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Get valuable insights on Instagram and TikTok profiles, hashtags, and followers with – the ultimate AI social media analyzer.
AI Social Media Analyzer
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Analyze Instagram and TikTok profiles, hashtags, and followers with Get campaign reports, follower demographics, and engagement rates. Free to use!

What is serves as an AI-driven social analytics solution, catering to businesses across various scales and industries. This tool is focused on delivering comprehensive Instagram Analytics and TikTok Analytics functionalities. With, users gain the ability to scrutinize publicly accessible profiles and hashtags on both Instagram and TikTok platforms. The insights derived encompass a wide range of aspects, such as social engagement, performance metrics, demographic data, authenticity evaluations, and more. 

Utilizing is accessible without cost for basic analytics requirements. Moreover, the tool offers an upgradable pathway through flexible subscription plans, which unlock advanced features and the option to generate customized reports. The tool's reputation is underscored by its adoption by diverse entities, including brand marketers, agencies, media publishers, and influencers, spanning across more than 57 countries.

What are the features of encompasses a range of notable features:

  • Profile and Hashtag Analysis: The tool facilitates the analysis of public profiles and hashtags on both Instagram and TikTok platforms. This analysis delivers instant access to fundamental metrics including follower count, engagement rate, and top-performing posts.
  • Advanced Analytics with Subscription Plans: Subscribers can unlock advanced analytics through flexible subscription tiers. These plans offer a comprehensive set of functionalities, such as campaign reporting, insights into follower demographics, evaluation of follower authenticity, influencer mapping, content analysis, optimized posting schedules, geolocation mapping, and date customization.
  • Customizable Report Export: empowers users to generate reports tailored to their specific needs. These reports can be conveniently exported in PDF or CSV formats, ensuring compatibility with various reporting and data management requirements.
  • Content and Influencer Discovery: Real-time analytics from enable users to uncover compelling content and influential profiles. This entails insights into top-performing posts, impactful captions, relevant hashtags, and optimal posting times for maximum engagement.

What is the pricing of offers a variety of pricing plans that cater to specific features and the extent of profile and hashtag analysis. Here is an overview of the available pricing tiers:

  • Basic Plan: This plan comes at no cost and encompasses essential features. Users can enjoy unlimited analysis of profiles and hashtags, access recent posts, engagement rates, top captions, and prominent hashtags.
  • Premium Plan: Priced at $69.00 per month, the Premium plan builds upon the Basic features. It provides users with added benefits such as the ability to export data to PDF, Excel, and PNG formats. Additionally, historical data analysis, content optimization tools, and other advanced features are included in this package.
  • Plus Plan: The Plus plan, available at $149.00 per month, extends the capabilities of the Premium plan. In addition to the features offered in the previous plans, users can access insights into follower demographics and authenticity. Profile comparison functionality and supplementary advanced features are also included.
  • Pro Plan: The Pro plan, priced at $239.00 per month, takes the Plus plan to the next level. It includes all the Plus features along with the provision of 25 tokens each month, which can be utilized for additional follower analytics requests, enhancing the depth of analysis.

These pricing plans reflect's commitment to providing tailored options to accommodate varying user needs and demands.

How accurate is stands as a social analytics solution catering to businesses of diverse scales, offering Instagram and TikTok analytics capabilities. The tool asserts its distinctiveness by emphasizing the provision of a higher volume of data points and more profound actionable insights in comparison to its counterparts. It also asserts itself as the sole social analytics platform that permits users to freely analyze a wide array of public Instagram and TikTok profiles and hashtags.

Nonetheless, the reliability of's outcomes can be influenced by factors such as data origin and quality. User feedback presents a mixed perspective on the tool's effectiveness. Positive testimonials highlight its features, advantages, and cost-effectiveness. On the flip side, negative reviews point out concerns about data precision, customer support, and overall functionality. Thus, a prudent approach would involve assessing against alternative social analytics tools and corroborating its findings through multiple sources before relying on its insights for decision-making.

What are the limitations of

The analysis of web search results reveals certain limitations associated with

  • Platform Coverage: is confined to providing analytics exclusively for Instagram and TikTok, excluding other prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.
  • Subscription Dependence: To access advanced analytics features such as follower demographics, content analysis, and influencer mapping, users are required to upgrade to flexible subscription plans.
  • Data Accuracy and Completeness: The accuracy and comprehensiveness of data provided by can vary depending on the quality and availability of the source data. Some profiles or hashtags might not yield precise or complete results.
  • Fraud and Spam Detection: The tool might lack the capability to effectively identify or thwart fraudulent or spam activities on social media platforms. This encompasses concerns like the presence of fake followers, bots, or paid engagements.
  • Limited Support: Users with free or basic plans may not have access to customer support or technical assistance, potentially limiting the assistance available for addressing any issues that arise.

These limitations, as identified from the web search, underline the need for users to evaluate the tool's compatibility with their specific requirements and consider alternative solutions for addressing potential shortcomings.

Get valuable insights on Instagram and TikTok profiles, hashtags, and followers with – the ultimate AI social media analyzer.

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