AI Customer Prediction Platform

Accelerate growth with Faraday, the innovative AI customer prediction platform. Revolutionize your business with AI-driven insights.
AI Customer Prediction Platform
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Faraday, the innovative AI customer prediction platform, revolutionizes business growth by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. With its user-friendly no-code solution, even those without coding or data science skills can effortlessly utilize its capabilities. From predicting lead scores, preventing customer churn, and finding new customers, to personalizing outreach and maximizing customer lifetime value (LTV), Faraday caters to a multitude of essential business functions. Seamlessly syncing data from popular platforms like Salesforce and HubSpot, it also offers the convenience of automated prediction deployment. Ideal for marketers, developers, and anyone seeking to integrate machine learning into their workflows, Faraday provides a versatile range of built-in templates and the flexibility to create customized strategies. By leveraging Faraday, businesses can tap into invaluable consumer data, seamlessly integrate with existing systems, and unlock the tangible benefits of reliable machine learning predictions. Notably, the platform places great importance on responsible AI, ensuring a harmonious balance between power and fairness. Trusted by companies of all sizes, Faraday empowers them to drive exceptional results, cultivate customer satisfaction, and derive practical value from the potential of AI.

What is faraday.ai?

Faraday.ai is a consumer prediction platform designed to facilitate intelligent and efficient business growth through data science and machine learning. It empowers users to embed AI predictions seamlessly into various workflows and tools, including marketing, analytics, and platforms. Additionally, Faraday.ai offers built-in consumer data, responsible AI features, and flexible integration options, enhancing its usability and effectiveness for businesses.

How does Faraday.ai ensure data privacy?

Faraday.ai prioritizes data privacy and employs several measures to safeguard user data and ensure compliance with pertinent laws and regulations:

  1. Data Usage: Faraday.ai utilizes your data exclusively for generating predictions tailored to your business needs and refrains from sharing it with other accounts or third parties without your explicit consent.

  2. Security Standards:
      - SOC 2 Type II Compliance: Faraday.ai adheres to stringent standards encompassing security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.
      - HackerOne Program: Through a penetration testing and bug bounty initiative, Faraday.ai invites ethical hackers to assess its systems for vulnerabilities.
      - NIST 800-53 Risk Management: Faraday.ai implements a comprehensive risk management program to identify and mitigate potential operational and data risks.

  3. Regulatory Compliance: Faraday.ai complies with prominent regulations including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), safeguarding user rights regarding data access, deletion, and opt-out of data sales.

  4. Data Encryption: Faraday.ai employs encryption protocols to secure user data both at rest and in transit, thwarting unauthorized access or interception.

  5. Google Cloud Platform: Operating on the Google Cloud Platform, Faraday.ai benefits from the robust security and reliability inherent in Google's infrastructure and services.

For further insights into Faraday.ai's security and privacy practices, users can explore their dedicated security and privacy pages.

How does Faraday.ai generate predictions?

Faraday.ai employs a comprehensive process to generate predictions, integrating your own data, third-party data, and machine learning techniques. Here's an overview of how it operates:

  1. Recipe Selection: Users begin by selecting a recipe, which defines a predefined or custom prediction task such as propensity, persona, or forecast.

  2. Data Source Integration: Next, users connect their data sources, which may include CRM, analytics, or platforms, to incorporate historical customer data into the prediction process.

  3. Data Enrichment: Faraday's platform enriches user data with its built-in consumer data, augmenting it with hundreds of demographic, interest, and behavioral attributes.

  4. Objective Definition: Users define prediction objectives, specifying the outcomes they aim to predict, such as buying, upgrading, or churning. An intuitive interface facilitates the mapping of data to prediction objectives.

  5. Pipeline Deployment: Users deploy a pipeline, an automated process that handles tasks such as model training, testing, and updating. Deployment options include integration with various tools, workflows, or platforms.

Faraday.ai manages all technical aspects of prediction generation, including data cleaning, feature engineering, model selection, and evaluation. Users can conveniently monitor and manage predictions through a user-friendly dashboard.

How accurate are the predictions of Faraday.ai?

Faraday.ai employs several methodologies to ensure the accuracy and reliability of its predictions, validated through rigorous testing and evaluation processes:

  1. Model Calibration: Faraday.ai adjusts predictions through model calibration to closely align with actual outcomes. Probability scores reflect the likelihood of individuals achieving specific outcomes, providing users with actionable insights.

  2. Holdout Tests: To assess generalization capabilities, Faraday.ai conducts holdout tests, comparing predictions against a separate subset of data not used during model training. This evaluation method gauges how well predictions extend to new and unseen data.

  3. Multiple Models: Faraday.ai utilizes an ensemble of models, leveraging diverse data types and algorithms to enhance prediction robustness. Models are weighted based on performance and relevance, resulting in more comprehensive and reliable predictions.

Additionally, Faraday.ai furnishes users with model reports containing various metrics and charts to evaluate prediction quality and accuracy. Users can conveniently monitor and manage predictions through an intuitive dashboard interface.

How much does faraday.ai cost?

Based on available information from web search results, Faraday.ai offers diverse pricing plans tailored to various needs and preferences:

  1. Pro Plan: Starting at $36.00 per month, the Pro plan accommodates 5 users, 5 workspaces, and 512 assets.

  2. Business Plan: Priced at $96.00 per month, the Business plan provides unlimited users and workspaces, along with an increased number of assets.

  3. Free-Forever Plan (Community Edition): Faraday.ai extends a free-forever plan for its Community edition, an open-source option offering unlimited assets.

These pricing plans enable users to select options aligned with their specific requirements and budget considerations.

Accelerate growth with Faraday, the innovative AI customer prediction platform. Revolutionize your business with AI-driven insights.

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