AI Contact Center Automation Tool

Boost contact center productivity with ASAPP's AI contact center automation tool. Revolutionize customer experience and increase agent proficiency.
AI Contact Center Automation Tool
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ASAPP, an AI contact center automation tool, revolutionizes customer experience and boosts contact center performance. By harnessing generative AI technology, ASAPP's integrated automation features maximize agent productivity, deliver real-time intelligence, and effortlessly automate tasks. It tailors its functionality to each customer's unique requirements and challenges. With AutoAssist™, average handling time is reduced by over 10% and agent proficiency is accelerated by 50%. Furthermore, AutoCompose™ automates 70% of message responses while AutoSummary™ summarizes every customer interaction. Notably, AutoTranscribe™ utilizes highly accurate speech-to-text technology for call transcriptions. Companies can swiftly implement ASAPP and experience immediate return on investment within days. Renowned companies like American Airlines have already achieved remarkable results using ASAPP, such as increased agent productivity, reduced cost per interaction, improved first contact resolution rates, higher NPS scores, and elevated sales productivity. ASAPP's dedicated AI research team continuously endeavors to enhance productivity through breakthrough technological advancements. Complementing its functionality, ASAPP offers comprehensive documentation, tech briefs, and additional resources. ASAPP stands as a transformative AI solution, revolutionizing contact center operations, driving efficiency, and elevating customer satisfaction in diverse industries.

What is is the official website of ASAPP, a company specializing in the development of generative AI solutions tailored for contact centers. ASAPP's primary objective is to provide tools that streamline interactions, enhance agent efficiency, and generate valuable insights to improve customer service. Notably, ASAPP boasts having the most precise real-time speech-to-text technology in the industry. To obtain further information about ASAPP and its offerings, you can explore their official website or refer to relevant news articles covering the company's developments.

How does technology of work?

ASAPP utilizes generative AI technology, enabling it to generate new content or actions based on contextual data. This technology serves as the foundation for automating interactions, enhancing agent productivity, and generating actionable insights within the realm of customer service. Here are some notable features of ASAPP's technology:

  • Real-time Speech-to-Text: ASAPP asserts its leadership in real-time speech-to-text technology, delivering highly accurate and low-latency transcriptions for customer calls and chats.
  • AutoSummary: ASAPP's system can automatically produce call summaries for all customer interactions, offering time-saving benefits and improving the quality assurance process.
  • CoachingAI: ASAPP incorporates real-time guidance and feedback for agents, including suggestions for responses, recommended actions, and the detection of customer emotions.
  • Level System: ASAPP employs a level system that assigns scores to interactions, aiding in forecasting AI-related costs and benefits. This system evaluates the extent of automation and augmentation for each interaction.

For more in-depth information about ASAPP's technology and its capabilities, please visit their official website or consult relevant news articles that delve into their innovative solutions.

How does ensure data privacy and security?

ASAPP places a strong emphasis on safeguarding data privacy and security. As stated on their official website, they adhere to rigorous data protection regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), both renowned for their stringent data protection standards.

To ensure data security, ASAPP employs encryption measures to safeguard data during transmission and while it is at rest. Furthermore, ASAPP offers users the ability to request the deletion of their data, affirming their commitment to data privacy.

In line with the principle of data minimization, ASAPP collects and processes only the necessary data required to provide their services. For a more comprehensive understanding of ASAPP's data privacy and security policies, you can refer to their official website or explore relevant articles available online.

How much does cost?

ASAPP does not provide a fixed pricing plan; instead, they offer a tailored pricing model that is contingent on the chosen features and the utilization of their level system. This level system assesses each interaction's automation and augmentation degree and aids in predicting AI-related costs and benefits.

While it has been reported that ASAPP's starting price begins at $5,000 per month, it is essential to note that actual pricing may vary based on individual customer requirements and preferences. Those interested in obtaining specific pricing information can initiate the process by reaching out to ASAPP through their website, where they can request a complimentary consultation and receive a personalized quote. Additionally, ASAPP offers a cost savings calculator on their website, enabling users to estimate potential savings achievable through their services.

What are the benefits of

ASAPP offers several noteworthy advantages:

  • Enhanced Automation: ASAPP excels in automating customer interactions beyond conventional rule-based systems. This not only saves time but also elevates customer satisfaction by providing more efficient and responsive service.
  • Improved Agent Productivity: ASAPP boosts agent productivity through real-time guidance, feedback, and suggestions. This not only enhances sales conversions but also reduces errors, leading to a more effective and efficient customer service operation.
  • Actionable Intelligence: ASAPP generates actionable intelligence for every customer interaction, ensuring that valuable insights are derived from each interaction. This information aids in workflow optimization, opportunity identification, and quality assurance enhancements.
  • Customized Pricing Model: ASAPP offers a flexible pricing model tailored to the chosen features and the level system utilized. This adaptable approach enables businesses to forecast AI-related costs and benefits more accurately, aligning with their unique needs and objectives.

Boost contact center productivity with ASAPP's AI contact center automation tool. Revolutionize customer experience and increase agent proficiency.

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