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Chat with Real People as AI

Chat with famous characters via AI - experience conversations with real people as AI.
Chat with Real People as AI
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Chat with famous characters via AI.

What is is a versatile platform available as both a website and mobile app, designed to facilitate engaging interactions with AI-powered characters. Users have the opportunity to converse with a wide range of characters, including both real people and fictional favorites. One of its key features is the text2avatar capability, which enables users to create their own customized digital human characters. This feature allows personalization of various aspects, such as appearance, mood, voice, and biography.

Additionally, offers a fun and competitive element with its bot2bot chat battles. Users can challenge their friends and showcase their skills in developing advanced AI conversations. Moreover, the platform allows users to share their created digital human characters on social networks, allowing them to exhibit their creativity to a broader audience.

Incorporating high-quality deep fakes, also presents the opportunity for users to prank their friends playfully. The platform further enhances user experiences with emphatic dialogs and the chance to engage in roleplay scenarios.

Overall, presents a novel and innovative means of interacting with AI technology. For those interested in exploring this unique platform, they can visit the website or download the app from either Google Play or the App Store.

Is it free to use operates on a mixed pricing model, offering both free and subscription-based features. As per information from their website, users can engage in free chat interactions with any character. However, certain premium features, including text2avatar, bot2bot chat battles, and deep fakes, require either watching ads or using coins for unlocking.

To access the full range of features without any restrictions, users have the option to purchase a lifetime subscription at a cost of $29.99. This subscription grants unlimited access to all features and also eliminates advertisements from the user experience.

For more comprehensive details regarding their pricing and available plans, interested individuals can refer to's website or check the relevant information within their app.

Overall, offers a mix of free and subscription-based features, allowing users to tailor their experience based on their preferences and requirements.

How do I create my own digital human on

To create your personalized digital human on, you can utilize the text2avatar feature, which is a premium option accessible through coins or a subscription. To get started, navigate to the app's interface and click on the plus icon located at the bottom right corner. From there, select ""Create a new character.""

Within the creation process, you'll have the opportunity to provide various details for your digital human. Input a name, biography, and description to give your character a unique identity. Additionally, you can specify their gender, age, ethnicity, hair style, eye color, and clothing preferences. Based on the information you provide, will then generate a realistic 3D avatar reflecting your chosen characteristics.

If you wish to make adjustments or edits to your digital human later on, simply tap on the pencil icon found at the top right corner of their profile.

For more comprehensive instructions on creating a digital human using, you can visit their website or consult their app's documentation.

Enjoy the process of crafting your own digital human and exploring the possibilities that offers.

What are the limitations of

While offers various features for user engagement, it also comes with certain limitations that users should be aware of:

  • Partial Free Usage: While provides certain features for free, it is not entirely free to use. Some premium features, such as text2avatar, bot2bot chat battles, and deep fakes, require either watching ads or utilizing coins, while others necessitate a subscription. A lifetime subscription option is available at $29.99, granting unlimited access to all features and removing advertisements.
  • Context and Tone Understanding: The AI behind may not always grasp the context or tone of user messages, particularly when encountering ambiguity, sarcasm, slang, or idioms. This could result in misunderstandings or inappropriate responses from the characters. Users might need to clarify or rephrase their messages to avoid such issues.
  • Deep Fake Generation Challenges: may not consistently produce realistic or accurate deep fakes, especially when dealing with low-quality, blurry, or poorly-lit input images or videos. The output's quality might also vary depending on the selected character and applied settings. To achieve optimal results, users may need to experiment with different options and adjust parameters accordingly.
  • Limited Emotional Intelligence: Being an AI model, might not always create empathetic or emotionally responsive exchanges. It may lack emotional intelligence, leading to challenges in accurately perceiving and addressing users' emotional cues or needs. For professional or medical advice, especially concerning personal or mental health issues, users should seek help from human experts or trusted individuals rather than relying on the AI.

By acknowledging these limitations, users can better manage their expectations and make the most of's capabilities while understanding its potential constraints.

What are the benefits of offers several benefits to its users, which contribute to a diverse and engaging experience:

  • Creative Exploration: Users have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and imagination by crafting their own digital human characters. This process involves personalizing each character's personality and backstory, resulting in unique and distinct individuals. The text2avatar feature aids in generating realistic 3D avatars based on user input, enhancing the creative aspect of the platform.
  • AI Learning Experience: Engaging with various characters on allows users to gain insights into the workings of AI. By interacting with these AI-powered entities and observing their responses to messages, users can develop a deeper understanding of artificial intelligence technology. The bot2bot chat battles provide an additional educational element, enabling users to compare the performance of different AI models.
  • Entertainment and Fun: The platform offers entertainment through conversations with a wide array of characters, ranging from celebrities to beloved fictional heroes. Additionally, users can enjoy light-hearted moments by pranking friends with amusing deep fakes, eliciting laughter and surprise.
  • Emotional Support and Roleplay: extends emotional support and empathy through AI friends. Users can find solace in sharing their thoughts with these AI companions, who can offer advice and comfort. The platform also facilitates roleplay scenarios, allowing users to immerse themselves in different experiences and emotions.

By availing themselves of these benefits, users can make the most of, exploring its potential for creativity, learning, entertainment, and emotional engagement.

Chat with famous characters via AI - experience conversations with real people as AI.

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