B2b Saas Product Analytics Tool With AI

Revolutionize B2B SaaS product analytics with JuneSo: powered by AI for granular insights & comprehensive metrics.
B2b Saas Product Analytics Tool With AI
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June, the cutting-edge B2B SaaS product analytics tool powered by AI, revolutionizes the way companies gain insights into their product usage. Unlike other analytics tools, June goes beyond generic IDs by providing in-depth company-level metrics, uncovering granular data and revealing valuable insights specific to each company. With a simple setup and seamless integration, June effortlessly tracks essential metrics like acquisition, activation, active users, retention, power users, and churn. Praised for its user-friendly interface and immediate value, June is the preferred choice for startups, bolstering their decision-making process with data-driven strategies. As the fastest-growing app in its field, June has garnered exceptional ratings and recognition from industry experts. In summary, June empowers B2B SaaS companies, equipping them with comprehensive product analytics to optimize their strategies and drive success.

What is june.so?

June.so is a product analytics tool tailored for B2B SaaS businesses. This tool simplifies the process of tracking and comprehending how companies utilize your product, eliminating the need for manual setup. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with popular platforms such as Segment, Slack, and G2. Users can benefit from automatically generated reports covering essential metrics including acquisition, activation, retention, churn, and more.

Notably, June.so has earned recognition in the industry. It received the prestigious Golden Kitty award in the Data & Analytics category at the 2021 Product Hunt Awards. Furthermore, it emerged as the fastest-growing application within the Twilio Segment ecosystem in the same year.

June.so has garnered substantial user satisfaction, boasting an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 on G2, a testament to its effectiveness and user-friendliness. Many product professionals have lauded June.so for its simplicity, speed, and valuable insights.

For those interested in exploring the benefits of June.so, there is an option to get started at no cost by connecting a data source or employing their SDK.

What is the pricing of June.so?

June.so offers four distinct pricing plans to cater to various business needs: Free, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise.

The Free plan provides access to fundamental features, including auto-generated reports, Slack integration, and support for up to 1,000 active users per month.

For more advanced capabilities, the Growth plan is available at a monthly cost of $149. Subscribers to this plan can benefit from company-level analytics, custom insights powered by June AI, multiple home views, and an allowance for up to 2,000 active users each month.

The Pro plan, priced at $349 per month, builds upon the Growth plan by offering additional functionalities. It includes automatic CRM synchronization, computed traits, and the capacity to support up to 5,000 active users per month.

For enterprises with unique requirements, June.so offers a customizable Enterprise plan. This plan is tailored to the specific needs of each customer and offers features such as data warehouse integration, custom data transformations, and dedicated data engineering support.

If you are interested in exploring the capabilities of June.so, you can initiate your journey for free by either connecting a data source or utilizing their SDK.

How does june.so work?

June.so is a product analytics tool designed to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of how companies utilize your B2B SaaS product. The tool functions by automatically gathering data from your product through either a data source or an SDK. Subsequently, it processes this data to provide company-level insights.

Users of June.so have access to a range of reports detailing essential metrics, including acquisition, activation, retention, churn, and more. Furthermore, the tool offers the capability to generate custom insights with the assistance of June AI.

June.so is adaptable and can seamlessly integrate with various other tools such as Slack, Segment, and G2. This integration enables users to receive notifications, synchronize data, and gather valuable feedback.

In summary, June.so empowers businesses by offering insights into product usage, facilitating the optimization of product strategies, and fostering overall business growth.

What are the benefits of june.so?

June.so offers a host of benefits to its users, making it a valuable tool for businesses:

  • Automated Reporting: June.so eliminates the need for manual setup by providing auto-generated reports on crucial metrics such as acquisition, activation, retention, churn, and more. This feature streamlines the data analysis process.
  • Custom Insights with June AI: Leveraging artificial intelligence, June AI identifies patterns and opportunities within your data, offering personalized and valuable insights to enhance decision-making.
  • Seamless Integration: June.so can be seamlessly integrated with popular tools like Slack, Segment, and G2. This integration facilitates the receipt of notifications, data synchronization, and the collection of feedback, ensuring a cohesive workflow.
  • Effective Insight Management: Users can efficiently manage insights and share them with their teams and stakeholders. Multiple home views and automatic CRM synchronization enhance collaboration and data sharing within the organization.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: By leveraging the insights provided by June.so, businesses can scale their product operations and optimize their product strategies based on data-driven decisions, fostering growth and efficiency.

What are the limitations of june.so?

June.so, while offering valuable insights, also comes with certain limitations that users should be aware of:

  • Limited Applicability: June.so is specifically designed for B2B SaaS products. It may not be suitable for businesses with B2C offerings or other product types.
  • Data Source Dependency: To collect data from your product, June.so relies on a data source or an SDK. This requirement may pose compatibility issues with certain platforms or technologies, limiting its usability for some businesses.
  • Lack of Advanced Features: June.so does not provide advanced features like cohort analysis, funnel analysis, or A/B testing. These functionalities are essential for in-depth user behavior analysis and optimizing conversions, and their absence may be a drawback for businesses seeking such capabilities.
  • No Free Trial Option: June.so does not offer a free trial option. Instead, it provides a free plan with limited features and user allowances. This means potential users do not have the opportunity to fully explore the tool's capabilities before committing to a paid plan.

Revolutionize B2B SaaS product analytics with JuneSo: powered by AI for granular insights & comprehensive metrics.

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