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Unleash the power of AI with GPTzero - the ultimate AI Content Analysis Tool.
AI Content Analysis Tool
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Check out GPTZero, the world's #1 AI Content Detector and Writing CAPTCHA for Chat. Detect and analyze content using GPT, OpenAI, BARD, and Education AI models. Join over 1 million users and experience the power of GPTZero for yourself!

What is is a web-based platform designed to determine the authorship of a text produced by an artificial intelligence model like ChatGPT. This tool offers the ability to analyze text on various scales, including sentence, paragraph, and document levels. Users can utilize GPTZero by either inputting the text directly, uploading a file, or employing their Chrome extension to scan entire webpages. One notable feature of GPTZero is its provision of detailed descriptions accompanying the detection outcomes, enhancing the comprehensibility of the results. It's worth noting that GPTZero holds a prominent position as a leading AI identification tool within the current market landscape.

How much does cost?

Based on information obtained from web search results, GPTZero emerges as a no-cost tool accessible to all, designed to identify AI-generated text. Positioned as the premier AI detection solution globally, it boasts a user base exceeding 1 million. GPTZero is engineered to identify text produced by prominent AI models including ChatGPT, GPT3, GPT4, Bard, and others. The process involves navigating to the website, where users can promptly obtain results by pasting text or uploading files. An integral facet of this service is the provision of an in-depth report elucidating the methodology behind GPTZero's detection of AI-generated text. Notably, GPTZero upholds its commitment to maintaining a permanently accessible version, GPTZero classic, for universal human utilization.

What are the benefits of offers several advantages, including:

  • Webpage Scanning: The tool allows users to verify the authenticity and reliability of online content, such as news articles, blog posts, reviews, and comments. This can be achieved effortlessly by utilizing their Chrome Extension, Origin.
  • Text Analysis: Users have the option to either paste or upload their own content or files. then examines the material for any AI-generated elements. The outcome is presented as an overall detection score, accompanied by a sentence-level highlighting of suspicious sentences.
  • Enhanced Features: By registering for a free account on their Dashboard, users gain access to additional capabilities. This includes the ability to scrutinize lengthier texts or batches of files and acquire comprehensive explanations of the detection outcomes.
  • Educational Resources: goes beyond its detection functionality to provide educational resources. Readers can delve into the mechanics of AI models, their capacity to produce realistic text, and the ethical and societal considerations linked with their use through the platform's blog posts and newsletters.

How does detect AI-generated text?

GPTZero serves as a tool designed to discern whether a given text originates from an artificial intelligence model like ChatGPT. This determination is facilitated through the assessment of two key textual attributes known as perplexity and burstiness.

Perplexity quantifies the level of randomness or unpredictability exhibited by a text. Grounded in the familiarity of a language model with the text's content, it gauges the extent to which a given text aligns with language model conventions. Texts featuring heightened randomness or novelty yield elevated perplexity, suggesting a higher likelihood of human authorship. Conversely, texts resembling familiar patterns and structures encountered by the language model register lower perplexity, indicating a greater chance of AI-generated content.

Burstiness gauges the intricacy and diversity within a text. By assessing the frequency of less common words or phrases appearing in concentrated bursts, this metric reveals the variance in sentence length, word choice, and style. Texts characterized by pronounced fluctuations in these aspects exhibit higher burstiness, implying a probable human origin. In contrast, texts showcasing uniformity in sentence structure, word usage, and style manifest lower burstiness, signaling potential AI generation.

GPTZero harnesses these metrics across distinct levels of text analysis: sentence, paragraph, and document. Additionally, it draws upon an extensive corpus of established research articles to identify overlaps and resemblances. By integrating these evaluations, GPTZero furnishes a score and an explanatory depiction of the probability that the text under scrutiny is either AI-generated or human-crafted.

How can I improve the accuracy of

The effectiveness of's accuracy hinges on its ability to differentiate between human-authored and AI-generated texts, leveraging statistical indicators like perplexity and burstiness. Perplexity gauges text unpredictability, while burstiness measures sentence length variation. Typically, human-written texts display higher perplexity and burstiness compared to more uniform and predictable AI-generated counterparts.

Nevertheless, the reliability of these metrics can be influenced by diverse factors, including text length, complexity, style, and the quality of the AI model employed. Certain AI models can produce coherent and natural-sounding text that challenges's detection. Similarly, some human-written content might exhibit unexpected lower perplexity and burstiness due to simplistic language, short sentences, or repetitive structures.

To enhance's accuracy, consider the following strategies:

  • Utilize Lengthier Texts: Longer passages offer richer data for analysis, aiding in identifying patterns of human and AI writing. Short texts might lack the necessary information for confident assessments.
  • Incorporate Complex Content: Complex texts encompass a wider range of vocabulary, grammar, and syntax, leading to elevated perplexity and burstiness scores. Simple texts might be more prone to mimicry by AI models generating coherent sentences using common language.
  • Prioritize Originality: Original texts exhibit distinct expressions, reflecting the author's voice and individuality. Paraphrased or copied content may yield lower scores due to remnants of AI-generated material or reduced originality.
  • Engage Multiple Sources: Employ various sources to corroborate's findings and validate text authenticity. Supplementary tools like Turnitin, Quillbot, or Origin can be utilized to identify plagiarism or AI-generated segments. Additionally, applying critical thinking to evaluate aspects like source credibility, authorship, dates, and references contributes to a more comprehensive assessment.
Unleash the power of AI with GPTzero - the ultimate AI Content Analysis Tool.

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