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Build advanced AI chatbots easily with ChatBotKit - the powerful AI chatbot builder for developers and non-developers.
AI Chatbot Builder
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ChatBotKit is an innovative AI chatbot builder that empowers both developers and non-developers to effortlessly create chatbots capable of engaging in natural language conversations with users. This powerful tool enables users to leverage their own data to build conversational AI chatbots that can be deployed across various platforms, including websites, Slack, Discord, and WhatsApp. With a multitude of features such as chat history review, custom datasets, GPT-4 support, sitemap integration, and widget integration, as well as functionalities like document and media file importing, Slack and Discord bot integration, Twitter integration, content moderation, semantic search, AI playgrounds, data security, privacy controls, and simple pricing, ChatBotKit ensures a comprehensive and seamless chatbot building experience. With streamlined workflows and instant deployment, users can quickly deploy their chatbots to start engaging with users. The tool also provides advanced security measures and seamless integrations with messaging platforms. Through customer testimonials and real-world examples, the remarkable potential of ChatBotKit is evident. Users can try the tool risk-free for five days and opt for a monthly membership with flexible pricing options. Additionally, dedicated customer support is readily available to assist users throughout their chatbot building journey.

What is is a platform designed to facilitate the creation and interaction with chatbots, which are software applications adept at engaging in natural language conversations with humans. It offers a suite of tools and services tailored to assist users in crafting chatbots for various purposes, including business endeavors, customer support initiatives, and personal projects. Moreover, the website provides access to pre-built applications capable of executing diverse tasks, such as image generation, web page retrieval, and content moderation. Employing cutting-edge AI technologies like GPT-4 and semantic search, asserts itself as a rapid solution for developing advanced AI chatbots.

How much does it cost to use presents three distinct pricing tiers: Basic, Pro, and Team. The Basic plan, priced at $25 monthly, caters to small-scale production projects with moderate usage. On the other hand, the Pro plan, costing $65 per month, targets larger projects requiring heightened usage and flexibility. For teams engaging in substantial projects and extensive data requirements, the Team plan is available at $365 monthly. Each plan encompasses varying features and advantages, including allocations for bots, tokens, conversations, messages, datasets, skillsets, integrations, and files. Interested users can opt for a free trial or explore custom plans tailored to specific needs. For further insights, please refer to's pricing page.

How does work? is a platform facilitating the creation and interaction with chatbots through natural language. It leverages diverse AI technologies like GPT-4 and semantic search to empower its chatbots. Users can employ to develop chatbots tailored for various purposes, including business, customer support, or personal ventures. Additionally, the platform offers pre-built apps enabling tasks like image generation, web page retrieval, and content moderation. Through its modular approach, enables users to construct smart conversational AI bots using intuitive, lego-like components. Notably, the platform stands out for its capability to integrate models from various vendors, allowing access to top-tier algorithms and technologies within a unified environment.

What programming languages are supported by offers support for a diverse array of programming languages suitable for chatbot development, including Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, and Ruby. These languages facilitate the creation of custom chatbot logic, integration with external APIs, and utilization of advanced features within the ChatBotKit SDK. To assist users in coding and testing their chatbots, the platform provides a comprehensive set of tools, including a code editor and a code generator. Further guidance on leveraging the supported languages and their application can be found in the tutorials section of

Can I use my own AI models with

Indeed, offers the flexibility to integrate external AI models into your chatbot projects. Users can seamlessly incorporate models from diverse vendors like Anthropic, OpenAI, and Hugging Face into their chatbot endeavors. Moreover, the platform enables the uploading of custom models through the ChatBotKit SDK or the Partner API. supports a broad spectrum of model formats, including ONNX, TensorFlow, PyTorch, and MXNet. For detailed instructions on utilizing your own AI models with, comprehensive resources are available in the documentation and tutorials sections of the website.

Build advanced AI chatbots easily with ChatBotKit - the powerful AI chatbot builder for developers and non-developers.

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