AI Marketing Toolkit

Boost your online presence effortlessly with Simplified's AI Marketing Toolkit.
AI Marketing Toolkit
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An all-in-one app that empowers modern marketing teams with graphic design, AI writing, video editing, animation, social media management, and more. Create iconic marketing campaigns effortlessly and boost your online presence.

What is provides a user-friendly, comprehensive application tailored for contemporary marketing teams. The platform encompasses a range of functionalities, allowing users to construct, collaborate on, and release diverse forms of content, including graphics, videos, and presentations. Notably, Simplified leverages artificial intelligence to swiftly produce top-tier content. For further insights, individuals can explore Simplified's official website or peruse their blog. It's important to highlight that Simplified serves as a no-cost design solution intended to be accessible to all users.

How does the AI work in

The AI capabilities within rely on a combination of natural language processing and computer vision techniques to craft and enhance content across various contexts. Notably, these AI functionalities encompass several distinct applications. For instance, the AI Image Generator utilizes models like DALL-E and Diffusion to translate text prompts into images, including realistic and abstract art forms. In parallel, the AI Presentation Maker employs a dedicated model to automatically generate presentation slides incorporating pertinent visuals and text, aligned with the subject matter. The AI Social Media Quotes Generator, on the other hand, is designed to formulate captivating and motivating quotes suitable for different platforms and niches. Additionally, the AI Script Generator tailored for TikTok/Reels develops compelling scripts for brief videos, taking into account the video's theme and tone. In terms of visual elements, the AI Color Palette Generator produces harmonious and visually appealing color schemes based on users' preferences. Further, the AI Tweet To Image Generator transforms tweets into images, employing diverse styles and fonts.

The suite of AI tools provided by Simplified is geared toward enabling users to swiftly generate high-caliber content, eliminating the need for design or writing expertise. These tools offer extensive customization options, allowing users to fine-tune content to their specific requirements and tastes. At the core of Simplified's AI offerings lies their proprietary AI engine, an in-house developed system that continuously learns and evolves based on user input and data insights. This AI engine seamlessly integrates with prominent platforms and tools like Canva, Unsplash, Shopify, and WordPress, enhancing users' choices and functionality.

What is the pricing of offers a range of pricing plans that hinge on factors such as member count, storage requirements, and included features. The available plans consist of four options: Free Forever, Small Team, Business, and Growth. The Free Forever plan is tailored for individual use and grants users access to unlimited design projects, over 1000 fonts, an expansive library of photos and icons, numerous templates, instant publishing capabilities, and 5GB of storage. For those seeking options suited to small teams and freelancers embarking on digital marketing efforts, the Small Team plan is available at a cost of $20 per month (or $30 per month for monthly billing) for a maximum of 5 team members. This plan encompasses all features of the Free Forever plan, and extends to premium stock photos, music, gifs, and videos, along with the ability to upload custom fonts and manage brand kits. Additionally, users can schedule and promptly publish content on social media, engage in bulk design creation, and benefit from 100GB of storage.

For growing teams seeking to expand creative efforts, social engagement, and blogging, the Business plan presents a viable option. Valued at $33 per month (or $50 per month for monthly billing) for up to 5 team members, this plan encompasses all attributes of the Small Team plan. It also includes enhanced capabilities such as managing multiple brands, saving and publishing templates, establishing open and closed Teamspaces to segregate projects, calendars, and clients, role assignment, element locking, creation of unlimited folders, and 200GB of storage.

For larger teams and enterprises with substantial growth aspirations, the Growth plan is well-suited. Priced at $81 per month (or $125 per month for monthly billing) for up to 5 members, this plan encompasses all features within the Business plan. It further empowers users to manage multiple clients, projects, and departments using Teamspaces. Enhanced content creation efficiency is achieved through bulk imports, and the capacity to scale creative efforts and content generation is amplified. This plan accommodates the creation of open, closed, and private Teamspaces to maintain separation between projects, calendars, and clients, and it provides 500GB of storage.

For those with enterprise-grade requirements or increased workspace demands, the option to engage with sales for tailored solutions is available.

What are the benefits of brings forth a host of advantages for users:

  • Comprehensive Marketing Solution: It serves as an intuitive, all-encompassing application tailored to contemporary marketing teams. The platform is equipped with a range of features including graphic design tools, video editing capabilities, AI-driven content generation, and social media publication functions.
  • Efficient Time and Cost Management: By consolidating essential content creation and publishing tools, the platform streamlines processes, leading to time and cost savings. Users can access all necessary resources and functionalities within a single interface.
  • Real-time Collaboration and Project Management: facilitates seamless collaboration with both team members and clients. Real-time interaction, project management, brand oversight, role assignments, and permission control are among the collaborative features provided.
  • Rich Resource Library: The platform offers access to a vast repository of free and premium resources, including images, videos, music, gifs, icons, fonts, and templates. This abundance of resources empowers users to craft engaging content without limitations.
  • AI-Powered Copy Generation: Leveraging AI-driven writer templates capable of producing content in over 30 languages, aids in generating high-quality copy efficiently and effectively.
  • Social Media Scheduling and Assistance: The platform includes an integrated AI assistant that facilitates scheduling and publication on various social media platforms. It even generates captions and hashtags, streamlining the social media content management process.
  • No-Code Design Capabilities: empowers users to create visually captivating designs, videos, and animations without requiring coding expertise. Tools like background removal, cropping, resizing, and clipping enhance the creative process.
  • Flexible Pricing Options: The platform offers a variety of pricing plans catering to diverse needs and budgets. From the ""Free Forever"" plan to enterprise-grade options, users can select plans that align with their requirements. Additionally, for those needing expanded workspace or specific features, sales support is available.

In conclusion, presents a versatile solution with features that cater to modern marketing teams, bolstering efficiency, creativity, and collaboration while accommodating a spectrum of pricing preferences.

What are the limitations of

However, there are certain limitations associated with

  • Internet Connectivity Requirement: The tool lacks offline functionality, necessitating an active internet connection to access its features and capabilities.
  • Storage Limitations: Storage capacity is determined by the selected plan, ranging from 1 GB to 500 GB. If additional storage is needed, users must consider upgrading their plan or engaging with sales for further options.
  • Integration Restrictions: does not offer integration with external applications like Google Analytics, Mailchimp, or WordPress. Users are confined to the platform's in-house tools for analytics, email marketing, and website creation.
  • AI Writer Imperfections: While the AI writer feature is a valuable asset, it may exhibit imperfections by generating errors or inaccuracies within the content. Users are advised to meticulously review and edit the AI-generated content prior to publication.
  • Limitations of Social Media Scheduler: The platform's social media scheduling functionality may encounter issues with certain platforms possessing stringent policies or mandatory verification processes. It's necessary for users to monitor the status of scheduled posts and ensure their accurate publication.

In summary, while presents an array of benefits, these limitations should be considered in order to make informed decisions and maximize the tool's utility.

Boost your online presence effortlessly with Simplified's AI Marketing Toolkit.

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