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Supercharge your AI projects with LightningAI's lightning-fast AI platform
AI Lightning Platform
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Train, deploy, and build AI faster with Lightning AI. Powered by PyTorch Lightning, this platform offers lightning-fast performance and seamless integration. Discover the future of AI today!

What is

Lightning AI is a platform designed to facilitate the development of AI applications using PyTorch, streamlining the process by eliminating the need to handle cloud infrastructure, data pipelines, and model deployment complexities. This platform is developed by the same team responsible for PyTorch Lightning, a widely recognized open-source framework simplifying PyTorch code scaling. With Lightning AI, users gain the capability to create, train, and deploy a variety of PyTorch models, including extensive language models, transformers, and stable diffusion models. The platform offers a reduced need for boilerplate code while providing expert-level control.

Beyond model development, Lightning AI also enables the creation and distribution of full-stack AI products, such as a stable diffusion server, using Lightning Apps. Notably, Lightning AI operates within your own cloud account and leverages your data sources, emphasizing privacy and security. It offers a free entry point, providing users with 30 compute credits each month, with the option to pay-as-you-go for additional usage hours. To learn more about Lightning AI, you can visit their website or consult their introductory tutorial.

How much does cost?

Lightning AI offers a pricing structure consisting of three tiers: Free, Enterprise, and Custom, as outlined on their official website. In the Free tier, users are granted a monthly allocation of 30 free compute credits, which can be utilized for running GPU/CPU workloads in the cloud. The Enterprise tier caters to enterprise-level AI requirements and encourages prospective customers to initiate contact for personalized pricing and potential discounts. Similarly, the Custom tier is intended for the development and deployment of full-stack AI products using Lightning Apps, with specific pricing details also necessitating direct communication with the platform.

It's important to note that Lightning AI operates on a credit-based system, where one Lightning credit is equivalent to $1 USD. Billing occurs on a per-second basis for both compute and storage utilization. Users have the ability to estimate the required credits for their AI workloads using Lightning AI's workload calculator. For instance, if a user employs 8 CPUs (cpu-medium) for 70 hours monthly and utilizes 10 GB of storage, they will necessitate 14 credits each month.

Additionally, Lightning AI provides the flexibility to use your own AWS credentials for running Lightning Apps on your personal cloud account and data sources, enhancing control and privacy.

How do I get started with

To commence your journey with Lightning AI, follow these clear steps:

  1. Account Setup:
      - Begin by signing up for a free account on the Lightning AI website and complete the email verification process.
  2. Cloud and Data Integration:
      - Link your preferred cloud account (AWS, GCP, or Azure) and data sources (S3, Snowflake, BigQuery, etc.) to Lightning AI. Alternatively, you can utilize Lightning AI's default cloud account and data sources if it suits your needs.
  3. PyTorch Lightning Installation:
      - Install PyTorch Lightning locally on your machine using either `pip install lightning` or `conda install lightning`.
  4. Module Creation:
      - Develop a PyTorch Lightning module by subclassing `lightning.LightningModule` and define essential methods like `training_step`, `configure_optimizers`, and more. You also have the option to employ pre-built models accessible through the Lightning Hub.
  5. Cloud-based Training:
      - Utilize the Lightning Trainer to train your model in the cloud. You can specify your desired compute resources, including GPUs or TPUs, and determine the number of nodes and workers. Advanced features like automatic mixed precision, fault tolerance, and gradient accumulation are also available for customization.
  6. Model Deployment:
      - Deploy your model as a REST API endpoint using the Lightning Deployer. Tailor the deployment region, adjust the number of replicas as needed, and keep tabs on your model's performance and usage.
  7. Optional Full-stack AI Products:
      - For those aiming to create comprehensive AI products, consider employing Lightning Apps. You can choose from existing applications, such as a stable diffusion server, or craft your own using provided templates or starting from scratch.

These steps provide a structured approach to harnessing the capabilities of Lightning AI, ensuring an efficient and streamlined experience in building and deploying AI solutions.

What are the features of boasts a range of noteworthy features:

  • Versatile Model Development:
      - This platform empowers users to develop, train, and deploy a wide array of PyTorch models, including substantial language models, transformers, and stable diffusion models. Notably, it achieves this with minimal boilerplate code while providing advanced control.
  • Privacy and Security:
      - operates within your personal cloud account and data sources, guaranteeing enhanced privacy and security for your AI projects.
  • Flexible Pricing:
      - It offers a free tier that includes 30 compute credits per month, allowing users to explore its capabilities without immediate financial commitment. Additional usage hours are available on a pay-as-you-go basis.
  • Full-stack AI Product Creation:
      - extends its functionality to facilitate the creation and delivery of comprehensive AI products, such as stable diffusion servers, via Lightning Apps.
  • PyTorch Lightning Roots:
      - It is worth noting that is developed by the same team responsible for PyTorch Lightning, a well-recognized open-source framework renowned for simplifying and enhancing the scalability of PyTorch code.
  • Rich Ecosystem of Libraries:
      - To support high-performance AI research, provides a wealth of open-source libraries, including Lightning Fabric, TorchMetrics, and Lit-GPT. These resources contribute to the development of state-of-the-art AI models.

These features collectively position as a versatile and robust tool for AI development and research, appealing to a broad range of users seeking both efficiency and advanced control in their projects.

What are the limitations of, while offering several valuable features, does have some limitations to be aware of:

  • Python Version Requirement:
      - To use, you must have Python 3.8.x or a later version (3.8.x, 3.9.x, 3.10.x) installed on your system.
  • Limited Local App Execution:
      - Currently, permits the execution of only a single app locally at any given time. Users should consider this constraint when planning multiple simultaneous tasks.
  • Checkpointing for FSDP Models Not Supported:
      - lacks support for saving or loading checkpoints specifically for Fully Sharded Data Parallelism (FSDP) models. This limitation may impact users working with such models.
  • No Free Tier for Lightning Apps:
      - Notably, there is no free tier available for Lightning Apps within the ecosystem. Users interested in utilizing these capabilities are required to reach out to directly to obtain custom pricing and detailed information.

Understanding these limitations is crucial for users evaluating for their AI development and deployment needs, as they may affect the suitability of the platform for specific use cases.

Supercharge your AI projects with LightningAI's lightning-fast AI platform

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