AI Avatar Chat Tool

Chat with any character, real or fictional, dead or alive, using Chatgenie - the AI Avatar Chat Tool.
AI Avatar Chat Tool
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Text and chat with any character, dead or alive, real or made up via AI.

What is is a website that offers users the ability to engage in conversations with various individuals or characters of their choice. Users have the option to select from a wide range of topics, genres, and personalities, including celebrities, fictional characters, historical figures, animals, and more. Furthermore, users can even create their own customized chatbots and share them with others. The platform employs ChatGPT, an advanced artificial intelligence system, to generate natural and captivating responses based on user input. Additionally, utilizes Google Search to provide pertinent information and facts whenever necessary. This platform serves as an entertaining and interactive outlet for users to explore their imagination and acquire new knowledge.

How does AI of work? utilizes ChatGPT, an advanced artificial intelligence system, to power its conversational AI. ChatGPT employs a dialogue-based approach, allowing it to provide natural and engaging responses while accommodating follow-up questions, acknowledging errors, challenging incorrect assumptions, and rejecting inappropriate requests. This chatbot is built upon a neural network and draws data directly from the internet to generate its responses.

The underlying language model of ChatGPT is GPT-3.5, a deep learning-based model that has been trained on a vast corpus of text from diverse sources. This extensive training allows ChatGPT to leverage a broad range of knowledge and information during conversations. To continually enhance the quality of its responses, ChatGPT employs reinforcement learning techniques, incorporating feedback from human interactions to refine its performance.

In addition to its internal capabilities, ChatGPT also leverages Google Search to supplement its responses with relevant information and facts. By issuing search queries and processing the results, ChatGPT can provide users with accurate and up-to-date information as required. This integration with Google Search enhances the overall effectiveness of as a conversational tool.

How much does cost?

The cost of using varies depending on the selected plan and preferred payment option. Two main plans are available: Starter and Premium. The Starter Plan enables users to establish their own online store within various apps like Messenger, Instagram, GCash, and Viber. Additionally, it provides access to a range of marketing tools accessible through the ChatGenie dashboard. On the other hand, the Premium Plan caters to larger businesses and offers additional features such as unlimited product uploads, custom brand mailer, multi-store model, and preferred technical support.

The pricing for each plan is as follows:

  • Starter Plan:
    - Monthly: ₱ 1,000
    - Yearly: ₱ 9,600 (20% discount)
  • Premium Plan:
    - Monthly: ₱ 10,000
    - Yearly: ₱ 96,000 (20% discount)

To explore the platform, users have the option to sign up for a free account and experience ChatGenie firsthand. For assistance in selecting the most suitable plan, users can book a demo and get in touch with the sales team. Additionally, reading reviews from other users and comparing ChatGenie's features with other conversational AI software can aid in making an informed decision.

What are the benefits of offers several benefits to its users:

  • Diverse Conversations: Users can engage in conversations with a wide range of individuals and characters, including celebrities, fictional characters, historical figures, and animals.
  • Custom Chatbots: Users have the ability to create their own personalized chatbots and share them with others.
  • Content Generation: The platform allows users to generate various types of written content, such as articles, stories, ads, bios, and greetings, using simple commands.
  • Multi-Platform Accessibility: ChatGenie is available on both web and mobile devices, with dedicated apps for Android and iOS, enabling users to access it conveniently.
  • Multilingual Support: Users can interact with ChatGenie in their preferred language, as the platform supports over 75 languages.
  • Access to Relevant Information: ChatGenie leverages the power of Google Search to provide up-to-date and relevant information on various topics and events.
  • Enhanced Performance: ChatGenie offers improved performance by minimizing chat errors and rate limits commonly experienced in other chatbot systems.
  • MSME Booster Program: Users can benefit from a free ChatGenie Pro Subscription for three months by joining the MSME Booster Program.
  • These features make a versatile and user-friendly platform for engaging conversations and content generation.

What are the limitations of

While offers many benefits, it also has certain limitations that users should be aware of:

  • Limited Knowledge of Recent Events: relies on a neural network trained on internet data until a certain point in 2021. As a result, it may not have knowledge of events that occurred after 2023.
  • Potential for Inaccurate or Inappropriate Responses: Although the system learns from human feedback, it is still evolving and may generate responses that are inaccurate, inappropriate, or offensive. This is due to its ongoing learning process and the inherent challenges of understanding natural language and social norms.
  • Limited Capabilities for Complex Queries: While excels in generating text-based content, it may struggle with handling complex queries such as generating images, voiceovers, or mathematical expressions. Its primary focus is on generating text-based responses.
  • Compatibility Constraints: Some users may experience compatibility issues with certain browsers or devices when using The platform utilizes advanced web technologies that require high-speed internet and modern hardware for optimal performance.

It's important for users to consider these limitations when utilizing to manage their expectations and ensure they make the most appropriate use of the tool.

Chat with any character, real or fictional, dead or alive, using Chatgenie - the AI Avatar Chat Tool.

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