Community FAQ AI Tool

Get instant answers to your community FAQs with Ansy, the AI tool connected to Slack and Discord.
Community FAQ AI Tool
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AI bot connected to Slack and Discord to answer questions for you.

What is is an AI bot integrated with GPT-3, designed to assist users on Discord and Slack platforms by addressing frequently asked questions (FAQs) within a short time span. Once installed, it analyzes the message history in public channels and provides relevant responses based on the context. This feature significantly reduces the workload for moderators, saving them approximately three hours per week. Additionally, offers a sarcasm mode, which can enhance community interaction by generating humorous replies. To experience Ansy's capabilities, users can add it to their Slack or Discord channels and utilize its services for free.

How does work? is a third-party tool that leverages the power of GPT-3, an advanced language model, to provide answers based on your message history and Markdown files. To ensure optimal performance, processes and refines your message history, transforming it into a format that GPT-3 can effectively utilize. By retrieving pertinent messages from the server history, gains the necessary context to generate accurate responses to your inquiries. Moreover, incorporates user interactions and feedback to continually enhance its capabilities. This includes the ability to adapt its tone and style, as exemplified in the sarcasm mode feature.

What is the pricing of

As per the official website of, the pricing details for their services are outlined below:

  • Lite plan: Priced at $4.99 per month or $4.08 per month when billed annually. This plan offers 100 answers per month and provides unlimited file usage.
  • Pro plan: Available for $9.99 per month or $8.25 per month with annual billing. The Pro plan includes 1000 answers per month and allows unlimited file usage.

Furthermore, offers a free trial where users can try their services without the need for a credit card. During the trial, users can ask up to 10 questions to evaluate the tool.
For precise and up-to-date information, it is advisable to refer to the official website of

What are the benefits of offers several advantages, including:

  • Time-saving for moderators: automates the process of addressing repetitive questions, resulting in significant time savings for moderators. It can save approximately three hours per week, allowing moderators to focus on other important tasks.
  • Instant support for community members: With, community members receive prompt assistance as their queries are swiftly resolved through contextual answers. This ensures a seamless user experience and minimizes wait times.
  • Increased engagement: contributes to higher engagement levels within the community by providing humorous responses through its sarcasm mode. Additionally, it enables broad category searches, facilitating comprehensive information retrieval.
  • Enhanced productivity for moderators: assists moderators by enabling them to delegate minor writing tasks such as server announcements, tweets, emails, and more. This streamlines their workload, allowing them to allocate their time and effort more effectively.

These benefits collectively make a valuable tool for moderators and community members alike, improving efficiency, engagement, and support within the community.

What are some limitations of does have certain limitations, which include:

  • Limited availability: Currently, is exclusively available on Discord and is not accessible on other platforms such as Slack or WhatsApp. Users seeking its functionality will need to use Discord as their communication platform.
  • Lack of answer explanation: Due to its utilization of the GPT-3 model, may not be able to provide explanations or insights into the logic behind its generated answers. The GPT-3 model lacks complete transparency and interpretability in its responses.
  • Handling complex or ambiguous questions: relies on the message history and Markdown files to establish context for generating responses. However, it may face challenges when confronted with complex or ambiguous questions that necessitate deeper comprehension or reasoning beyond the provided context.

It is important to consider these limitations when evaluating the suitability of for specific use cases or requirements.

Get instant answers to your community FAQs with Ansy, the AI tool connected to Slack and Discord.

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