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Revolutionize video content management with Valossa's Video AI Tool: guarantee safety, gain actionable insights & boost growth!
Video AI Tool
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Valossa's Video AI tool revolutionizes businesses' video content management and growth, guaranteeing safety along the way. With an array of innovative products and solutions, Valossa offers unparalleled analysis, comprehension, and actionable insights derived from video data. Experience AI-generated highlights for captivating online video promotions, meticulous content moderation for both images and videos, meticulously curated AI-generated metadata to bolster video applications, and contextual advertising that seamlessly matches relevant ads to video content. Valossa's technology even delves deeper by analyzing facial expressions, voice sentiment, and real-time speech within camera systems. This impressive tool ensures brand-safe content, providing bespoke services, turnkey solutions, pioneering machine learning data science projects, and custom AI feature development. Unparalleled recognition from industry experts and the trust bestowed by leading companies attest to Valossa's AI tool's unrivaled capabilities.

What is is the official website of Valossa, a company specializing in video recognition and content intelligence technology, all powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Valossa AI offers a versatile range of capabilities, including the analysis, discovery, comprehension, and actionable processing of video and audio data. These functionalities encompass tasks like generating metadata, producing video promotions, ensuring brand safety, content moderation, and more.

Founded in 2015, Valossa originated from the collaborative efforts of distinguished experts in the fields of computer vision, machine learning, and audio-visual intelligence, hailing from the University of Oulu in Finland. Over time, Valossa has gained recognition for its significant role in the cognitive media market and has been acknowledged as a ""cool vendor"" in unified workspaces.

Valossa's overarching mission is to advance AI technology to a level where it can comprehend video content in a manner akin to human understanding. This objective underscores their commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI's capabilities in the realm of video analysis and interpretation.

How does AI work? AI employs advanced deep learning and computer vision techniques to comprehensively analyze, explore, understand, and act upon both video and audio data. The capabilities of AI encompass a range of tasks, including:

  • Generating metadata: This involves extracting a wealth of information such as keywords, topics, categories, emotions, faces, objects, scenes, and more from video and audio content.
  • Creating video promos: AI is capable of crafting enticing video promotions like trailers, teasers, and highlights by selecting the most captivating and relevant segments from the original video.
  • Ensuring brand safety: The tool offers brand safety measures by profiling videos for contextual advertising suitability and identifying sensitive or inappropriate content that may require human review.
  • Content moderation: AI is equipped to filter out potentially harmful or unwanted visual content, including elements like nudity, violence, gore, drugs, and more. AI utilizes a combination of pre-trained models and customizable solutions, ensuring accuracy and adaptability across various use cases and domains. Furthermore, it provides a user-friendly interface and API for convenient access and management of the results obtained through video analysis.

How much does cost?

Valossa's pricing for their AI products and solutions is based on the specific features and use cases required by the customer. They offer four primary subscription plans, each tailored to different AI functionalities and supported tools:

  • Autopreview for Video Promotions
  • Video Moderation Metadata
  • Contextual Video Metadata
  • Face Analysis with Emotions

It's worth noting that some of these plans come with optional add-ons or the possibility of custom configurations. While the initial cost for each plan starts at $25 per month, the final pricing may fluctuate based on factors such as the volume and duration of video analysis involved in the specific use case.

For detailed and personalized pricing information, individuals are encouraged to get in touch with Valossa's sales team. This can be done by filling out a contact form available on their website, allowing for a tailored assessment of pricing based on unique requirements and specifications.

What are the benefits of is a website offering a range of advantages to video-based businesses and users, including:

  • Streamlined creation of compelling and pertinent video promos through AI automation.
  • Profiling videos to enhance contextual advertising and ensure brand safety.
  • Efficient content moderation to identify and filter out harmful or inappropriate images and videos.
  • Enhancement of video assets by adding metadata and conducting analysis for improved searchability, keyword integration, subtitling, and content reuse.
  • Comprehensive recognition of video elements such as topics, categories, emotions, faces, objects, scenes, speech, keywords, and more.
  • Tailoring AI models to suit specific use cases and domains, ensuring flexibility and accuracy.'s primary objective is to deliver cutting-edge AI technology that possesses a human-like understanding of video content, reflecting their commitment to advancing the capabilities of AI in this field.

What are the limitations of is a website that offers a range of AI products and solutions tailored for video recognition and content intelligence. As with any technology, there are certain limitations associated with AI, including:

  • Accuracy and reliability: AI may not consistently deliver precise and dependable results when analyzing videos, particularly in cases involving complex or ambiguous content or when dealing with low-quality or noisy videos. The accuracy and reliability of the AI are influenced by factors such as the quality and quantity of training data, the customization of AI models, and feedback from users.
  • Privacy and security: The use of AI may introduce privacy and security concerns for both users and content owners, given that it involves processing and storing sensitive or personal data, including faces, emotions, speech, and keywords. asserts compliance with GDPR and other data protection regulations, employing encryption and authentication measures to safeguard data. Nonetheless, potential vulnerabilities or breaches may still pose risks to data integrity.
  • Ethical and social considerations: AI raises ethical and social issues, including the potential for bias, discrimination, manipulation, or misuse of video content and metadata. For instance, it could be utilized to create misleading or harmful video promotions, profile or target users based on their preferences or behaviors, or moderate or censor content based on subjective or controversial criteria. affirms adherence to ethical principles and best practices in AI development and deployment, emphasizing respect for user and content owner rights and interests. Nevertheless, there may be ongoing challenges and dilemmas in striking a balance between the benefits and risks associated with AI.

Revolutionize video content management with Valossa's Video AI Tool: guarantee safety, gain actionable insights & boost growth!

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