessly remove backgrounds from images, offering convenience and customization options to its users.

Can I use for free?

The usage options for this tool are as follows:
For individuals and low-resolution images (0.25 megapixels), the tool can be used free of charge for personal purposes. Upon signing up, users are entitled to one complimentary high-resolution download.
However, if the tool is required for commercial purposes or higher resolution images, payment is necessary. The tool offers various plans, with pricing ranging from $0.07 to $1.89 per image, depending on the frequency and quantity of usage.
For those who have a need for an unlimited number of images or API access, the tool provides the option to request a custom quote. By contacting the tool's support team, users can discuss their specific requirements and receive a tailored pricing offer.
To summarize, the tool offers free usage for personal and low-resolution images, while commercial use and higher resolution images require the purchase of credits or a subscription. The pricing varies depending on usage frequency and quantity, and custom quotes can be requested for unlimited image needs or API access.

How do I sign up for Removal.AI?

To register for Removal.AI, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Removal.AI website and locate the "Sign up free" button situated in the top right corner. Click on it to initiate the sign-up process.
  2. Alternatively, you can access the sign-up page directly using the provided link. This link will lead you to the login page, where you can find the "Sign up" option beneath the password field. Select the "Sign up" link to proceed.
  3. When signing up, you will be required to provide your email address and choose a password. Enter these details as instructed to create your Removal.AI account.
  4. Upon successfully signing up, you will receive one credit. This credit enables you to download a high-resolution image for free. Please note that specific details regarding the image's resolution may vary depending on the terms and conditions provided by Removal.AI.

By following these steps, you can easily register for Removal.AI and gain access to their services.

How does work?

Removal.AI is a cutting-edge tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to effectively remove backgrounds from images. By employing sophisticated computer vision algorithms, this tool adeptly identifies the foreground pixels and achieves a seamless separation between the background and foreground elements.
One notable strength of Removal.AI lies in its ability to handle diverse objects, intricate hair details, and other challenging edges with exceptional precision and clarity. The resulting cutouts exhibit a clean and smooth finish, ensuring high-quality outputs.
In addition to background removal, Removal.AI offers features to optimize product images for various eCommerce platforms. Users can conveniently enhance their images by incorporating texts, applying effects, and utilizing preset settings, all tailored to meet specific eCommerce requirements.
The tool's key advantages lie in its speed, user-friendly interface, and remarkable accuracy. Users can expect efficient results, a straightforward workflow, and reliable background removal outcomes.
In summary, Removal.AI utilizes artificial intelligence and advanced computer vision algorithms to deliver impressive background removal capabilities. Its ability to handle intricate details, optimize product images, and provide a fast and accurate experience makes it a valuable tool for users seeking high-quality image editing solutions.

What are the limitations of

Removal.AI has a few limitations that are important to note:

  • File Format and Size Limitations: The tool exclusively supports JPG and PNG image formats, with a maximum file size of 12 Megabytes. Other file formats may not be compatible with the tool's background removal functionality.
  • Requirement for Clearly Visible Foreground: To achieve accurate results, Removal.AI relies on images that have well-defined foreground elements, such as people, products, animals, and other distinguishable subjects. Images lacking clear foregrounds may not produce the desired background removal outcomes.
  • Registration for High-Resolution Downloads: While Removal.AI offers free usage options, downloading high-resolution images requires user registration. This means that users need to create an account in order to access the tool's high-resolution image downloads.
  • Internet Connection and Secret Key for Desktop App: The desktop app provided by Removal.AI necessitates an active internet connection for its functionality. Additionally, users are required to provide a secret key for authentication purposes when using the desktop app.

It is important to consider these limitations when utilizing Removal.AI. By being aware of the supported file formats, visibility requirements for foreground elements, the need for registration for high-resolution downloads, and the prerequisites for using the desktop app, users can make informed decisions regarding the tool's suitability for their specific image editing needs.

Remove backgrounds from images for free using AI. The AI Image Background Removal API by RemovalAI.

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