Anime AI Profile Picture Generator

Create custom anime profile pictures with AnimeAI, a powerful AI tool. Generate 100+ different versions in seconds.
Anime AI Profile Picture Generator
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Create anime avatars of yourself with AI. Generate over 100+ different versions with a press of a button.

What is is an online platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to help users create personalized anime-style artwork. Through this website, individuals can upload their own photos and have them transformed into visually appealing anime-inspired illustrations. In addition to creating pictures, also offers the option to generate brief anime narratives, comics, and even movies centered around the user's character. The platform provides an entertaining and imaginative outlet for self-expression, allowing users to delve into the captivating realm of anime.

Can I use for free?

Based on web search results, offers a free version of its service, though it comes with certain restrictions. In the free version, users are limited to generating one anime picture per day and have access to only a limited selection of anime styles. For more extensive features and style options, users have the option to purchase a one-time license for $1.99, which grants them the ability to create up to 100 pictures. With this license, users can create anime-style portraits with clearly visible facial features, a distinguishable background, and a square aspect ratio. The app is available for free download on Google Play, but it offers in-app purchases for additional features or content.

How long does it take to generate an anime picture on

The time taken to generate an anime picture using the AnimeAI app is contingent upon factors such as the quality and complexity of the input photo as well as the chosen anime style. As per claims from the app's website, the generation process typically takes less than a minute. However, it is worth noting that some users have reported longer processing times, particularly when dealing with photos containing multiple faces or intricate details. To keep users informed about the progress, the app incorporates a progress bar that displays the completion percentage and provides an estimate of the remaining time until the picture is generated.

What are some other features of offers several noteworthy features:

  • Anime Story Generation: Users can create short anime stories, comics, and movies centered around their characters. The AI-powered system allows users to select from a variety of genres, themes, and settings, resulting in an engaging narrative. Additionally, users have the flexibility to edit and customize the story as desired. This feature is accessible on the app version of
  • Community Sharing: The app fosters a community aspect where users can share their anime pictures and stories with others. They can explore and comment on fellow users' creations, thus discovering new anime styles and ideas. Moreover, holds contests and challenges that provide opportunities to win prizes and rewards. This feature is also available on the app version of
  • Learning Resources: For those interested in enhancing their knowledge of anime art and culture, the app provides a blog and resource section. Users can access tips and tutorials to improve their anime drawing skills, along with articles and videos covering various anime topics and trends. Additionally, there's a glossary of anime terms and expressions and a curated list of recommended anime shows and movies to explore. These learning resources are available on both the website and app versions of

How does handle privacy and data protection?

Before using the app, it is crucial to carefully review its privacy and data protection policies. According to web search results, the app assures users that it does not share any data with third parties. However, it does collect certain user information, including device model, operating system, IP address, and usage statistics. Additionally, the app requires access to the device's camera, storage, and network to function properly. The stated purpose for collecting this data is to enhance the app's performance, functionality, and user experience.

In conjunction with its privacy policy, the app imposes terms of service that users must agree to before using it. These terms specify that the app is not liable for any damages or losses resulting from its use, placing responsibility on users for their own content and actions. Furthermore, the terms of service grant the app the right to modify or terminate its services at any time without prior notice.

By providing this information, users can gain a comprehensive understanding of how the app manages privacy and data protection aspects.

Create custom anime profile pictures with AnimeAI, a powerful AI tool. Generate 100+ different versions in seconds.

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