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AI CFO Copilot to save time and stay on top of your company's finances.
AI CFO Financial Assistant
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AI powered CFO copilot to help you save time while staying on top of your companies finances.

What is is a website that provides two products tailored for startups and businesses: Sturppy Planning and Sturppy Plus.
Sturppy Planning is a user-friendly tool designed to swiftly construct financial models suitable for investors, even if you have no prior knowledge or expertise in finance or Excel. The platform offers a wide range of templates to choose from, which can be customized to align with your specific business needs. Additionally, Sturppy Planning facilitates collaboration with your team, allowing you to work together on the models. Once completed, you have the option to share or export your financial model for further use or presentation.
On the other hand, Sturppy Plus is an AI-powered financial planning and analysis tool that offers a unique feature: the creation of an AI clone representing your company's entire financial operations. With Sturppy Plus, you can engage in conversations with your personalized AI Chief Financial Officer (CFO). This AI-driven tool enables the integration of various data sources, enabling you to generate charts and graphs, highlight key performance indicators (KPIs), perform what-if analyses, and automate reporting. All these functionalities are easily accessible through a simple chat interface, providing a streamlined user experience.
These offerings from aim to support startups and businesses in their financial planning and analysis processes, providing them with efficient tools and AI-driven capabilities to enhance decision-making and financial management.

How does work? offers two distinct products, namely Sturppy Planning and Sturppy Plus, each with its own unique functionality.
Sturppy Planning provides users with the option to either select a pre-designed template or build a financial model from scratch. The platform allows customization of the model by modifying various components such as acquisition channels, revenue streams, hiring plans, and expense details. Additionally, Sturppy Planning facilitates collaboration by enabling team members to contribute to the model. Once the financial model is completed, users have the flexibility to share it through a live link or export it as a CSV file for further utilization.
On the other hand, Sturppy Plus focuses on the integration of live data sources into the platform. Users have the capability to connect their accounting software, acquisition data, and other relevant sources directly to Sturppy Plus. Once connected, the platform enables users to transform and structure their data using its intuitive interface. Additionally, Sturppy Plus offers visualization features, allowing users to generate live dashboards and automated reports based on their data. Furthermore, Sturppy Plus provides a unique functionality where users can engage in conversations with a personalized AI Chief Financial Officer (CFO), obtaining insights, analysis, and recommendations to support their financial decision-making processes.'s offerings cater to different needs. Sturppy Planning focuses on customizable financial model creation, while Sturppy Plus emphasizes the integration and analysis of live data sources, accompanied by AI-driven insights.

How much does cost? offers different pricing plans depending on the specific product you choose, either Sturppy Planning or Sturppy Plus.
Sturppy Planning provides two distinct plans: Founder and Premium. The Founder plan is available at a one-time fee of $79. With this plan, users can create one model workspace, collaborate with up to 5 team members, export models to CSV format, customize graph colors, add custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and share live links to their models. On the other hand, the Premium plan is priced at a one-time fee of $899 and includes all the features of the Founder plan. Additionally, users opting for the Premium plan receive a custom-built model created by the Sturppy team of experts.
As for Sturppy Plus, there are two plans available: Starter and Pro. The Starter plan is priced at $15 per month and enables users to connect one data source, create a single dashboard, engage in chat conversations with their AI Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and receive basic support. Alternatively, the Pro plan is available at $25 per month and encompasses all the features of the Starter plan, along with the capability to connect unlimited data sources, create multiple dashboards, access chat history, and receive priority support.
For users who wish to explore before making a purchase, the platform offers a free trial option. Additionally, there is an alternative option to obtain a lifetime deal at a cost of $79.
These pricing plans from provide users with a range of options suited to their specific requirements and budget, allowing them to access the desired features and functionalities of Sturppy Planning or Sturppy Plus.

What are the benefits of offers several benefits for startups and businesses seeking to create and distribute financial models and forecasts. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Time-saving and error prevention: By utilizing Sturppy's ready-to-use templates and tutorials, users can save time and avoid errors that may arise when building spreadsheets from scratch.
  • Customization options: allows users to tailor their financial models to align with their specific business needs and objectives. Users have the flexibility to modify graph colors, incorporate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and explore different scenarios as desired.
  • Collaborative environment: facilitates teamwork by enabling users to invite team members to edit or view their financial models. This collaborative feature promotes efficient collaboration and enhances productivity.
  • Easy sharing and export: Users can effortlessly share their financial models with others by providing a live link. Additionally, supports the export of models to CSV files, making it convenient to present financials to investors or stakeholders in a readily accessible format.
  • Real-time insights with Sturppy Plus: Sturppy Plus, one of the offerings, allows users to connect live data sources to the platform. This integration enables users to gain real-time insights, analysis, and recommendations from their personalized AI Chief Financial Officer (CFO).
  • Comprehensive support: offers 24/7 live support to address users' inquiries and concerns. Additionally, users can access a variety of resources including a blog, a dictionary, and YouTube videos, providing additional assistance and guidance.

These benefits provided by contribute to streamlining financial modeling and forecasting processes, promoting collaboration, and enhancing decision-making for startups and businesses.

What are the limitations of is a feature-rich and user-friendly tool that excels in creating and distributing financial models and forecasts. However, it's important to consider potential limitations that may impact your specific requirements. Here are some possible limitations to be aware of:

  • Limited live data integration: While Sturppy Plus offers the capability to integrate live data sources for real-time insights and analysis, this feature is not available in Sturppy Planning. Users relying solely on Sturppy Planning may not have access to live data integration.
  • No free version, only trial and lifetime deal options: does not offer a free version of its services. Instead, users can opt for a free trial to evaluate the tool's functionalities. Alternatively, there is a lifetime deal option available for purchase.
  • English-only interface: currently provides an interface exclusively in English. Users who prefer or require a German language interface may find this to be a limitation.
  • Discontinued live feature: no longer supports a live feature. It is important to note that this feature has been discontinued by the platform.

Considering these potential limitations, it is crucial to assess your specific needs and preferences to determine if aligns with your requirements. While it offers powerful features and user-friendly functionalities for financial modeling and forecasting, the mentioned limitations may affect certain aspects of usability or language preferences.

AI CFO Copilot to save time and stay on top of your company's finances.

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