Conversational AI Platform

The ultimate Conversational AI Platform for unparalleled customer service.
Conversational AI Platform
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Dang reached out to BoostAI regarding their information and requested review of the information found on this page. Unfortunately BoostAI hasn't reviewed their information for accuracy. This banner will be removed once BoostAI has claimed their listing and reviewed their information. revolutionizes the realm of customer service with its cutting-edge conversational AI platform. This end-to-end solution empowers businesses to enhance self-service rates and deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction. Its hybrid NLU system amplifies virtual agent development by offering precise, flexible, and cost-effective intent matching capabilities. By integrating large language models (LLMs), enables the creation of advanced virtual agents. Notable companies such as DNB, Telenor, and Tryg have already harnessed its power to effortlessly automate vast volumes of customer service requests, eliminating the need for developers. With, the integration and automation of virtual agents become a breeze – no coding required. Moreover, businesses can rely on the platform's unmatched reliability, security, and compliance, backed by a 99.8% uptime SLA and ISO/IEC 27001 + 27701 certification. By partnering with, companies unlock the potential to skyrocket customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and amplify revenue.

What is is a company specializing in delivering a conversational AI platform tailored for enterprise applications. This platform enables organizations to establish and oversee virtual agents capable of automating diverse interactions, including customer service and sales, through the utilization of natural language understanding and machine learning technologies. According to's reported statistics, they currently boast a substantial user base, with over 550 active virtual agents, supported by a team of 4,000 certified AI trainers. Additionally, their platform has facilitated a staggering 60 million automated conversations across a range of industries and markets.

How does ensure data privacy and security? is a company specializing in offering a conversational AI platform designed for enterprise-level applications. They prioritize data privacy and security through various measures, including:

  • Certifications: holds ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications for information security and privacy management.
  • GDPR Features: The platform incorporates GDPR features, empowering users to maintain control over their own data.
  • Segregated Single-Tenant Environments: Customer environments are segregated, ensuring data isolation, and data is encrypted both during transfer and while at rest.
  • Hybrid Natural Language Understanding: employs a hybrid approach to natural language understanding, utilizing artificial training data rather than real chat logs.
  • Shared Responsibility Model: In collaboration with AWS (Amazon Web Services), they adhere to a shared responsibility model for cloud storage and physical security.

For more comprehensive information on's security and data protection practices, you can refer to their website or their blog.

How long does it take to set up a virtual agent with, as stated on their website, offers a streamlined process for setting up a virtual agent using their conversational AI platform. According to their information:

  • Quick Setup: The company asserts that it takes only a few days to establish a virtual agent on their platform.
  • Self-Learning AI: utilizes self-learning AI technology, which is capable of constructing a tailored virtual agent within a matter of days. This customization is done in alignment with the specific requirements and data of the customer.
  • Free Proof of Concept: extends a complimentary proof of concept to allow users to assess the virtual agent's performance and its potential advantages.

These claims can be further explored on's website for more detailed information and clarification.

What are the benefits of offers a range of benefits that make it a valuable tool for businesses:

  • Automation of Interactions: enables the automation of customer service, sales, and various other interactions by leveraging natural language understanding and machine learning.
  • Integration Capabilities: The platform is versatile in its ability to integrate with diverse systems and applications, facilitating the execution of tasks and transactions on behalf of users.
  • Advanced AI Technology: harnesses large language models and self-learning AI, enhancing the precision and adaptability of virtual agents.
  • Enhanced Customer Experiences: Utilizing conversational AI, the tool helps deliver exceptional customer experiences while simultaneously reducing operational costs and enabling automation at scale.
  • Proof of Concept: To assess the performance and potential advantages of their virtual agent, offers a complimentary proof of concept, allowing businesses to evaluate its suitability for their needs.

These benefits collectively contribute to the appeal of as a solution for enhancing customer interactions and operational efficiency.

What are the limitations of, despite its strengths, also exhibits certain limitations:

  • Reliance on Predefined Elements: The platform's dependency on predefined intents and entities for managing user queries can restrict its capacity to comprehend intricate or unfamiliar requests.
  • Limited Response Creativity: may lack creativity and originality in generating responses, as it relies on predefined templates and scripts.
  • Challenges in Handling Context: The tool's ability to understand and manage context, particularly in multi-turn conversations or follow-up questions, may be limited.
  • Cost for Image Creation: To access its image creation feature, users are required to pay for ""boosts,"" which could be costly and may pose an inconvenience.

These limitations should be taken into consideration when evaluating the suitability of for specific use cases and requirements.

The ultimate Conversational AI Platform for unparalleled customer service.

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