AI No code Development Tool

AI-powered no-code development tool for web and mobile apps. Revolutionize your workflow with Marsx.
AI No code Development Tool
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No code software development tool that helps you via AI.

What is is a comprehensive development platform integrating AI, NoCode, Code, and MicroApps to streamline software development. Its offerings include a Micro AppStore for quick access to developer-built micro-apps, an NFT Marketplace supporting auctions and various cryptocurrencies, templates for gig economy apps like Uber for different services, tools for creating social networks tailored to specific segments, a No-Code Builder for easy solution development, a peer-to-peer Marketplace, a video streaming portal for niche services, and a photo-sharing app akin to Instagram. The platform's goal is to optimize developers' efficiency and resource utilization by providing pre-built micro-apps covering a wide range of functionalities for various projects.

How much does it cost to use offers a flexible pricing structure tailored to different user needs and usage levels:

  1. Free Plan: Geared towards startups at MVP and full-scale complexity stages, this plan encompasses cross-platform development, content management, project deployment on either your or local server, and access to the open-source platform and micro-apps.

  2. Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing is available for enterprises, providing all features included in the Startup package along with dedicated support from Mars experts and access for unlimited developers.

  3. Freelancers: Freelancers have the option of choosing a lifetime license priced up to $20,000 or selecting a monthly subscription ranging from $100 to $900. Additional charges may apply for cloud usage and other features. For the latest pricing information, it's recommended to refer to their pricing page.

Can I use my own code on

Certainly, does support the integration of custom code. The platform is intentionally crafted to bring together AI, NoCode, and Code, empowering developers to create customized applications. Users have the capability to develop their own micro-apps or make modifications to existing ones to align with their particular requirements. This flexibility positions as a versatile platform catering to the needs of both novice and experienced developers seeking to streamline their development processes.

How does integrate AI into the development process? leverages AI integration through its innovative use of microapps, which serve as reusable and connectable components containing well-defined features and functionalities. Each microapp operates with its own AI model, enabling developers to engage with it through natural language conversation. This functionality empowers developers to inquire about the microapp's functions, request alterations, or introduce new features.

The platform circumvents the token size constraints of traditional AI models by ensuring that each microapp remains within the token limit, facilitating the creation of expansive applications by amalgamating multiple microapps. Demonstrating the platform's adaptability and scalability, the MarsX IDE and engine are constructed using MarsX itself.

By harnessing AI capabilities, enables developers to expedite the application development process with greater efficiency. As the AI models evolve through increased usage, they become more refined, enhancing the overall development process.

How does ensure security for its users? places a strong emphasis on user security by adhering to stringent standards. The platform has undergone rigorous audit trials to validate its security measures. Moreover, underscores the importance of clearly defined data ownership, asserting that data belongs to the project. This approach grants users control over their data and underscores the platform's dedication to maintaining secure operations.

AI-powered no-code development tool for web and mobile apps. Revolutionize your workflow with Marsx.

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