AI Powered Photo Editor

AI Powered Photo Editor for Mac & PC. Achieve captivating photos with advanced editing tools and mesmerizing effects.
AI Powered Photo Editor
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Discover Luminar Neo - Easy Photo Editor | Software for Mac & PC. Achieve captivating photos with advanced yet easy-to-use editing tools. Enhance vibrancy, perfect lighting, and create mesmerizing effects with AI-powered features. Experience flawless portraits, stunning color contrast, and dreamy bokeh effects. Luminar Neo offers panorama stitching, Magic Light AI, Supersharp AI, Focus Stacking, Upscale AI, Background Removal AI, Noiseless AI, and HDR Merge. Try the best image editing software for yourself!

What is serves as a digital platform providing an array of photo editing software utilizing artificial intelligence for image enhancement purposes. Through, users can swiftly generate captivating photographs, leveraging features like sky replacement, portrait refinement, landscape editing, and additional functionalities. The website additionally offers access to tutorials, guides, customer support, and a community hub, facilitating effective learning and utilization of's offerings.

How much does cost?

Outlined below are the pricing details for offerings on

  • Luminar Neo: This novel AI-driven photo editing tool empowers users to effortlessly craft captivating images. Luminar Neo can function independently or be integrated as a plugin with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, or Photos for macOS. Its anticipated release is set for winter 2021, with pre-order options available. Special pre-order pricing for Luminar Neo is currently at $54 for a single seat or $59 for two seats, with regular prices slated at $79 for one seat or $99 for two seats.
  • Luminar AI: Noted as the world's foremost fully AI-powered image editing software, Luminar AI equips users with intelligent tools and templates to enhance their photos. It operates both as a standalone application and as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, or Photos for macOS. Luminar AI is presently accessible for purchase, priced at $79 for one seat or $99 for two seats.
  • Aurora HDR: Esteemed as the pinnacle of advanced HDR photo editing software globally, Aurora HDR empowers users to craft authentic and lifelike HDR images utilizing robust tools and presets. Similar to other offerings, Aurora HDR functions autonomously and as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, or Apple Photos. Aurora HDR is currently available for acquisition, with pricing set at $99 for one seat or $149 for five seats.
  • X Membership: Catering to users seeking a subscription service, X Membership provides exclusive resources for photo editing, including sky objects, textures, looks, templates, among others. Additionally, subscribers receive discounts on various Skylum products and services. The subscription is priced at $4.99 per month or $49 per year. showcases a comprehensive selection of products and plans, with further details available on their official website. The website also provides a support page for additional information. For those interested, a 7-day free trial period is offered, allowing users to evaluate the products' compatibility with their requirements.

What are the benefits of offers several advantageous features, including:

  • AI Content Generator: Facilitating swift image creation, the AI Content Generator enables users to expedite their creative process. By utilizing text-to-image AI, users can convey their visual preferences and allow the generator to materialize their ideas. Additionally, style transfer AI permits the fusion of photos with distinct styles, yielding one-of-a-kind artworks.
  • Luminar Neo Photo Editor: Providing a user-friendly solution for both Mac and PC, Luminar Neo empowers image editing. Leveraging an array of AI-driven tools like Sky AI, Face AI, Body AI, and Atmosphere AI, users can enhance their images. The software's Layers feature enables seamless blending of multiple images, resulting in remarkable compositions.
  • Skylum Community Engagement: Enabling interaction among photography enthusiasts, facilitates image sharing within its community. Users can explore the project gallery to witness the creative outcomes achieved through Skylum's products. Moreover, the platform fosters feedback and inspiration exchanges among its users.

These offerings collectively contribute to's appeal for those seeking efficient image creation, advanced editing capabilities, and an engaging community environment.

How does work? functions through various means:

  • Swift Photo Creation with AI Tools: The platform expedites photo creation through the integration of AI-powered tools. Employing Luminar Neo, users can swiftly eliminate undesired elements, incorporate authentic lighting effects, apply imaginative styles, and more, culminating in visually striking images.
  • Enhanced Photo Appearance via AI-Assisted Editing: facilitates impressive photo transformations with AI-guided editing. By utilizing Luminar AI, users can effortlessly elevate the quality of their portraits, landscapes, skies, and intricate details, achieving remarkable enhancements.
  • Advanced HDR Photo Generation: The platform offers advanced capabilities for crafting striking HDR photos. Utilizing Aurora HDR, users can seamlessly merge multiple exposure shots, fine-tune color and contrast parameters, and infuse their photos with vivid HDR effects.

These operational modes collectively underscore's commitment to enabling users to effortlessly create captivating photos while harnessing the power of AI-driven enhancements and advanced photo editing techniques.

How to get started with

To commence your journey with, follow these outlined steps:

  • Select Desired Software: Begin by visiting the website and identifying the software that aligns with your requirements. You have the option to explore Luminar Neo, Luminar AI, or Aurora HDR. These offerings can be sampled through free trials or procured at a discounted price.
  • Download and Install Software: After making your selection, proceed to download and install the chosen software onto your computer. The versatility of software allows for standalone usage or integration as plugins within other photo editing applications like Photoshop or Lightroom.
  • Utilize Video Tutorials and Guides: Enhance your proficiency by engaging with video tutorials and guides available on the platform. These resources impart insights into leveraging the features and tools inherent to software. You can garner expertise in areas spanning AI-powered enhancements, sky replacements, portrait refinement, landscape editing, and more.
  • Engage with the Skylum Community: Broaden your horizons by becoming a part of the vibrant Skylum community. Here, you can solicit support, receive constructive feedback, and derive inspiration from fellow users and experts. The community hub extends further resources including coaching sessions, webinars, podcasts, and blogs encompassing diverse topics concerning photography and photo editing.

By following these streamlined steps, you can effectively initiate your journey with, leveraging its suite of software offerings and benefiting from the collaborative and informative community ecosystem.

AI Powered Photo Editor for Mac & PC. Achieve captivating photos with advanced editing tools and mesmerizing effects.

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