AI Computer Vision Platform

Powerful AI computer vision platform for effortless model creation and deployment. No coding required.
AI Computer Vision Platform
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Datature is a revolutionary AI computer vision platform that revolutionizes the way teams and enterprises build computer vision applications. With its user-friendly interface and powerful set of features, coding skills are no longer a prerequisite. From data preparation to model deployment via API, Datature has everything you need. One standout feature is IntelliBrush, an AI-assisted labeling tool that streamlines the annotation process with pixel-perfect mask outlines. Moreover, advanced annotation capabilities, optimized algorithms, and reliable model evaluation tools ensure high accuracy and efficiency. Whether it's the pharmaceutical industry, retail, smart cities, utilities, agriculture, or manufacturing, Datature has limitless potential. By providing a no-code solution, it empowers non-technical users to create computer vision models effortlessly, saving valuable time and resources. Experience the future with Datature, the ultimate AI computer vision platform.

What is is a comprehensive platform aimed at simplifying the creation and implementation of computer vision models. Trusted by more than 6000 teams, it facilitates various tasks such as dataset management, annotation, training, and deployment into production. The platform encompasses a wide range of features tailored to each stage of the computer vision pipeline, thereby improving efficiency and productivity. Notably, it accommodates diverse tasks including image classification, object detection, and semantic segmentation, all without necessitating coding.

How much does cost? offers diverse pricing plans tailored to different user needs:

  1. Developer Plan: Priced at USD 499 per month, this plan includes 50,000 assets, 30,000 IntelliBrush tokens monthly, 50 multi-format model exports, and 3,000 GPU training minutes per month.

  2. Professional Plan: Designed for teams seeking collaborative scalability in their machine learning pipeline, this plan provides more than 50,000 assets, 100,000 IntelliBrush tokens monthly, 500 multi-format model exports, and 20,000 GPU training minutes per month. For pricing details, users are encouraged to contact directly.

  3. Enterprise Plan: Customized for private and government organizations with specific requirements, this plan includes from 1,000,000 assets and other tailored features. Interested parties should contact sales for pricing details.

Additionally, for individuals or teams starting out, offers a freemium model with free credits to commence development on the platform.

For the most up-to-date and accurate pricing information, users are advised to visit the official pricing page.

How do I get started with

Here's a simple guide to get started with

  1. Sign Up: Begin by registering for an account on the platform to gain access to their services.

  2. Explore Tutorials: Take advantage of the comprehensive AI videos and guides available on their website. These tutorials cover a wide array of topics, ranging from training custom object detection models to utilizing Portal for inspecting computer vision models.

  3. Utilize the SDK and API: For users who prefer coding, Datature offers a Python SDK and Management REST API. You can initiate by logging onto the platform, accessing your project, and utilizing the project secret provided in API Management.

These resources are tailored to facilitate your journey towards becoming proficient in AI, guiding you through the process of building and deploying computer vision models using Datature's tools. For further detailed instructions and resources, refer to their official tutorials page.

What are the benefits of offers a multitude of advantages for teams and individuals engaged in computer vision projects:

  1. Streamlined Workflow: With comprehensive features spanning the entire computer vision pipeline, it optimizes workflows and significantly boosts productivity.

  2. All-in-One Platform: From data management and labeling to model training and deployment, all tasks can be efficiently managed within a single platform.

  3. Rapid Experimentation to Scalable Production: Designed for swift experimentation and capable of scaling to meet production requirements.

  4. Annotate with Ease: Tools like Intellibrush enable quick and precise annotation of images and videos.

  5. Efficient Dataset Management: Supports seamless management of large datasets with version controls and advanced search capabilities for both 2D and 3D visual data.

  6. Quality and Efficiency: Custom workflows can be constructed to manage each step of the annotation pipeline, leading to improved security, labeling throughput, and quality metrics.

  7. Industry Applications: Versatile across various industries including healthcare, retail, smart cities, utilities, energy, agriculture, manufacturing, and construction.

These benefits contribute to reducing time-to-market and enhancing efficiency in the development of computer vision applications. For more detailed information, users can explore the official website.

What are some limitations of

While offers a robust suite of tools for computer vision projects, it's important to consider some limitations:

  1. Integration Limitations: Certain users may face challenges when integrating Datature with specific third-party tools or systems.

  2. Resource Intensity: Due to its advanced features and model training capabilities, the platform may require significant computational resources, which could be impractical for some users.

  3. Denoising Artifacts: In certain applications, such as image generation, the denoising process might inadvertently cause warping of objects, potentially impacting the quality of results.

These limitations are typical considerations when evaluating any AI vision platform and should be balanced against the platform's benefits and the specific requirements of your project. For more detailed insights, users can explore user reviews and technical documentation provided by

Powerful AI computer vision platform for effortless model creation and deployment. No coding required.

Datature Integrations

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