Text to Database Queries by AI

Create SQL database queries through text with AI. Generate accurate and efficient queries effortlessly.
Text to Database Queries by AI
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Create SQL database queries via text using AI.

What is querygenie.fly.dev?

QueryGenie is an AI-powered tool designed to convert data questions into well-formed and optimized database queries, supporting multiple spoken languages. The tool boasts additional functionalities like query explanation, formatting, and schema storage. Users have the option to avail limited access for free, utilizing credits, or they can opt for a monthly or yearly subscription plan for unrestricted usage.

How does querygenie.fly.dev work?

QueryGenie is a third-party tool that employs advanced language models to process data questions expressed in any spoken language and transforms them into valid and optimized database queries. Beyond query translation, it offers additional functionalities, including query explanation, formatting, and query storage.

The tool is developed using the Swift programming language and is compatible with Core Data and Realm frameworks. Moreover, it offers a useful helper class to generate attribute extensions automatically for Realm objects.

To ensure efficient deployment, QueryGenie runs on the Fly.io platform, which strategically positions the application close to its users for improved performance. This is achieved by utilizing a Dockerfile, which defines the necessary environment and dependencies for the application to function seamlessly.

How much does querygenie.fly.dev cost?

QueryGenie offers a straightforward and feature-rich pricing plan for its users. There are both free and paid options available to cater to different needs.

The free plan allows users to utilize the tool with limited credits. Upon signup, users receive 10 credits each for query generation and explanation, along with the ability to store one schema. The formatting feature is available without any credit limitations.

For users who require unlimited access to the tool's functionalities, QueryGenie offers a paid subscription plan at a cost of $9 per month or $90 per year, providing two months of free service with yearly billing. This premium plan includes unlimited query generations, explanations, formats, and stored schemas. It's worth noting that the mentioned pricing does not incorporate any international or local taxes, which users may need to consider when opting for the paid plan.

To complement the pricing information, users can also explore the pricing details for the Fly.io platform, which hosts QueryGenie. Fly.io charges its users based on the resources allocated to their applications, with billing calculated on a pro-rated basis according to the duration of resource provisioning.

Overall, QueryGenie presents a comprehensive pricing structure that accommodates varying user requirements and preferences, catering to both free and paid access with a range of beneficial features.

What are the benefits of querygenie.fly.dev?

QueryGenie offers a range of benefits for its users:

  • Multilingual Database Queries: The tool excels in translating data questions into well-structured and optimized database queries, supporting more than 95 languages, making it accessible to a diverse user base.
  • Query Management: QueryGenie provides features for query explanation, formatting, and storage, enabling users to efficiently manage their queries for future reference and use.
  • Type-Safe Queries in Swift: For users working with Core Data or Realm frameworks in Swift, QueryGenie facilitates the creation and execution of type-safe queries, ensuring code robustness and reducing the risk of runtime errors.
  • Automatic Attribute Extensions: Users employing Realm objects can leverage the tool's helper class to automatically generate attribute extensions, streamlining the development process and improving code efficiency.
  • Performance and Scalability: QueryGenie operates on the Fly.io platform, which prioritizes proximity to users for faster app performance and scalability, ensuring a smooth and responsive user experience.

Overall, QueryGenie's diverse set of capabilities makes it a valuable tool for developers working with databases, providing them with multilingual support, efficient query management, type-safe queries, and performance optimization.

What are the limitations of querygenie.fly.dev?

QueryGenie, while offering valuable features, has certain limitations that users should be aware of:

  • Accuracy: The tool's generated queries are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. The level of accuracy heavily relies on the clarity of the user's input. Due to this dependency, QueryGenie strongly recommends users to review the generated query before implementing it to ensure correctness.
  • Extension Requirement: To fully utilize QueryGenie's capabilities, users must add extensions to their model objects, providing attributes for all queryable properties on the models. For Core Data models, this extension creation must be performed manually, as there is currently no automated generator available for this task.
  • Limited Free Plan: QueryGenie offers a free plan with limited credits. Users on the free plan receive 10 credits each for query generation and explanation, along with the ability to store only one schema. Once these credits are exhausted, users are required to activate a subscription to continue utilizing these tools.
  • Limitations and Errors: The tool relies on advanced language models, which may introduce certain limitations or errors in the generated queries. Users experiencing any issues or having feedback can reach out to QueryGenie's support team via email for assistance.

In conclusion, QueryGenie's limitations include potential inaccuracies in query generation, the manual requirement for adding extensions, restrictions on the free plan, and potential limitations or errors due to its language models. Being aware of these limitations will help users make informed decisions when using the tool.

Create SQL database queries through text with AI. Generate accurate and efficient queries effortlessly.

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